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Little Tikes Smart Cook N Learn Kitchen

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5 Reviews

Brand: Little Tikes / Type: Kitchenwares

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    5 Reviews
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      09.10.2010 20:16
      Very helpful



      Cook me some food

      I spent a very long time searching for the perfect kitchen for my daughters second Christmas. My main criteria was; not too big, not too small, one that comes with accessories and has sounds to make it more fun. This one matched my criteria perfectly and it does look rather nice in our living room. I wanted a plastic one as they are so much more practical, a wooden one would have looked a lot nicer at first; however I can imagine after my daughter eating food around it, pouring water in the sink and bashing a spoon on the work surfaces it would soon have ruined.

      After trawling though internet sites I found the little tikes smart cook and learn kitchen at toys r us for £100. Compared to the prices of some of the other kitchens I thought this was reasonably good. However to my surprise when we arrived at toys r us to buy it was reduced to half price so I only ended up paying £50, a great bargain.

      We waited until after Christmas to put it up as I felt that with my lack of wrapping skills it would be easier to wrap a box rather that a not so square shaped kitchen! There are several pieces to put together and a screwdriver is needed. I found it rather difficult to put up and it took me around an hour. It also comes with 5 or 6 stickers to put on yourself, these are a main part of the display so it is important that you get them right so I advice you not to have 1 to many Christmas beverages before attempting to put this one up!

      So to start ... it's not as big as it looks in the picture - but what toy does? However it's still an adequate size for my daughter who was coming up to 2 years old when we bought it. The main back of the kitchen contains the stickers; they are of different kitchen items such as spices etc. The quality of the picture is rather good and my daughter bless her did try to grab them once or twice thinking they were real. I may even have though it was real if I hadn't spent half an hour trying to stick the blooming things on! They have a good stick as well, we have had the kitchen for almost a year and despite being played with a lot the stickers are still firmly in place and haven't started coming away at the corners or anything like that.

      It then has a little work surface and chopping board (I will come to that later) and a sink. The sink is rather small and doesn't do much but my daughter likes to fill it up with a little bit of water and wash her dishes after she has cooked and fed her dolls plastic strawberries and eggs (yummy!) she doesn't like it if she can't have water and does get frustrated with the tap as it doesn't actually work, I don't think she truly understands the concept of role play!

      It then has a little bin in the middle which is really used to store all of the food, plates spoons etc. This can be detached, I'm not really sure why though. My daughter only ever takes it off to pour the accessories over the floor when she doesn't feel like searching for something!

      Either side of the bin is a fridge with an ice dispenser and a cooker on the other side. These are a little bit flimsy but they are good enough, they are handy for storing things. They are not that big but the fridge fits the milk in! There is also a rail for a tea towel above the bin, it doesn't fit a real sized tea towel but we use one of our old muslin squares and this fits perfectly.

      There is also a card holder in the middle of the kitchen which has different food groups and recipes. I was confused with this when I saw it but will all become clear later on in the review.

      So that's what it looks like ... now to what it does. Upon purchasing this I thought it was just going to play some frying sounds or drink pouring, things like that but I was presently surprised. After assembling it rather merrily on Christmas night I thought I would give it a go.

      Instead of sounds I was greeted by woman's voice giving me instructions, quick to follow I placed the strawberry on the chopping board and she said well done. Rather amazed I was, I carried on until I had made a full recipe. Just to test the power of this small toy I placed the wrong item on the chopping board and to my surprise she told me it was the wrong item and to try again! I was rather bemused; I had not expected that at all. There are 3 cards in total but the kitchen has other recipes and concoctions to make as long as you follow the instruction correctly.

      There are lots of accessories that come with the kitchen however you couldn't use others with it for the real functions as I have came to the conclusion that there must be something in the food that connects to the chopping board and the frying pan. Some of the food such as the fruit is separated in two and stuck with Velcro. This is to allow children to chop the fruit in half if that's what is required for the recipe.

      The only problem I had was that my daughter was only 2 at the time we bought it and couldn't use it for the real functions. Although Nearly three now she still cant and for the past year I have worried that we will lose some of the food resulting in her not being able to use it. Fortunately we still have everything however we did have a little incedent involving the dog and some plastic flour! Luckily it still works though.

      Now the kitchen does state that it is designed for age 3 + but most things that say that are suitable for younger ages and at the time I didn't know how advanced it was otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it. Still my daughter absolutely loves it! She has a little set up in the corner of the living room with the kitchen, her dolls, her dolls high chair and well basically everything else she has for her dolls. She still has fun pretending to cook and for the price I bought it for I really can't complain. Soon she should know what to do and be able to follow the instructions.

      I will definitely recommend this kitchen, for ages 3 +though. It's nice but I wouldn't recommend paying the full price for children under 3.


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        16.06.2010 11:55
        Very helpful



        A good kitchen :)

        I had been looking for a kitchen for my 2 year old daughter for christmas, and then found this one at Toys R Us for half price, so it was down to £49.99. I thought this was a good price as it is quite a large kitchen.

        It has the usual appliances, an oven, hob, sink and fridge. The hob and chopping board are interactive and when there is a pan or frying pan on the hob, it identifies the foods that are put into it. There are receipe cards which have different ingredients for the child to make and it talks them through the whole process which is fantastic.

        In the middle of the oven and fridge there is a removable bin - my daughter tends to store most of her things in there rather than where they should be!!

        The only downside i have found with this kitchen is the voice - after a while it can start to grate on you but the kids seem to love it.

        I would recommend this kitchen to anybody, however it is quite large so space could be a problem, but if you have the space then i would say this is a good buy!


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        04.02.2010 17:21



        good value for money

        I bought this for my son for Christmas; it was half price in Toy's R Us £49.99 and seemed like good value compared to others of this size.

        The kitchen itself is very colourful and totally unisex. It has several appliances- an oven, fridge and sink with tap. It also has an interactive hob and frying pan which identifies the different food products the kitchen comes with. There is a removable bin in the centre of the kitchen which is very useful for storing all of the bits and pieces the kitchen comes with. My son is not quite 2 so he's not yet capable of using the lean part of the kitchen- I have though!! It is very clever and come with three different recipe cards, depending on what object you place on the chopping board or pan first, will determine which card you follow, it will then ask you to gather all of the ingredients and explains a little bit about each one.

        The voice is American and slightly annoying, although you can turn it down a little bit, my son always turns it back-up! It was easy to put together (some of the other Little Tikes kitchens have had bad reviews) and the batteries seem to last well.


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        31.12.2009 15:40
        Very helpful



        A good buy at £49.99

        I wanted a cooker / kitchen for my two year old daughter and had had little tikes products in the past and found them strong and durable. I had a look around and found this on the toys r us website half price for £49.99. We went to our local store had a look what else was on offer and we were impressed by the size - not too big and the price.
        We decided to make it up on christmas eve and were pleasantly suprised it took two of us abount ten to fifteen minutes from start to finish. As it was too big to wrap we set up the accesories which included a pan, plate, cup, mixing bowl and several items of food and she was really excited when she came down the next morning. What I didn't realise was the interactive feature. It recognises products in the pan and on the chopping board. It will go through how to prepare a fruit salad, how to make pancakes and how to cook a vegetable stir fry. All in all impressed - it's strong and sturdy and I think hours of fun will be had in the future. My 6 year old son is also pretty impressed - but don't tell his Dad.


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        29.12.2008 19:35
        Very helpful



        This will get played with for years.

        This product kept me up late into the night on Christmas Eve as we decided that the best way to present this to littlest HonestBob would be as the complete article, rather than as a box of plastic pieces.

        The kitchen comes boxed in about 7 pieces (sorry, I was so tired and a little tipsy, I forgot to count the bits) plus accessories. It requires a phillips (crosshead) screwdriver to put together as there are several screws that need to be fitted. You also need a steady hand to apply the stickers (four on the windows and one on the cooker clock). You will also need to purchase 3 AA batteries as these are required but not supplied.

        The kitchen took about 20 minutes to piece together. The instructions were a little unclear in places, but Daddy phathomed it out with the help of the picture on the box and a little helpful guidance from me. Our package was missing 2 screws, but as there are five holding the top window section onto the base it is sturdy enough without these and we shall purchase two long screws at some point in the future just to strengthen it a little further.

        The kitchen is aimed at children aged three and older. At 21 months old, littlest HonestBob is a little too young for the electronic learning features, but the other little HonestBobs play along side him and this is definitely his favourite Christmas present of the many that he received.

        Size wise, this kitchen is ideal. Big enough for two children to play along side each other, but not so big that it dominates the room. It is very light to move from place to place, but still feels sturdy and does not fall apart when shifted.

        Electronic features:

        There are two levels of play. The first requires you to follow cooking directions. It does refer to 'reading' the recipe card (three are provided, one for each meal; breakfast pancake, fruit salad, veggie stir fry) but as the instructions are spoken non-readers can complete the task if they can recognise food objects and follow the step-by-step guidance. The second level introduces the colours and sizes of the food and more complex descriptions, but I really can't see a huge leap from level one to level two.

        How it works:

        There are electronic chips inside the various accessories (listed below) and the cutting board and frying pan read the chip so that the instructor knows what you are doing.


        One bunch of cuttable purple grapes (velcroed down the centre)
        One cuttable strawberry
        One cuttable pear
        One cuttable orange
        One plate
        One crackable egg (open the plastic shell and out comes a fabric egg containing a readable chip)
        One egg cup
        One sprig of cauliflower
        Two sprigs of broccoli
        Two carrots
        One bag of flour (which is quite heavy and a potential weapon in this household!)
        One slab of butter with sliceable end
        One mixing Bowl
        One mixing spoon
        Knife, fork and spoon
        One spatula
        Pancake (american style)

        There is also a removable plastic bin which is shown on the picture above as purple, but is orange on our kitchen.

        As well as the electronic features (which are operated by a '?' button, have two volume settings and, thankfully, an on/off button) there are also the standard features you would expect on a play kitchen. There is a fridge, a pull down oven door, a fixed cutting board, one ring burner and a tap.

        Overall impression:

        This is a great little kitchen with lots of play value. It teaches kiddies their colours and food items and how to listen to and follow instructions. Plus of course, it can be used in the usual roleplay way. The accessories are good, particularly the cutting fruit, and the concept of making meals from scratch is a good one.

        The awful female american accent of the instructor.
        The use of rhyme gets annoying "put an object if you can, on the cutting board or in the pan"
        Ideally this would incorporate other kitchen features such as a microwave and washing machine, but that would then reflect in the price.
        Potentially, the battery life. As this is a new toy I can't comment on how energy hungry it is so I will edit this review when they give up.

        The cost of this kitchen varies widely. I have seen it priced at £102 from Littlewoods Direct but I got it for less than half that price at kidsplaystore.co.uk (remember 2 screws were missing, but hey, at such a saving I can cope with that!)


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    • Product Details

      The interactive Play Smarter Cookn Learn Kitchen by Little Tikes encourages young kids to learn to cook and to cook to learn. Intended for ages three and older, the kid-size (42-inch-high) kitchenette comes ready for imaginative play with 37 accessories including a wide variety of plastic foods, cookware, and utensils. The kitchen itself features a refrigerator, oven, sink, stovetop, counter, and storage shelf. But this is no ordinary kitchen! When its turned on, any time your child puts one of the food items on the built-in cutting board or in a frying pan on the burner, the kitchen recognizes the food and names it out loud. Plus, the kitchen has an interactive recipe game mode that helps kids learn how to follow directions as well as to recognize foods, food groups, colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, and texturesall in an encouraging and fun way. This kitchen comes with a place setting and three recipe food sets: Breakfast, Cutting Fruit Salad, and Veggie Stir Fry The kitchens upbeat, female voice speaks in rhymed couplets and often breaks into enthusiastic snippets of song.

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