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Westinghouse Electric Pearl 78425

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Manufacturer: Westinghouse Electric / Type: Ceiling Fan / Speeds: 3 Speeds / Features: Light Fitting, Remote Control (Optional) / Number Of Blades: 4 Blades / Exterior Color: Wood, Metallic Finish

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    1 Review
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      18.11.2009 00:03
      Very helpful



      I will be buying another one of these next year for the front room, I think it's great.

      Why would anyone want to write a review of a ceiling fan in winter?

      Well I'm sure I'm not the only one who starts to look around the room sometimes wondering what to write about next? Looking to the heavens for inspiration, I was blinded by the light. No seriously!

      Of course I mean the ceiling light, it's a Westinghouse Pearl, a four blade ceiling fan with 3 spot lights.

      So why the unseasonal review today?

      I had another revelation as I thought about whether I could do a review about it now or not. I suddenly remembered that it has a switch on the side that changes the direction that the fan spins in. With the switch in the summer position, the breeze from the fan helps cool you down. When the switch is in the winter position the fan pulls the cool air up from the lower part of the room forcing the warm air downwards.

      Today is the first day that I've remembered about the winter setting, I switched the fan on as I started to write this review and I've just turned the gas fire down to it's lowest setting. How cool is that? Or warm I mean, I think...

      Anyway, the instructions say to only have the fan on it's slowest setting (it has 3 speed settings) in the winter. I can tell you that it really does work.

      The strange thing about having the fan on now is that I can tell the room is feeling warmer but at the same time I can feel a bit of a draught from the fan.

      In the summer the fan is brilliant. I've never had one before but I bought this one from Makro earlier this year and I honestly would not be without one. On a hot day it's nice to come in and cool down with this on.

      As I said before there are 3 different speed settings, in the summer I had it on the fastest setting on those rare really hot days but this was quite noisy. It doesn't vibrate but it seems to hum through the joist in the ceiling that it's screwed into. On the two slower settings it doesn't do it though.

      There are two very flimsy plastic pull cords, one to alter the speed and one to turn the lights on and off. At the end of the pull cords are very cheap and nasty looking metal discs with symbols for a light and a fan so you know which cord is which. I think the cords could very easily snap if you pulled too hard.

      There are 3 moveable spotlights beneath the fan. The bulbs are 50W each and are included.

      The fan blades are one colour on one side and another colour on the other so you can choose whichever colour you think best matches your decor, the box shows two contrasting shades of wood, either dark or light. When I opened the box, the blades were a dark wood effect on one side and the other was an off-white, I would recommend asking in the shop to check the colour before buying. The blades are 42" or 105cm long.

      Installing the fan was a nightmare. Don't try to do this on your own like I did, it must have taken 2 hours. The instructions were *hit. Assembling the blades onto the fan housing must have taken half an hour itself, you needed 3 hands to do it with. There is a dual mounting option. The first option gives a ceiling to base of fan distance of 46cm, the second option gives a 36cm distance, better for those rooms where the ceiling is a bit lower. A fan of this size is suitable for a room 15m square.

      News Flash.........I have just taken off my jumper!

      No I'm not trying to get your pulse racing, just letting you know in real time that the room is warming up even more. Wish I'd remembered about this sooner.

      Even though there are some tacky looking parts, I quite like the look of the rest of it, the fan housing is a nice crisp looking satin brass (it is also available in a stainless steel finish) and the spotlights look very, very trendy. I'm very glad I bought it especially as I only paid £14.99! Yes that's right, £14.99. (Brand new in case your wondering). Now this retails at around £45.99 on Ebay and I'd say that's a good place to buy from, take a look at these other on-line prices and you'll see what I mean:

      www.astra247.com £88.19
      www.aircon247.com £118
      www.lightingbycsn.co.uk £98

      How did I manage to get mine for £14.99?

      I paid wholesale, even though I only bought 1, at Makro.


      The fan comes with a whopping 10 year warranty.

      There is a warning on the box that says do not use in the same room as a gas or fuel burning appliance unless the flue has been tested under those conditions by a competent person.

      Don't you think this is one hot review? (Make that cool if you're reading it in the summer).


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