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Disney Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds Wig Set

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Brand: Disney / Type: Costume

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    3 Reviews
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      23.07.2010 00:58
      Very helpful



      Fab little Toy :)

      You Get the Best Of Both Worlds :)
      Be Miley Or Hannah In reality. I had one of the Miley wigs last years and I loved it so much and at the click of my fingers and a quick trip to my mirror I could be a Rock sensation "Hannah Montana"
      The wigs are pretty much of good quality although they can sometimes be irritating for the scalp and they stand out lots as well.

      The box has two sides one is Hannah and the other is Miley.
      The wigs are prottected by nets but they are hard to get in and out of the nets, other than that they are good fun.
      My cousin was always stealing my Hannah wig as she was so popular two years ago and she just wanted to be Hannah all the time.
      She even had the accent!

      The cost of the wigs are usually £12.99 which is a bit much for synthetic hair, which you cannot straighten or curl. The wigs matte really quickly and require lots of care and attention when you are wearing them out. The wigs are sold in lots of supermarkets and toy stores around the country. The price may vary though, like when I got mine like i said I paid thirteen pounds and in my local sainsburys it was selling for a tenner.

      The box is strong and the hair does not leakout of it, so therefore being a suitable consumer product. The hair is only available in these two colours as they are the colours of Miley/Hannahs hair which kids these days, and me! just dig.
      The disney range have released a number of products like this as her hit TV show has become very popular over the past 4 years and the children enjoy being her and using these synthetic hairs to becometheir idol.
      So overall I will award this product just 3 dooyoo stars as the quality of the product was ok but was not as I thought it would be. The matting of the hair and the difficulty of getting it out of the nets is just a hassle for an adult never mind a three year old which is what the box said is the average age of children that buy this product

      Hannah Montana sells this product alongside the makings of her recently released miley/hannah dolls in which you can literally play with her and be her. What 7 year old girl would not rip her mothers arm off to buy her this and then therefore the wig to complete her collection
      The product is available online also by sellers on ebay and amazon for a price range of between £5-20.So as you can see internet sellers can sometimes charge less for a product like this when they become less or more popular,and sell them for more than the average shopping centre would do.

      So, When will the doublelife adventure start for you or your littleangel.

      Thanks for reading
      Pinky x


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      11.11.2009 23:17
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      This is a great product if you can still find one, if not the Hannah wig in Smyth's is a steal!

      My daughter was given this Hannah wig set last year as a gift.
      For the benefit of those of you who have been living in a cave for the last year, or even those who are lucky enough not to have watched the cheesy show. (I love it myself really!)

      Hannah is a the stage name of a teenager called Miley Stewart, who is played by Miley Cyrus (Yes it can get a little confusing, it took me a while to start with.) She has a secret life as a pop star.
      She keeps her pop star lifestyle a secret by being Hannah in disguise, now the wigs make sense! Yes Miley has dark hair and when she is Hannah, she wears a blonde wig. (I bet most of you have now given up! I don't blame you)

      Back to the wigs -

      They are good quality wigs. The Miley wig is long and dark brown and the Hannah one is long and blonde complete with a stylish Hannah fringe.

      My daughter is 5 and hers fit her head well, we have managed to keep them in quite good condition too, which is surprising the amount of wear she has had out of them. They do get tangled, however, nothing a good brush can't sort out. Some of the hair does tend to be pulled out when brushing.

      My daughter keeps hers hanging on pegs on the back of her door, as not to tangle too much.

      We had a laugh in the winter when me and my daughter made a snowman, complete with an inflatable guitar and the blonde Hannah Montana wig on its head! Our neighbours found it funny too.

      The wigs are recommended for children aged 3 to 7 years, and snowmen!

      I don't think this set is available anywhere at the moment, my daughter received hers last year, however what gave me inspiration to write this review, was that whilst out shopping I spotted a Hannah Montana blonde wig for sale in Smyth's Toy Store and it is reduced from £7.99 to £4.99, which I think is a great bargain for any Hannah fans Christmas stocking.


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        17.03.2009 14:22
        Very helpful



        My daughter becomes Teen Pop Sensation Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

        For the best part of a year now my daughter has been a big fan of teenage sensation Hannah Montana, brought on by the Disney Channel TV teenage sitcom of the same name. If you haven't heard of her? where have you been?

        Hannah Montana is the stage name of Miley Cyrus non other than the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus (who remembers "Achy Breaky Heart?")
        In the show she plays a teenager who goes to school like any other girl of her age, this is Miley as Miley Cyrus, the brunette who lives with her brother Jackson and father Billy Ray, her two best friends are Lily and Oliver. Then she dons a blonde wig and suddenly she's Hannah Montana teen pop queen! Lily becomes Lola with a short bobbed wig (multiple bright colours, and Billy Ray becomes her manager with a dodgy pornstar looking moustache! Now we can see why little girls would love this programme. All you have to do to become someone else is throw on a wig and glitzy clothes and BAM you've got the best of both worlds!!!

        So for Halloween last year my daughter decided she wanted to dress up as Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, not content with being one or the other she wanted it all!
        So off I went in search of an outfit which wouldn't cost the earth, and that we could get good use out of, and found myself in Tesco, in the toys aisle, where I spied a large flattish cardboard box in purple shades with photos of Hannah/Miley emblazoned on the front and back, and two wigs, one blonde and straight, the other brunette and wavy. Perfect! Not only had I got the wigs but they were also reduced from £20 to just £10 at the time too. Bargain! At the time of this review however Tesco direct say this set is discontinued, but Amazon have a similar one, and I'm sure you would still find some on Ebay and in some Tesco stores.

        The wigs are made from synthetic fibres, probably nylon? (I have since got rid of the box and so can't say for sure) and so tend to get quite tangled up if left lying around. A pain in the rear, but the tangles can be combed out a little, although do take care if doing this as you will remove a fair bit of the "hair" as you do it. I tend to leave both wigs sitting on top of porcelain dolls heads for storage, if they get a bit dusty I just give them a little shake.
        The wigs are quite well made apart from the problems mentioned and have a net inserted for easy wearing and don't feel at all uncomfortable when wearing either, no itchiness and only minimum sweating. They are just big enough for an adult head but are more suited for a child from about the age of 5-6 upwards. The wigs are quite long so please do make sure your child doesn't go near heaters, fires etc when wearing as it could be dangerous if it caught fire.

        My daughter gets loads of play from these wigs as either Hannah or Miley but they can even be used in role play as anyone else they wanted to be. Let them use their imaginations. My daughter also used her pocket money to buy the microphone and I managed to buy clothes which she could wear again to parties, which would be suitable for the fancy dress party she was going to. It's a shame Dooyoo don't allow you to upload photos as I have a few showing both my daughter and I wearing the wigs and a sneaky one of my son wearing the "Hannah" one...he'll kill me if he sees it online though haha.
        Anyone interested in seeing the pics send me a message and I'll send a link.

        Thank you for reading
        Michelle March09
        Also appears elsewhere on the net!


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