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Casdon 616 - Little Hetty Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: Casdon / Type: Housewares

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    4 Reviews
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      05.01.2014 10:55
      Very helpful



      You child can help vacuum too!

      My daughter asked for a 'hoover' for Christmas. I looked at this and the mini Dyson ball but decided to go for Hetty as she looks nicer.

      Little Hetty is a replica of her larger counterpart. I have never owned one of these vacuums but they are very recognisable.

      This toy is made by Casdon who specialise in toy replicas of big name appliance brands such as Hotpoint and Morphy Richards. You can also get the Henry version of this vacuum which is red. This toy is suitable for children aged 3+.

      Hetty requires 4 x C batteries which aren't included.

      The toy came in a small square box. When we opened it on Christmas day I was surprised but pleased to see that all of the accessories are hidden away in the body of the vacuum. To access the accessories in the lid you simply pull out two black clips and lift the lid off. Inside are slots for the hose and attachments with little drawings embossed on the plastic to show you where to put the pieces back after play. Inside the lid is also a little pink dustpan and brush. Hetty is really nice to look at she has a friendly face and big eyes with long eyelashes. She is a nice pink colour. Hetty has 4 wheels the front ones swivel so she can be moves around during vacuuming. The appliance also has a cord which can be wound in using a handle at the top of the appliance, this cord also has a pretend plug at the end which has a suction cap on it so it can be 'plugged' in. Finally Hetty has a carry handle to enable you to move her around the house with ease.

      The hose attachment is easy to put together all of the pieces simply screw together with ease.

      The vacuum is meant to be realistic so it does actually suck up. The instructions recommend using little pieces of paper or polystyrene beads. My daughter likes to rip up little pieces of paper and then vacuum them up. There is a little tray at the back of Hetty which can be pulled out to empty what you have collected during cleaning. The suction isn't very powerful on the vacuum but it makes a noise very similar to a full sized cleaner so it is very lifelike. My daughter has also discovered it will suck up bits on the carpet particularly crumbs.

      This is a lovely toy, I vacuum every day and now that my daughter has this she joins in too. She likes the sense of accomplishment when the carpet is looking clean afterwards.

      I would highly recommend this toy it is really nice, it is a true replica of the real thing and it really sucks up too. My daughter loves playing with this and it has been used daily since Christmas. The batteries are still going strong but as C batteries can be costly I have now ordered rechargeable ones.

      I would give this 4 stars out of 5, it is fun to play with and all stores away neatly, the only negative I have found is sometimes the hose can come apart and you need to re clip it together again.


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      15.06.2010 19:20
      Very helpful
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      When I was a child, I remmember looking at the 'Henry' vacuum cleaners and wishing that my parents would get one - surely if they had a vacuum cleaner with a happy smiling face then doing my chores would be so much more fun . Then, when I was older, a got a job in cafe, and their hoover of choice was a Henry - albeit an old and battered one . Still, I merrily hoovered away at the end of my shift, conversationally asking Henry about his day.

      I'm a little older now, but it still doesn't take much more than a smile to win me over, so when my daughter asked for a toy vacuum cleaner, it simply had to be Hetty - a replica in Henry in every way, except for being bright pink! This toy is for children 3 years and up, as it does have a few small parts .

      As you can see from the image, she's a smart and sassy looking little thing in colourful pink and black, with a happy smiling face and a slightly flirtatious look in her eye. Not evident in the photo above are the lovely long eyelashes!

      This toy is powered by 4xC batteries (which are not included - worth bearing in mind if you are buying this as a gift for someone) although it does have a power cable that gives it even more of a real hoover appearance, as well as a couple of attachements - the head pictured, and a small brush that works alongside a dustpan for those harder to reach places . There are also poles to extend the reach of the hose, and luckily all of these attachements are stored on board (under Hetty's hat) so there is no need for them to be left out making the place look untidy.

      And this does actually pick stuff up - perhaps not with the suction of the 'real' version, but certainly enough to give my daughter a real sense that she is helping me by using this . The suction does fade out as the batteries wear though.

      It even has a removable dustbag that can be emptied out, and does make a satisfying vacuum cleaner noise, although thankfully nothing too loud .

      I find all the bits slot together and come apart smoothly, and my daughter can play with this and put the attachments on, or away, by herself . She's 7, and I imagine younger children may need a small amount of help. There are instructions provided that tell you how to assemble the hoover, and these are clear and straightforward, with only a couple of bits needing slotting into place and batteries inserting . I was also delighted to note that this came with a 3 year manufacturers warranty - something I'm not used to with toys.

      My daughter has really enjoyed playing with this - the real suction makes her feel she is helping me, and the weight (1.6kg) is light enough for her to carry/drag around the room with ease. She has banged and bashed this, but so far the only signs of wear are a couple of small scratches . The batteries last a long time - perhaps because my daughter doesn't play with this everyday, but prefers to use it when I am hoovering and follow me sucking up bits I've missed .

      It might be a bit pink for some kids, but you can also get a traditional red Henry too , and these both cost just 19.99 from Amazon - a more than impressive price for a toy my daughter and I both love .


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        27.09.2009 20:22
        Very helpful
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        A must have toy for your child!

        This wonderful little Hoover is a must have for every house keeper. It is not only cheap but it is extremely versatile. It fits in every little nook and cranny and picks up the tiniest pieces of dust and dirt. It does not need plugging in and comes battery operated, it does not even need hoover bags. All accessories included including Hoover brush and pole. This Hoover is so house friendly she even smiles at you whilst you work. Fantastic for little hands.

        Unfortunately like everything there is a down side - it is only a toy.
        Made by Cadson this smaller version of the real Hetti Hoover has been especially designed for your little house keepers to follow you around the house. It comes in a size about a quarter of the size of the real thing and is very light weight for your little ones.

        Having this Hoover will mean your little ones can do all the spots you miss as not only does this Hoover have its own wheels it has its own suction system which is battery powered.

        Unfortunately the suction system is not as powerful as I had first hoped and is almost non existent but it makes a noise which my daughter likes so therefore is suits me. There is a little container at the back which can be emptied should your little ones manage to suck anything up.

        The Hoover is made for children 3 and up but my daughter is 1 and she loves it. I don't really know why there is an age limit because there are no small parts, it is very lightweight and easy to use, absolutely no cause for concern. There is a rubber 'wire' which is retractable like a real Hoover. If inside the Hoover this really could not cause any problems but I suppose if left un ravelled it could get caught up on your child.

        Hetti who is pink also comes in the form of Henry her brother who is red. They are both widely available in all good toy stores and are fast becoming popular. The Henry Hoover is so well known (Please see my review of the real Hetti Hoover) and everybody is buying them recently. They retail at around £20.00 which is well worth it. They take 4 large batteries which run out fast so I wouldn't bother that much.

        There is an on and off switch at the back of the toy to operate it if there is batteries in it. So if it gets too annoying you can switch it off like a meany!!

        I really think this is a wise buy for the price. I would say it is best for 3-4 year olds as at this age they will know what a Hoover is but as I said my daughter is only 1 and she loves following me with it when I am using my 'real' version. It is exactly the same as the real version in looks which makes it very exciting for a child. A must have for any 'real' Hetti owner!!


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          04.11.2008 20:32
          Very helpful



          Great to introduce children into the real world of cleaning.

          Christmas is only seven weeks away and I have not even made a dent in buying any Christmas presents, usually I am prepared well in advance on the run up to Christmas and this time of year I would have everything bought and wrapped up ready to distribute.

          As I have been off work for the past four weeks and house bound, I have not had a chance to buy a thing and I was really starting to worry, as I go back to work on Monday and I will be run off my feet until Christmas.

          I could leave it all to my husband, but if you want a job done properly then you must do it yourself right. So I have spent the last week trawling the internet to buy the majority of my gifts online, as this was highly recommended by a friend as she buys all of her gift online.

          On my to do list last Tuesday, I had for find the perfect gift for my niece online. I didn't know where to start, what do buy for a four year old that has everything. Then it hit me a hoover, she loves them and follows me and my Henry around whenever she visits.

          Everyone will know the legendry Henry numatic hoover, well after I treated myself to the real thing a few weeks ago, I find it really hard to keep my nieces hands off it as she always wants Henry to come out and play.

          THE CASDON 616 HETTY

          The casdon 616 Hetty is a replica toy version of the numatic Henry hoover, Hetty is Henry's very pink sister and she can also be purchased as a normal numatic hoover that is not a toy.

          Anyway this casdon Hetty is a scaled down replica version of the real thing, and is aimed at young children from the age of three years old.

          Hetty is very appealing as she is neon pink and black, with the well known smiley face on the front and the added bonus of her being a girl with big pink eye lashes will appeal to any little girl.

          This little toy hoover actually picks up dirt, dust and debris, so your little one can even do the hovering for you. If they hit a spot the Hetty can't reach then there is a little pink dust pan and brush that is attached to the hoover and will help out in these situations.

          This even comes with a power cord that is fully retractable and can be coiled back into the Hetty hoover by turning the handle located on the top. Don't worry this is run by 4 x C batteries, so no electricity is needed to power it up.

          Once the batteries have been put in and the unit has been turned one, it actually hums at you like a hoover, this is not very noisy but enough noise is emitted for you to recognise it is a hoover humming, so parents won't steal the batteries straight away.

          The suction on this is very good to start with, but as the batteries die out, I think the suction power will lessen.


          Not only does this toy hoover actually pick things up but it comes with a removable dust bag that can be emptied and washed after use.

          You get an assortment of attachments like the main t-bar nozzle, hose, extending poles, and a brush attachment. All of these little cleaning attachments are stored neatly underneath Hetty's black hat.

          All of these attachments are very easy to fit on to and to remove from Hetty, so this will not be a problem for the little ones to do it themselves.

          This is basically the real thing, but obviously it will not be as effective as the real numatic hoovers, but it is by far the best toy hoover I have ever encountered.


          When buy this Casdon 616 Hetty you will automatically qualify for a 3 year manufacturers warranty, so if ever you have a problem within the first three years you can either get a replacement or your money back.

          You will also receive a full manufacturer's instruction pamphlet that informs you that the hoover contains magnet components, so supervision is recommended with little children using the toy. This will also tell you how to assemble the hoover, but it does come complete all you have to do is attach the hose and nozzles and put the batteries in, and you are ready for action.

          If this sound good and you have a little boy the pink Hetty will not do the job, so you can also buy the same replica toy in the Casdon 508 Henry version which is red and black, but works in exactly the same way.


          This toy hoover weighs 1.6 kilos, so it is an adequate weight for any child to pull around with ease.

          The actual hoover unit stands at 22cm high and is 20cms in width, this sounds very small and it is against me, but if you put a child next to it you will be surprised at how adequate the sizing is.


          This is the dreaded question that many will be expecting to be very expensive, but it only cost 20.00 for Amazon and this included the postage costs.

          I bought this from www.amazon.co.uk and it was on my door step within 48 hours, all for the bargain price of 20.00.

          MY OPINION

          I know this is a Christmas present for my niece and that I should not know all of this about it yet, but when it arrived I was so excited I just had to open it and give it a go. I was amazed it actually picked up, I found myself chucking cream cracker crumbs on the floor just to pick them up with this.

          This will only pick up small bits of dirt but this all a child will want to do with it, because let's face it which mother in their right mind will let the four year old hoover the house. Although I am sure it will be tempting to offer to pay them to do it, so you get an hour's piece.

          I always aim to buy my nieces and nephews something very noisy for Christmas, and with this I have given them something that will be very annoying to their mums and dads while they are trying to watch emmerdale.

          I feel this will be the perfect gift for my niece as she loves my Henry so much, I just could not resist get her the Hetty, Not only will it entertain her but it will wind my sister up at the same time.

          Well at least I have got my sister a part time cleaner in the
          process, what more could she want.

          If you have a little one that has shown an interest in cleaning then this is a must, I feel that any little one will fall of this as soon as they see it as the smiling face on the front can't help but melt you heart.


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        • Product Details

          This cute scaled down version of the ever popular HETTY vacuum cleaner includes the famous HETTY eyes and smile IT REALLY WORKS Includes removable dust box and a whole array of cleaning accessories stored neatly under the Hat; including a dustpan and brush.

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