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Marks & Spencer Shopping Till Set

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Manufacturer: Marks & Spencer / Type: Shopping

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2010 19:58
      Very helpful



      A role play food and till set from Marks & Spencer.

      My friend's daughter turned four last week and, as a dutiful friend, I gave up my Saturday afternoon to attend a birthday party surrounded by snotty and whingeing children! As her latest obsession is "playing shop" (my friend's daughter, not my actual friend!) I decided to buy her a somewhat educational present along with the usual bags of chocolate and exciting yet very messy toys I tend to buy - you can tell I don't have children! While browsing in Marks and Spencer I saw a shopping till set priced quite reasonably at only £10.00 and decided it would be a great gift... and one that my friend wouldn't feel the need to lecture me on about buying responsible presents!

      The shopping till set comes in a box which allows you to see the contents clearly. The box was quite an impressive size (something that's rather important to children) and it was sturdily packaged. Inside the box was a small till with a fully functioning cash drawer and a small electronic display which lets you type prices in and conduct simple calculations. There was also a range of food products made of plastic that looked semi realistic, about twelve in total, and a red plastic basket so you could "enact" the whole shopping process from start to finish. In addition to this there was some plastic money in the form of coins (about thirty) and also some notes too.

      The till set is suitable for children over the age of four, presumably due to the small coins that come with the till. In terms of educational value I'd say this is a really good idea, not only does it teach children about the basics of shopping but the food items are all priced very cheaply indeed so it would be a great way to introduce children to the idea of adding up amounts and subtracting to find the change value. By the time I left my friend's house her daughter had already grasped the idea of adding up the different amounts (although £700 seemed a little expensive for some peas and soup) and the idea of giving change (I got 2p so it was a really expensive shop)!

      There's not really much else I can say about the till set, it works a treat and my friend's daughter absolutely loves it! I'm not sure the rest of her family do as they've been forced to "play shop" every night since I bought the gift! All the props look as realistic as plastic sausages possibly can look, the money seems quite sturdy and the electronic display works like a calculator (with only the very basic add and subtract functions). It's an ideal gift to any child who enjoys playing shop and I think it'd be a hit with any child! The price seemed quite reasonable for what you were getting and I'd certainly recommend this to anyone out there... a possible Christmas present?!

      Thanks for reading!


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