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Let's Pretend Red Dress-Up Costume

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Brand: Tesco / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      03.07.2013 18:44
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      Nice look, shame we only got one wear out of it

      Tis the season for parties.....well it is in this household! Ive discovered the joys of having one of my children firmly wedged into nursery life means theres normally a birthday in his class every other day. He has a lot of friends, and both him and his sister seem to make a massive impression on staff and parents, as we have been invited to so many childrens parties. The last party we went to it was requested that kids wear fancy dress. I bought this for my little girl, size 3-4 from Tesco (online) for £5.00.

      Why did I buy it?

      Acouple of different reasons really. I didn't want to go for the typical princess type costume as guaranteed there would be at least one other child dressed like that ( and there was ), I wanted something alittle unusual and not expected and something that would stand out. I also think my little girl suits strong colours, and red fits the bill. The costume was reduced in price, and to buy a costume for a child for the same price elsewhere, theres only afew places that will sell something so cheap ( Home Bargains ) and the range is very limited and small.

      What does it look like?

      Firstly, the costume comes in two pieces-one being the hood which attaches itself to the rest of the outfit by Velcro, and the other is the dress. The hood is red, and the dress mainly red but with white on specific areas.

      The dress has no sleeves. Two red and white checked panels run down the side ( on the front ). Down the edge of these panels on one side, they are beaded with red circular sequins. Down the middle of this section its white, with a high straight neckline, and two strips of glittery ribbon that crosses over each other and sewn onto the white fabric part of the dress. All of this detailing is the top of the dress. Just underneath this there is a white band of fabric running around it, which appears to join the top and the skirt part of the dress together.

      The skirt is all red and has a cute picture of a wolf at the bottom. The skirt flares out slightly, so allows this area to really move with the child as they do, and perfect shape to do the whole twirling thing! Waist is elasticated.

      On the back of the dress, completely-top and skirt, is red in colour.

      Dress fastens at the back by Velcro. Not all the way down, half way down the top section of the dress, and there are two small squares of Velcro to fasten. Dress needs to be put on by placing over the head. If child is small enough, can be stepped into also.

      Sponge Clean only

      100% Polyester

      What do we think?

      I bought her the next size up 3-4 years, as I knew it would be a little too big ( not by much ), she doesn't quite look her age in regards to frame and height and more importantly, I wanted to get afew wears out of this for at least within the next 6 months so I knew she would have room to grow. Saying that, its one of those outfits you can get away with as long as its wide enough for the child, because if that's ok and the outfit is too long, the dress will be full length, too short and it will be a cute shorter length.

      Biased? Yes. Honest? Yes-she looked amazing. Definitely stood out and made an impression. She loved wearing it as it was light weight, very comfortable and not too tight. It was a good thing it was light weight, as underneath I made her wear some jeans and a long sleeved white top ( it wasn't the warmest or brightest of days! ). I did have an issue with this outfit just after putting it on her. Because she suffers from eczema her moisturising routine is a bit full on and some of her products are greasy. Some of here moisturiser went on her dress ( not a huge amount-I saw afew little spots ) but enough to make me think you do have to be careful what goes on it.

      Needless to say, it didn't get too dirty but dirty it did get. Food, chocolate, straw ( don't ask ). This presented a challenge when it came to cleaning it as the instructions state sponge clean only (only an idiot with no kids would make things for kids that you cant wash by machine! ). So I threw caution to the wind, and washed it in the washing machine, gentle cycle, along with her brothers costume. It dried well and very fast, the colouring didn't run and remained true to its original condition. BUT- there is now a whopping hole just at the join where the top of the costume and the band around the middle meet. The white material in the middle of the top have strands of fabric poking out and the sequins have gone from a rampant red, to a dull silver sequins. Now, Im not going to bash this outfit too much because I didn't follow care instructions accordingly, but Ive washed costumes before that say the same thing and Ive had no problem with them. I suspect at some point though something would have happened, as on the website a lot of people have had problems with rips and tears but I was hoping for better luck.

      Would I buy this again? No. To look at it the costume it looks a decent quality, very pretty and cute and really stands out but don't think it can handle wear and tear very well. Such a shame but so glad I didn't buy it full priced.


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