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Argos Fairy Tale Dress Up Outfit

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Manufacturer: Argos / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      19.12.2009 16:22
      Very helpful



      All in review -------- Make your own mind up

      Everybody knows that most little girls love to dress up. You should see my two little girls I think that they must have very Disney princess outfit that there is. If out have ever bought a proper Disney princess outfit from the Disney store you are looking around £30.00 - £50.00 for an outfit. Rather expensive I think that you would agree.

      It was coming up to both of my daughter's birthdays (they are both in August just a week apart, handy for joint presents.) I was wondering what I could get them. I asked and they said dressing up outfits. Not surprised I wondered how I could try and save some money buying a cheaper alternative so I started scanning the ARGOS book to see if I could find anything in there. That is where I found the perfect gift for part of my birthday presents.

      It is a fairy tale dressing up set that includes 15 princess pieces. The set consists of 3 skirts, 3 shirts, tutu, tiara, headband, fairy wings, a set of plastic high heel shoes, glovettes, pretend clip on earrings, and 3 bangles.
      Out of all the clothes and accessories your child can chose from 5 different costumes of which they want to be. There is a pink fairy, a purple princess, a bride, a pink fairy or a ballerina dancer.

      The costumes are to fit the ages of 3 and above but my 2 year old wears them and they all fit her fine except the shoes. If you are a girl like myself, you will remember when you was a child and had the plastic dressing up shoes, they were always far to big but you didn't really bother you as you were having too much fun in the land of dressing up and make believe to even car. The shoes are a size 11 but as I say if like me when I was younger, my children and your daughter likes dressing up then she will love this set.

      The material is like silk but obviously a cheap version to cut down the costs. It is soft next to your child's skin so don't worry about it irritating them or maybe causing a rash. It is comfortable to wear and your daughter will have hours of fun playing dress up. I does state that if you do wish to wash this garments that it is hand wash only.... me being me never read the instructions and stuck it is with my weekly shopping that I do at a 30 degree wash and it came out fine. It did not shrink and all stitching stayed in place.

      As I already said before I bought this item from ARGOS which only cost s £11.99. I think that you would agree that this is amazing value for all that is in the box. As my daughter fight over everything I did end up buying two of them but that was just to save the earache and headache for myself. Considering how much that I would of paid for the proper Disney Princess ones out of the Disney store I certainly saved myself a lot of money roughly around £70. It is fantastic bargain.

      I would highly recommend this product for anybody that has a little girl, or maybe even buying a birthday or Christmas present as she will love this and have hours of fun. My daughters have had theirs for roughly around a year already maybe even just over and they are still having fun with it. I would rate the product 10/10 and if I am honest with you I wish that when I was a little girl they had something similar out there when I was a kid. I'm sure my mother would of been happier paying a small amount for this than the outfit she used to by me when I was a child.

      If for whatever reason that you bought this product and are not happy with it I had enclosed the direct page below with all the relevant information that you will need take the product back. You can find this on the Argos web page which is: www.argos.co.uk/static/Home.htm

      Just a little bit more information about the product that you will probably already know is that that there are different ways that you can order the product. You can phone the store to either reserve and pick up or get them to deliver it but it is an 0845 number that will cost you a pretty penny or you can visit the ARGOS web site (which is listed as abouve) which lets you reserve to pick up and tells you what store has got what items that you are wanting in stock or you can also use the website to get them do deliver which I feel is better as this save you money on a telephone call. But please note that there is a delivery charge of £5.80 so bare that in mind if you do wish you get it delivered.

      A fellow reviewer informed me that lots of cash back sites pay out on Argos orders so you could get it even cheaper! So if you are a member of any of these sites then you will find this bit of information useful and for those that don't maybe think about joining one to save some pennies

      I hope that my review was of some use to you. I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read it.

      If you are wanting to purchuse this product just go on to the web site:
      www.argos.co.uk/static/Home.htm type in fairy tale dress up and it comes up straight away.


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