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Hotpoint Children's Electronic Washer

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Manufacturer: Hotpoint / Type: Housewares

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 20:01
      Very helpful



      Wish it did my washing

      Its a long standing joke in our family that my eldest daughter has got herself a self made apartment in her bedroom. Everytime we asked her what she wanted for birthdays or christmas's she would say something to do with cleaning or cooking. I will say that she loves to help me around the house too she is like a mini me. Due to having so many dolls and making sure that she had a change of clothes for them I decided to get the whole household set of childrens toys. Among this collection was this washing machine.

      Originally there was a yellow and blue one which was cheaper but it was smaller and looked cheaper. I then spotted this one which has got the hotpoint name on. It was a silver washing machine and really resembled my own washing machine. This was priced up at £20 in Toys r Us. We had been asked to get one of these for a neice for her christmas presant and we picked one up for my daughter at the same time.

      We wrapped this up ready for her and her eyes lit up on christmas day when she opened it. This required 4 AA batteries which we always stock up on at this time of year. It was so life like and she couldn't wait to put all her dolls clothes in it.

      Due to this only being a toy you are not able to fill it with too many dolls clothes, we managed to fit 4 items in which was enough to be able to iron them and put another load in which gave us lots of washing to do. It came with a little white basket for the washing which you are not able to fit much in but was good for the role playing. It also came with a pretend box of powder, this didn't last very long because the box got broken due to my daughter thinking that there was real powder in it.

      As we started to play we realised that the draw opened on the machine this made it more lifelike to play with and pretend to put powder in. I have now had to keep an eye on my daughter when she is playing with this because she tends to try and get my washing powder to put in the draw. On the front there are 4 buttons, one is the power switch, when you press this switch a red light will come on the front of the machine to show that it is working just like mine. On is a wash button when you press this button you get the sound of water going into the machine and it will spin after the wash, the other button is a spin button this button when pressed will just simply spin the washing for a short time. The last button is the eco cycle which I like it is the same as the wash cycle but faster and teaches my child to save energy through explanation from me.

      The door on the machine is easy to open and you do not really need to press the button on the door your child is able to pull lt without breaking the door this is good due to my daughter is very heavy handed which she gets from me. The door is also able to be opened when it is spinning, when this is done the machine will stop washing and the drum will stop turning so it makes the toy safe to use. When the batteries have gone that makes the light work and the sound and spin work you are able to use a plastic dial on the back of the machine to make the drum go round by hand. My daughter doesn't like doing this by hand and I have had to invest in more batteries.

      My daughter uses this about twice a week when playing and the batteries have lasted for around 6 months which I find quite good and they are easy to find and put in. From what my sister in law told me you are able to put powder and water of a minimum amount in the machine and it will do a mini wash. I wont try this because she will try all the time and my sister in law said that it didn't work very well so if reading the instructions explains this to anyone who may buy one do not do it.

      I like this little play washing machine it looks very grown up and my daughter feels like she is being mom when playing with it. It has taught her how to wash and keep clean and in turn has taught her through explanation about how to save energy which is good. I think this works very well and gives a very good effect. It may not hold much but means that your child will keep filling the machine and playing with it if they have as many clothes as my daughter. I would advise this for little girls who like to play home and makes them feel more grown up than the cheaper ones it also has better features than the cheaper ones. It was good value and is easy to carry around because it is not heavy. Ensure that your child does not carry this down the stairs due to it may cause an accident which I have had to take it off my daughter a few times when she has appeared on the top of the stairs. It also doesn't take up alot of room in a bedroom which is great due to our house is very small. This has been a worthwhile investment and really does get played with by all the girls.


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