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Janod Toy Market Stall

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Brand: Janod / Type: Kitchenwares

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    1 Review
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      13.07.2009 11:24
      Very helpful



      Great toy, with lots of accessories, and great scope forl playing and learning.

      When asking my daughter what she wanted for her birthday, she was very quick to answer, reeling off a list of toys that she had become very fond of at school in there role play area, these included things like a wooden kitchen, a wooden dolly bed, a wooden chair, everything wooden and everything make believe.

      She loves role play and she is one of those children whom is very happy to play on her own as well as with others and gets lost in her world of imagination.

      One of the favourites on her birthday list was a wooden shop. We had told her maybe the birthday fairy could not bring this as she had asked for many other things that cost lots of pennies, and maybe she'd have to wait for Santa to come. But as usual in our house ....somehow Nanny gets to find out!!! My mother in law, being a terribly kind grandma is terrible when it comes to birthday and Xmas presents and totally spoils the children and she decided she would buy this for Isabella's birthday.

      We did some research and there was not that much on the market and the ones you could buy came with no accessories, and by the time you brought all them you were looking at not much change from 100 pounds.

      In the end my mother in law settled on the Janod Toy Market Stall and purchased this from EBay for a buy it now price of 45.00.

      When my mother in law brought the present round on the morning of her birthday I must say to begin with I was totally shocked at the size, it was much smaller than I was imagining.

      The diameters of the toy are 38 x 24 x 43 cm.

      But although to begin with I did think this was too small for the money paid and thought my mother in law may have been ripped off, with use I have realised that it's a perfect size, my hubby read the leaflet and it said that for children that are older than to use this on a table top etc for better enjoyment, so I have been putting my daughters on top of her wooden toy chest and its been great, and there's just enough room to then get on her till next to it.

      My husband got the lucky job of putting together all her toys this year.... And this one was defiantly one of the easier of ones, it all comes flat packed, and he found this very easy the instructions provided they were really clear and good and had it all together within 5-10 minutes.

      The stall is quite attractive and defiantly with the colours mainly being pink and yellow and natural wood colours, I would say it would be better suited to girls, although my nephew whom is three has loved playing with it also. Some boys I suppose don't mind pink. It also has a very nice pink candy stripe roof and a heart embellishment on the top panel.

      It has a blackboard with clock on the back of the stall for your little ones to write down the days specials etc. I have found this a great way to encourage her to learn more on telling the time and also the blackboard has been great for her to practice her name when we are writing "Isabella's Shop" and also we have practiced other words and numbers on it. There is also two pieces of chalk included also.

      It also comes with 4 mini little blackboards for you to write down the price of the fruit, again really good for practicing numbers, maths and communication skills although my only little nag would be its in Euros, but my hubby had some white blackboard paint and he has made the euro signs look like pound signs, we just did not want to confuse her.

      This item came with eight wooden crates and 24 pieces of wooden fruit which consists of;

      Green apples
      Red/orange apples

      And to complete the list of items included is 10 pink paper bags for your little one to bag your purchases up with. The shop has a little peg on the side so that you can hang the bags to. The bags are quite a thick paper bag so I think she has eight left, which I think after playing with it non stop in the last few weeks and with the arguing with her cousin over whom is the shop keeper and playing tug and war with these bags to have eight out of ten in tact is not bad going.

      I have also loved watching my daughter playing with this, watching her being polite and helpful when serving her customers, and understanding the concept of money. But by far the best bit has been when she screams at the top of her voice " Half a pound of Bananas" and " Apples, Apples, Apples for sale", she sounds so sweet and so funny.

      Overall my daughter has loved this stall; she has learnt and played at the same time and has had great fun which I love in turn.
      She has kept it really lovely and claen and she is very proud of her shop. Also durability wise, it's quite sturdy, despite being quite thin panels of wood, which had worried me, there are no signs of wear and is not as flimsy as I thought it was going to be.

      I still think the price is slightly too high and could do with being a tenner cheaper in my opinion, but that's certainly does not detract from the enjoyment my daughter has had with this toy.


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    • Product Details

      Wooden toy fruit stall which includes 8 small wooden crates and a variety of fruits to display. Blackboard at back of stall and clock feature, plus 4 slates to write up your prices on, chalk and 10 paper bags

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