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Hasbro Star Wars Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber

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Brand: Hasbro / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2009 15:33
      Very helpful



      The best Toy Lightsaber in the Galaxy !!!


      There are now hundreds of Star Wars Lightsabers on the market ... ranging from the cheap and flimsy budget toys (the "Star Swords" found in places such as Poundland) right through to the premium collectables such as the movie accurate Force FX Lightsabers (made by Master Replicas and retailing at an average of £150).

      However, being the iconic weapon of the Star Wars Saga the "Lightsaber" is still on the top of many children's "wish lists" ... and in my opinion, the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber (made by Hasbro) is the best product (in terms of quality and value for money) that has been on the market for years !!!


      Like many of the Toy Lightsabers available the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber has an impressive range of light and sound fx ... the Lightsaber turns on at the flick of a button and as well as a fully ignited glowing blade it has a number of motion sensitive movie accurate sounds (including power up/power down, idle hum, attack swing and battle clash). When you see and hear this Lightsaber in action there is no doubt at all that the light and sound fx perfectly capture the magic of the Star Wars movies.

      However, what makes the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber unique (and different to the countless other Toy Lightsabers) is the fact that it is also fully customizable. This isn't just a toy Lightsaber, it is a Lightsaber construction set ... and with over 1000 possible combinations your child could create a new toy every single day over the next three years !!!

      This is made possible because the set contains a number of different interlocking Lightsaber parts that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of different styles and looks. For beginners, the Instruction Manual provides guidance on how to build several basic Lightsabers. Being fully customizable, however, the possibilities of this set are endless and your child will soon be creating their very own advanced custom Lightsabers.


      The creativity element that the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber inpsires is most impressive. The majority of Toy Lightsabers on the market have a single coloured blade but this set has a clear blade which can be made to glow either blue, green or red by using filters. It is also possible to add Ilum Crystals to your Lightsaber (the Crystals which in the Star Wars Universe give your Lightsaber it's power !).

      As a result of this your child is free to "choose their destiny" and decide whether thay are a Jedi or a Sith? They can build a Lightsaber in the style of their favourite Star Wars character or they can design and create their very own unique weapon. This Lightsaber is also up to date too as it even has a Tonfa style handle to create a Lightsaber similar to that of the character Maris Brood from the popular Force Unleashed Game.

      There are infact over 1,000 possible lightsaber configurations and customization is simple. The Lightsaber's hilt can be fitted with many different rings, sleeves and ignition switches to change it's appearance. It is also possible to select the colour of the blade before selecting a different end cap to complete the weapon. Once built the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber can either be slightly adapted or completely rebuilt from scratch ...

      WHAT'S IN THE BOX ???

      The box itself is beautifully designed and captures the excitement of the movies and with phrases like "Choose Your Destiny" on the packaging this is one toy that certainly captures the imagination. Included in the box are the following items;

      * 1 Lightsaber Hilt (where all the electronic components are housed)
      * 1 Lightsaber Blade (clear but can be changed to blue, green or red)
      * 3 Ilum Lightsaber Crystals (to "power up" the Lightsaber)
      * 4 Hilt Sleeves (to create different styles)
      * 4 Lighsaber End Caps (to create different styles)
      * 3 Lightsaber Sleeve Rings (to create different styles)
      * 1 Tonfa Style Handle (based on the Force Unleashed Game)
      * 1 Blade Emitter Guard (to secure the blade)
      * An Instruction Manual


      ** It also requires 3 "AA" batteries (not included).

      *** It is also worth pointing out at this point that ths toy was not widely available at the time it was originally released. It should retail for around £25 but I have seen it being sold for up to £50. It is therefore, worth shopping around for. Also please remember that is worth buying the set new as with so many different components it would be very disappointing if some of the parts were missing !!!


      The minute you open the box your imagination is switched on ... and unlike most Lightsabers this one really does has the feel of being a real part of that imaginary Galaxy far, far away !!! The fact that it requires imagination, creativity and time to create a Lightsaber makes this far more interesting and engaging for young children ... thay aren't just playing with a toy they are creating their own unique toy to play with.

      Once the Clone Wars Ultimate Lightsaber has been built all that is left is to power it up ... and let the adventures begin !!!


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    • Product Details

      Create signature Jedi lightsabers with multiple parts or create your own unique lightsaber - over one thousand combinations!

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