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Disney Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Costume

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Disney / Buzz lightyear costume age 5/6

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    3 Reviews
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      25.11.2012 18:05
      Very helpful



      A great dress up set just a little small

      The buzz light year costume we own is the one sold at Argos. It is different to the one pictured above as rather than a mask it has a hood for the head to act as the head piece. For Halloween my two year old son was adamant he wanted to be buzz light year. Searching around we found it near impossible to find a suit for his size so we ended up purchasing the small size from Argos. This was suggested for three to five year olds so I was worried it was going to be too big. The main body of our suit is made up with a jumpsuit. On the website it says there are boot covers but unfortunately we did not receive these. The jumpsuit has three Velcro fastenings on the back of it, and little one simply has to step into it to put the costume on. This is very easy to do and my son has now mastered how to do this himself, but of course he needs mummy's help to do the back up and ad the wings.

      The costume resembles the one from the toy story movies well; it has the laser button and other small details which make the outfit complete. There are foam wings that stick to Velcro fastenings on the back of the costume. These are a good size, but not so big that they annoy little one. We do find that they lose their stickiness after time, but I think that was because I put the suit through the washing machine a number of times. As the whole jump suit is mainly white it shows up dirt instantly, and mixed with a two year old you can imagine how often it needs cleaned. It does come up well; we did find that the colour fades a little with each wash. This is not too much so it is ruined so I would rather it look a little worn than having black knees from where he has been carrying out his super spaceman duties.

      As previously stated we were a little worried this would be too large for my son, as it had an age recommendation of three to five years. It was actually the opposite problem we found my two year old could jut squeeze into the jumpsuit, and it fell just at the right level. My son is not tall for his age, if anything he is a little shorter than average. The wings also look a little small sitting on his shoulders so I am not sure they would be useful for anyone a little bigger. For this reason there is no way I would recommend it for a three year old. My little girl has tried it on find it came up to her ankles, she is soon to be four, but as the age recommendation states up to five years I think it is very misleading. We also received a purple hat for little one to wear for the headpiece. It is a piece of material which stretches around the top of the head, and then fastens under the chin. This is absolutely tiny, and my son only wore it for five minutes, and we found it to be restricting his movement so unfortunately this is no good.

      It is perfect for recreating their favourite scenes from toy story. As it is very well detailed even without the space helmet, and boot covers it resembles Buzz light year well. My son absolutely loves this set, and he tries to wear it each day. None of my other children liked story whereas he adores it, and we watch the movie at least 6 times a week. He sometimes wears it while watching the movies to recreate scenes, other times he just wants to wear it while playing with his toys. It is the perfect role play accessory for making up a story too. I often catch him trying to fly around the front room, or trying to pull the wings off because buzz is crashing. Although it is a little small fo my son it is not restrictive and he could move frely around without any problems at all.

      I would recommend this dress up set to anyone with a Buzz mad child. You just need to keep in mind that the sizing is very mall, so if in doubt definitely go a size up. It resembles the character well so is instantly recognisable to any fan. At £16 it is an average price for a character dress up set, and although it says not suitable for machine washing it comes up well on a low heat. It has lasted very well in the time we have owned it, and my son loves it so it really does receive a lot is use. The accessories to go with the suit are not fantastic, but the main jumpsuit itself is perfect for fuelling imaginations.


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        06.05.2011 12:27
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Your child will love this costume!

        My son is a big Toy Story fan and back in the summer last year he needed a costume for a party, of course my son asked for a Buzz Lightyear costume so after doing a google search we had a look in a few shops and finally purchased this costume from Tesco's for £12.


        The trousers are made out of a thin white material with a silver braid running down each trouser leg, because the material is thin my son wears jeans or shorts underneath. One thing I like about these trousers is they have an elasticated waist which is perfect for my son as he can easily put them on and take them off.

        The bottom of the trousers are shaped like a boot and have a green strip which is made out of a silky material whilst at the bottom is a crinkly pearlescent material.


        The top is like a tabard which is mostly white in colour but again has the pearlescent material at the front and around the edges, down the bottom is a black stripe which is made out of a Pvc plastic.

        There is a also a pretend control panel which is slightly padded and is made out of a green Pvc plastic, the controls look like a Buzz toy but of course your child will have to use their imagination to come up with sounds. The control panel attaches to the front of the top with velcro tabs which is really good as you can remove the panel when you want to wash the top.

        The front of the top is padded but the back is made of the same material as the trousers, also on the back are detachable wings which again are held in place with velcro and on each side of the top are velcro tabs which hold the sides of the top together.


        The mask is made out of a foam material and I have to say it looks like a pretty good Buzz, the eyes are cut out so of course your child can see through them and there is a cut out for his mouth. On the back of the mask is elastic and there is a little piece of sponge padding inside the mask not sure what that is for though.

        My son in the past has hated masks but he really likes this one and it fits quite well.

        ~what do I think~

        The outfit is made by Disney and I have to say it is very good quality and is well worth the £12 we paid for it, my son has had this costume for nearly 9 months and is still in very good condition.

        The trousers on this costume in my opinion are way to long and will probably fit a child age 6/7, my little boy is nearly 5 and is tall for his age and the trousers are quite long on him.

        The other problem with this costume is you can only sponge wash it which is just impracticable especially with this costume being white!
        I have washed the costume in the machine with no problems but obviously I do not recommend that you do this.

        My son has never really liked dressing up costumes mainly because he has got some co-ordination problems and until recently has found getting dressed a very hard thing to do.

        I was expecting this costume to be left in the wardrobe with his other dressing up costumes but
        I have to say he loves his Buzz outfit and not only does he wear it to parties he actually takes it out of the wardrobe and dresses up at home quite a lot and has great fun coming up with a story about Buzz!

        This costume is not just for boys, my niece insisted that she wanted one for christmas and it looks really nice on her.

        Price - currently £12.99 in Tesco's

        Age 2/3 - Comes with a hat instead of a mask
        Age 5/6
        Age 7/8


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          05.01.2011 23:14
          Very helpful



          Great costume, own sound effects to be provided.

          The costume that we have is from Mothercare and costs £18. I suggested adding it to the Dooyoo catalogue separately as it is not quite the same as the one shown above, although very similar. The only real difference is that the version we have has long white sleeves to the top, which the one above does not appear to have.

          Both of my boys (aged 2.5 and 4) are completely Toy Story obsessed. We have to watch one of the films at least daily, and then there are the multitude of figures, playsets and board games that entered our house via the various relatives over the Christmas period. Each one was a resounding hit, although some were a lot better quality than others.

          This costume appeared from Grandma. She knew that the Woody costume bought for my eldest son's birthday was a big hit, so she followed up with this. The costume itself came in a small polythene bag about the size of an A4 piece of paper. Once my 2 year old realised what he had received, he was keen to get on with the trying it on as soon as possible.

          The suit is 4 pieces. It has trousers which are elasticated at the waist and also have elastic going across the bottom of the feet like old style leggings from the 80s. I guess this is so it would cover your childs shoes if they wore it out the house. There is then a top which has a plasticky panel on the front showing the buttons that buzz has. This is purely for show. Own sound effects must be provided. (Not a problem here. ) The top fastens with 3 pieces of velcro, which sounds simple but was a bit difficult to do with a wriggly little boy keen to play. The 3rd part of the costume is a set of wings. This is a padded foam piece that you attach to the back of the suit with another 2 pieces of male/female velcro.

          The last piece of the costume is a foam mask featuring the face of buzz lightyear. This has another piece of velcro to fasten two pieces of elastic together at the back of the head. The mask is very realistic looking, and is designed with comfort in mind, but my little ones are not overly keen on it and don't really want it to wear as it hinders there play.

          The costume is surprisingly white, which i have to say concerns me knowing my son, but we will have to try to stick to wearing it indoors and not allow eating in it.

          Our opinion of this outfit is that it is brilliant. It is a little tricky for a child to put on by themselves, but i really like the fact that the trousers and top are separate pieces. The Woody outfit wasn't as the trousers and top were attached. I think that as a result the Buzz outfit will be a lot longer lasting as they will be able to fit into it longer.

          My children are both large for their age. My 2 year old wears 3-4 clothes and is a little on the tubby side round the tummy. My 4 year old is in 5-6 clothes and is an absolute beanpole. Both of them managed to fit in this costume well, although the trousers were a couple of inches too long really for the littlest one.

          Our only problem is that the mother in law didn't purchase them one each. Although they could have a nice little game, Buzz is the favourite one and they both want to be him.

          Well worth getting this costume if your little one is as nutty about Toy Story as our two. I can't see the phase going anywhere just yet.


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