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Ben 10 Alien Force Dress Up Costume

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Manufacturer: Cesar UK / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2012 10:39
      Very helpful



      All boys want to play at being a superhero.

      This is a 3 piece dressing up costume, so children can dress up as Ben 10 from the cartoon network show. This outfit is what Ben wears in the episodes of the TV show. It is meant to look like jeans, a black t-shirt and a green jacket. The outfit comprises of a pair of blue trousers which are elasticated round the waist, and then a top which has a black panel on the front to look like the T shirt, sewn into the sides of the jacket piece so you get extra flaps of material on the front looking like jacket lapels. This top then fastens by a couple of pieces of velcro at the back, which my boys can now fasten for each other so they feel quite independent wearing it. The set also came with a wristwatch which was meant to be Ben's Omnitrix from the show which he uses to turn into different aliens.

      Having two boys of similar ages, they often get bought identical things as presents, so we have this suit in age 3-5 and age 5-7. Both are identical, and my boys regularly dress up in this costume over the 18 months we have owned it. My children are quite big for their age compared to their peers, but with this set, I have found that the fit is quite good with it being a two piece suit. All in ones usually are too small for them because of their height.

      The suit is made from 92% polyester, and unusually for dressing up outfits they can actually be washed in the washing machine on a 40 degree wash. This is really useful as I find the boys really do rampage in this suit, and I send them out to do it where they can't do a lot of damage, and the suit has ended up with mud and yoghurt and whoever knows what else down it, and it has come out. It is quite lightweight, so it dries pretty quickly.

      The set is pretty well thought out and identical to the one Ben wears, so it has great appeal for my children. Our only real problem with it has been that the omnitrix watch that came with the set was pretty poorly designed and it broke very quickly. It was a green fabric strap with velcro that went round the wrist, with a toughened foam watch shape glued to it. This came off very quickly while they were playing on both sets. We tried sticking it back together with superglue which failed. We then tried me sewing it back on, which was very difficult to do, but also pretty pointless as it quickly came off again when the stitches pulled through the foam, leaving me unable to repair it again. This was disappointing for the boys as the watch is a big part of the character.

      With it being a fairly thin material I have found similar to other dressing up outfits we have that the velcro has pulled the fabric making it bobbly in places, and my eldest fell over outside while wearing his costume, and went through the knee. I had to put a patch over this as it was the sort of hole that would have just pulled and pulled otherwise leaving it wrecked.

      Out of all the costumes we own, these are the current favourites because they are so easy to put on themselves and get playing, with no extra bits like buzz lightyear wings or woody's hat and neckerchief to have to sort out, I also am not too bothered about them playing out in them because the dark colours are pretty good at hiding some surface dirt, and they do sponge off or wash easily.

      My sister picked these up from Toys R' Us at a price of £15. I believe you can get them cheaper elsewhere these days. My only tip is treat your Ben 10 fan to an electronic omnitrix toy to go with it to get the most fun out of it.


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