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Jumbo Hannah Montana Create Your Own Lip Gloss & Make-up

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2 Reviews

Brand: Jumbo / Type: Girls Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2008 23:24
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      Looks like a great birthday or christmas gift

      I have to admit I have a younger brother and sister that watch Disney Channel from when they wake up til when they go to bed so I am familair with Hannah Montanna and there are a lot of merchandise that you can buy. This set would be a great gift for a neice, granddaughter, sister,daughter. Even up to the age of 9 you could buy this gift for them and they would still propably play with it. I definatly know how much I watch Hanna Montanna but i would definatly buy this item and give it to my cousin for her birthday or even as a christmas present. It also gives the girls a chance to be a little grown-up buy making their own lip gloss and makeup. I think that if this kind of thing was around when i was little i would habe definatly asked my mum to get it for me for a birthday or chirstmas present.


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        23.07.2008 20:43
        Very helpful



        A nice set despite the advertising!

        Anyone familiar with my reviews will be aware that my daughter (now 7) is a huge High School musical fan, but the product I will now review is merchandise from one of her new "favourites" Hannah Montana.

        The product I will now review is "Hannah Montana - create your own lip gloss set".

        Anyone not familiar with Hannah Montana here's a little background information -

        Hannah Montana (played by Destiny Hope Cyrus) is by day a normal 14 year old school girl who has just started her local high school, but by night and in her disguise ( albeit a long blonde wig and some truly fabulous clothes), she becomes pop sensation Hannah Montana.
        Her father and manager (Billy Ray Cyrus, as in "acky breaky heart fame", who is obviously her real father as well) plays her dad in the show and also Hannah Montana's manager and songwriter. I'm ashamed to admit that now his mullet has gone he is very tasty, hence the reason I don't mind watching this programme!
        This is in the same vein as HSM, which in fairness I quite like also, unfortunately there seems to be an incredible amount of merchandise that goes with these shows, hence this review and the next twenty! (lol).

        The packaging is simple yet effective on this product, the colour scheme on most of H.M's products are the same, blues and purples and the box is no exception!
        There is of course the obligatory "Hannah Montana" trademark with the Hannah part written in lights and a picture of H.M, posing in her stage costume.
        At the side of this picture is a large picture of the contents within the box, but I will go into that later.
        Finally in the top right hand corner there is a large "Disney" trademark sign, as with most of these programmes they are from the Disney camps!

        Upon opening the box, you lift the "lid" front and the contents are revealed beneath shrink wrapping. Once this is removed you will see a rather disappointing amount of things in the box, the box is huge compared to contents... what a waste!
        Across the top are four tiny lip-gloss bottles, 2 star shaped, 1 heart shaped and 1 flower shaped. There is a sheet of stickers to decorate each bottle.
        There is a large bottle of normal glycerine with the H.M logo all over the bottle and also a small bottle of strawberry "flavour" with again the logo printed on it, in fairness a lot of this stuff could probably be purchased for pennies elsewhere!
        Finally there is a small pot of heart shaped foil confetti, a mixing and measuring jug, a funnel and a pappette with the obligatory instruction sheet.

        The making up of this product is, thankfully incredibly easy.

        You measure out 5ml of the glycerine into the jug, add a few drops of the strawberry flavouring to it, you can add as much or little as you like as the flavouring is really nice, a sort of chewing gum/hubba bubba smell to it!
        You add a pinch of the heart foil confetti and mix thoroughly, then just tip (through the funnel provided) into the newly decorated lip-gloss pot, gently tapping the bottle as you pour, this is to get rid of air bubbles, we didn't do that on the first one and as the bottle is so small and air bubble pushed it's way out and took ½ the lip-gloss with it! Luckily it's very easy to clean up, if not somewhat greasy!

        Then you literally apply the gloss and your done, all four of the pots come with small wand applicators in them.

        This set was purchased from Toys r us for the costly price of £12.99, which if it contained what it was advertised as containing would have been ok! The box clearly states on the front that this is a "make your own lip gloss and make up set", upon opening it, it turned out to be just a lip gloss set. I know I should have looked a little closer, but by the time my daughter had chosen this to buy out of her birthday money, myself and my husband were losing the will to live!

        So would I recommend this set.... Yes, if only for the fact that it kept the young 'un quiet for half an hour! As you may have gathered the product description was not at all satisfactory, false advertising you might say, but by the time I had realised that fact my daughter was already wearing the damn stuff!

        For more information visit - www.toysrus.co.uk or www.disney.com

        Thanks for reading x


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