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Q Connect Desk Top Fan 230mm (91)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Q Connect / Table

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    2 Reviews
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      29.02.2012 21:28
      Very helpful



      A short, powerful, compact desktop fan, which is cost effective to even run a few around the home.

      Product Title
      Connect-it Desk Fan

      The Producer of the Product
      Q Connect

      The Target Audience
      Anybody who is after a cheap to run fan, which is quite compact and small enough to fit on any desk, or even to leave on overnight in the hot summers to help keep the air flow in the room.

      £16.09 - Amazon (Recommended)

      Is the product for you?
      If you are after a fan which is very cost efficient, practically silent to run as so it doesn't disturb you working with a constant drone like larger fans, or even to leave on over night without been disturbed, and been quite powerful at the same time then this is the fan for you. If you work in a big building or for use in large rooms I would recommend upgrading to a larger fan as this is primarily used for small rooms with one or two people.

      The product in one
      For me this product is ideal, it features two different fan speeds which are just labelled "1" and "2", one been a slow spin and two been the fast spin. I always use fast spin as my room does seem to get pretty hot, and sometimes you can wake up feeling a little dry so this just keeps a continuous air flow throughout the room. Like I mentioned above the fan is good because it is really quiet, virtually silent, and this means I can leave it on throughout the night without it disturbing my sleep in any way. As well as the fan speeds you are able to press a button on the top back end of the fan which makes the fan turn from left to right to distribute the air in the room even better and reach places in the room much quicker. And a pretty good feature is the upward and downward tilt that you can do which I haven't been able to do with fans in the past.

      The fan has attached a very long Two metre wire which comes in handy for people with plug sockets on the other side of the room to where they want to use the fan (of course you could just use an extension lead) but for me there is no need for either as I plug the fan in where I am using it. The fan has turned out very cost efficient compared to older fans. My Nan had gave me an old bulky one to use which was really noisy and on our electricity 'reader' it seemed to shoot up when this fan was plugged in, but when plugging this newer fan in it barely budges.

      The fan its self isn't to sturdy if I'm honest which I would say is one of its drawbacks; it seems to be very flimsy, if you knock it slightly it looks as though it could topple over as it starts shaking a little. The base doesn't seem to move though which I guess is one of the things that make it a little sturdier but it's just the whole top half. As for the material it's made from it seems to be pretty strong, if the top half was a bit stronger and more sturdy then it would definitely support a fall but in its current state it would just snap I believe.

      From my experience I know that this fan is best suited to smaller rooms as it is quite powerful and compact itself. It soon freshens the room up if it is in a small room but when put in a big room its takes about ten minutes to notice any difference, so I would recommend using on your desk at home or at work if you work in an office.

      Around the metal casing of the fans blades is some clips which enable you to be able to take the front off, this then allows you to clean any settled dust off the blades before turning it on and blowing it all around the room.

      How does it compare to other Products?
      Compared to fans of the type, this is pretty average for a modern fan. It does have some good features such as been so small and money saving on the bills but as I said ti is pretty flimsy and isn't as strong as other fans I've had, I couldn't really see this fan lasting much longer than a few summers.

      Does the Product Achieve its Purpose?
      It achieves its purpose in providing a light, compact, powerful, cost efficient fan for a nice cheap price.

      Breaking it down
      · 2 Speed Functions
      · Rotating Function
      · 2 Metre Wire
      · Small and Compact - Perfect for desktops

      How to Improve
      To improve this fan I would recommend improving the strength of the top half of the fan to make it more sturdy and able to survive a fall.

      Product Rating 4/5

      (Thank you for reading my review, if you get chance please take your time to read and rate my other reviews, it will be highly appreciated and I will always go out of my way when I get chance to read through yours and give an honest rating. Many thanks J)


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      16.10.2010 13:55
      Very helpful



      A good fan

      I have just moved to university and the stifling heat of my room on a sunny day meant that I just had to buy a desk fan!

      I bought the fan from Wilkinsons for £14.99. As a poor student, I was resentful for having to pay this much for a fan, and I had even scoured the charity shops beforehand!

      However, the £14.99 was well spent, as I have used it daily and it is of great quality.

      The fan came in a large box and required some assembly. The fan I bought was actually a chrome colour, although the white colour was available, I thought the chrome would fit in better with my room.

      The assembly required was fairly simple, requiring a few parts to be fitted together, however I was slightly worried I would do something wrong and break it!

      The fan has 3 settings - off, medium and high. There is a small knob on the back of the fan which can be twisted to adjust these settings. The medium setting is plenty to fan my room, and I find the high setting a bit too powerful.

      There is another knob on the back which can be pulled up or pushed down to adjust whether the fan rotates or not.

      The fan seems to be sturdy and robust and I have no worries that it won't last the 4 years that I will be needing it here.

      The plug cable is long enough for it to stretch the length of my room, and the fan is actually quite attractive - although I didn't think the white one looked that great.

      It came with a year's warranty, which I hope I won't be needing.

      Brilliant fan - does the job :)


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