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Alfred Franks Lazy Town Stephanie Sunglasses

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Brand: Alfred Franks / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2009 12:35
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      Children's Eyes Need Protecting From The Sun As Well And These Sun Glasses Are Wicked

      I got my 2 year old sister a pair of these Stephanie sun glasses from Amazon because when we went on holiday in the summer we all had new sun glasses and she cried for a pair because I think she felt left out.

      These ones looked perfect for her even though they were supposed to be for ages 3 - 7 but my sister is an average size 2 year old and even though they were a bit big on her they didn't look stupid.

      The arms of the glasses are sturdy plastic and they are joined so that they are not too floppy but not that hard to open that she ends up snapping them. She's had cheapo sun glasses before from the pound shop so she knows not to be too rough with them because cheaper ones are even easier to snap the arm off and she's ruined loads of pairs and always gets dead upset because she loves having her own pair of sun glasses.

      The sun glasses look very girly and are all in pink like you'd expect from something that features Stephanie because even in Lazy Town her nickname is Pinky because that's the only colour clothes she wears and even her hair is bright pink! On the right hand lens there's a little picture of Stephanie in the pose that she's in on loads of the Lazy Town stuff. The picture is small and right in the corner of the lens so it won't obstruct the view of your child, my sister loves the picture and sometimes you see her take her sun glasses off and turn them round to look at Stephanie before she puts them back on again.

      Even though they're a bit big on her the arms of the sun glasses sit comfortable on her ears and she never gets any red marks behind her ears like she does sometimes when she's got a pair of pound shop ones. The plastic glass in them is dark enough that when we was on holiday she could walk around in the sun without holding her hand up to her eyes like she's got a habit of doing and when she fell to sleep in her pushchair we balanced them over her eyes because the sun was proper bright that day and she was in a bad mood so we wanted her to stay asleep as long as possible!

      I paid £4.99 for them and the difference in quality between these and pound shop kids sun glasses is obvious because she's had these now for 4 months and they haven't snapped or broken when a pound shop pair lasts about 1 week in her hands! It's weird though because the sun glasses on Amazon are now nearly £1.00 dearer when I'd have thought they would have gone down in price now Summer is gone!


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