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Hasbro Star Wars Clone Wars Clone Trooper Helmet

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Brand: Hasbro / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2009 14:40
      Very helpful



      Buy two ... so your hubby doesn't feel left out !!!


      The Clone Wars Animated Movie and TV Series has introduced a whole new generation of to the Star Wars Galaxy and with so many toys, games and collectables out there it's often difficult to choose. As someone who has collected Star Wars merchandise for over thirty years it was my original intention to join a reviewing community to write reviews about such products.

      I mean, let's face it, there are some fantastic reviewers on here that can be defined by the content of their reviews ... if I am looking for a book for my other half I know several members who are all chick-lit experts, if I want read some fantastic travel writing then I know which profiles to visit and, finally, if I want to read through a variety of top class music reviews I know the best man for the job !!! I guess, in a way, that if I had stuck to my original intention then I would have been known for writing Star Wars related reviews ... but somehow (and don't ask me how) I got side-tracked. A few months ago I would never have considered writing a review about food product let alone reeling off a iece of writing about being asthmatic. All I can say in response is that it is down to the fact that I have been so inpired by reading what so many others have written and have been made to feel so welcome.

      Now, if your finger is currently hovering the "not helpful" button (Ciao) or the "somewhat useful" button (dooyoo) then feel free to press it ... but for those of you with more patience (and those who know my reviewing style) please read on because a little futher down the page you'll find the Clone Trooper Helmet review !!!

      Anyway,recently, I have received several messages from other members thanking me for giving them some great Star Wars related gift ideas. The most recent of which was from someone who described themselves as being a "Star Wars Widow" due to the fact that her hubby and kids were often playing with Star Wars action figures and console games. She particulary liked the sound of the Ultimate Lightsaber Kit and has also bought the Darth Vader Toaster I reviewed this week (and has hidden it away as a Christmas present for her husband).

      So, with that in mind (and product suggestions finally starting to appear) I have another great product to review that is an ideal gift for anyone living with a Star Wars fan ... and for any more "Star Wars Widows" out there this is something that will not only bring a smile to your kids faces but will also have your partners grinning with delight too !!!


      This tough and durable Clone Trooper Helmet from Hasbro is both movie accurate and feature packed. It's also an ideal accessory for any aspiring Clone Trooper ... whether they are 5 or 55 !!! (inside the helmet there are is an adjustable headband that that can be altered ... it just about fits my 18 month son and fits me perfectly).

      The helmet itself is instantly recognisable as belonging to a legendary Clone Trooper ... the fearless soldiers of the Old Republic who battled alongside their Jedi Generals during the Clone Wars. And, as soon as you put this on you feel transformed as you look through the tinted visor. There's something unique about "dressing up" as somebody different that fires up the imagination (and we've all been there at some point in our lives) and the Clone Trooper Helmet certainly makes you feel part of the Star Wars Galaxy.

      However, you don't just have to rely on your imagination to act and feel like a Clone Trooper as those clever people at Hasbro have added a little bit of technology to this helmet to add a further touch of movie magic. On the right hand of the helmet there are three buttons which can be pressed which play a number of sound effects and phrases which have been taken from the movie itself.

      The first button plays a number of pre-recorded sound effects such as explosions, laser fire and radio static. The second button plays a number of lines of dialogue form the Clone Wars Movie. Phrases include;

      "All units fire at will !"
      "Cover Me !"
      "I've got a bad feeling about this, sir."

      and my personal favourite ...

      "Get ready to turn those clankers into scrap metal !"

      And if that isn't enough Clone Wars style excitement for you then you can also press the third button which activates the microphone inside the helmet. However, it isn't just a standard microphone ... it's a voice -modulator too which means that when you speak your words are not only amplified through the helmet's speaker but they also sound exactly like the voice of a Clone Trooper !!!


      My other half found out just how cool the Clone Trooper Helmet was when she returned home from the supermarket a few weeks ago. I looked out of the window and saw that she was in the process of parking but I also noticed that the neighbours had parked their car leaving a very tiny amount of room. Looking out of the window I could see that she was finding it a little tricky. Being a helpful sort of person I decided to go and assist her but couldn't quite resist the temptation to grab the Clone Trooper Helmet I had recently bought. My commands of "a little to your right", "woah" and "back a bit more" sounded extremely authentic and even more awesome when accompanied by several explosions and the sound of intense combat !!! My little boy (sitting in his car seat at the time) was chuckling away to himself and clearly appreciated the assistance from a Clone Trooper ... his mummy, however, didn't quite seem to appreciate it as much as he did !!! I don't understand women sometimes ... they really do confuse me (he he).


      The Clone Wars Clone Trooper Helmet (plus the all new Captain Rex Clone Trooper Helmet) sells at around £30 and can be purchased from Argos, Toys R Us and most good toy shops. I got mine from eBay and paid just £20 so I would suggest shopping around (eBay, amazon or play.com).

      ~~~ STOP PRESS ~~~

      Just before I was about to publish this review I received an email from a friend of mine sending me a link to the Argos Website. It's great news for Star Wars fans too because until 31/12/09 the Clone Trooper Helmet will be sold for an impressive £17.29 as part of their online clearance sale.

      ~~~ SUMMARY ~~~

      This is a fantastic product for Star Wars fans young and old. It is well made, exrememly durable and feature packed. It also looks great displayed on a shelf (as it's a perfect replica of the movie helmet). However, if you want the full Clone Wars experience then this is a product that needs to be worn, used and played with. You can assist General Kenobi in shutting down the Battle Droids power source, you can rescue Senator Amidala from the clutches of Count Dooku ... you can even help your missus with a spot a tricky parking !!!

      May the Force be with you !!!

      >>> jedimastergray73 <<<


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    • Product Details

      Features role-play helmet as seen in new Clone Wars entertainment with signature phrases and voice amplifier.

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