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Asda The Joker Fancy Dress Outfit

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Asda / The Joker fancy dress costume.

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2010 21:03
      Very helpful



      Great costume, and not just for Halloween.

      My little lad is now at nursery, and they arranged a special dressing up day for Halloween. We didn't own anything suitable so we trundled off to Asda to see what selection they had. Out of the scary costumes they had, ranging from the usual skeletons and witches, to a mummy and sewer boy, my son was given free choice, and he was attracted towards the Joker costume. I was quite pleased with his choice as i feel there is more mileage in this costume than just for Halloween.

      The costume was £10, which seems about average for a dressing up costume at Asda. It is a 3 piece set, consisting of a face mask, trousers and a top. I like the fact the trousers and top are separate as it makes it easier for my child to dress up himself, and also, it means that the costume will last longer due to being able to fit when he gets a little too big for it. Other costumes we have are all in one, and already are too tight and we won't get much use out of them.

      The mask in particular reminds me of the way Heath Ledger was dressed in the last Batman film. The label on the costume actually says 'The Dark Night.' The costume is made from polyester and is not washable. The care advice is to sponge clean. This always annoys me a bit as this should be a consideration when making something for children. They are mucky creatures and there stuff gets yucky and needs cleaning.

      The mask is a foam type material with elastic sewn onto it for easy use. It has the characteristic white face of the joker with red smeared around the lips. The eyes have black around them, and the hair part of the mask is yellow and green. Both my 2 year old and 4 year old have tried the costume on, and both will wear the mask for a little bit and can see through it perfectly fine, but won't wear it for very long. It is a very realistic mask, and probably a bit scary to be in it for a small child.

      My little one is a big lad for his age, so we went for the age 5-6 costume to fit his beanpole frame. The height recommendation for this is 110-116cm, and i find this costume to fit very well on the trouser part, but be a bit short in the body for my son. He normally wears age 5-6 T shirts so i think my choice of size was correct, just that the costume should be a little bit longer.

      The trousers are purple with thin black pinstripes down them. They are elasticated in the waist, and very comfortable to wear. My little one had to wear them all day at school so i made him put them on over a pair of jeans for warmth, and the elasticated waist made this more than possible.

      The top is an all in one shirt/tie/waistcoat/jacket combo.The shirt is blue hexagon design, featuring a collar and a silver tie with yellow petal shapes on it. There is then a green waistcoat with 3 buttons, and to finish it all off, a purple long sleeved velour jacket with tails.

      My son really enjoys this outfit. He has no awareness of who the joker is, as is only appropriate really for a child this age. It is a good stand alone costume. He was comfortable in it and did not feel self conscious dressed in it compared to the costumes his peers were dressed in.

      I found i preferred him to wear stuff under it for warmth reasons. My only complaint about the costume is that the front of it was so short even though he was the correct height, and you could see the clothes he was wearing in the gap between his trousers and top. To me this spoiled the overall appearance of his outfit a little.

      I am going to award this outfit 4 out of 5 Dooyoo stars for the sizing issue and non-washability. If your little one is into dressing up, this is a good choice. Not that expensive, and looks attractive.

      Thanks for reading.


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