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Mega Brands B'Chic Manicure Salon

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Brand: Mega Brands / Type: Girls Accessories / Age: 7 Years+

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2009 23:57
      Very helpful



      manicure salon

      Manicure salon
      We tend to use this when Little Miss has friends round, and we are having a "girly night".

      The manicure salon comes in anice big sturdy box and surprisingly for this type of thing is relatively easy to get into. Once I have the box open, it's just a case of removing the protective packaging, taking out the small packages and getting the nail bar itself out- no tricky ties and so no scissors required.

      Inside the box there is an instruction leaflet with some pictures and lots of writing, and is not especially child friendly, it being very "wordy". However, we did find that once it was up and running, Little Miss and friends had no trouble understanding what to do with the products

      The manicure bar itself is silver coloured plastic with a black carry handle. The six sides are purple and pink striped and there are engravings on the top of the manicure bar- all very pretty girly. Also on the top are 3 pearlised buttons which I later learn are the secret code buttons.

      As well as the actual manicure salon, we also get:

      * 4 bottles of water based nail polish in pinks, purple, blue and white
      * 2 foam nail separators
      * 1 small white nail file
      * 2 sheets of nail stencils
      * 3 bottles of nail glitter and a glitter pump topper (handy for getting glitter all over the place!)
      * Packet of very small nail beads
      * 2 nail rings
      * Glue tabs

      So, there is plenty of stuff to keep the budding manicurist happy. All of the items have a specific place to go in the salon, and this is clearly indicated on the instructions and shown on the picture on the front of the box. Whilst the bits and bobs have a place in one of the 6 sides, the nail varnishes sit on a shelf in the centre of the salon, and one of the sides has a covered area where we stick our hands for our nails to dry (appropriately named nail dryer)

      USING IT...

      Firstly we have to insert 4 x AA batteries. Phillips screw driver is required and they are quite tricky to get in because for some reason there is a kind of ledge on top of where the batteries go.

      Once we get the batteries in, it's time to get started. The salon's secret code has been pre set but by following the simple instructions, we can re set the code, A, B, C in any order.

      When we press the buttons in the order of our code, the salon starts a whirring side and all six panels start to open out until the are completely opened out. At this point, and following the guidelines, we put in all the bits and pieces.

      To close the salon, we have to press the buttons in the order of the secret code, and the 6 panels close. When we first used it, we had to check that they all stayed in position because I imagined them all falling out, but because of the way they are inserted, nothing falls out- a miracle!
      Obviously, the nail varnish and gems are self explanatory, but the really exciting bit for little Miss and pals is when they dry their nails under the small and very noisy dryer (the whirring noise never stops the whole time the salon is open and this I later understood is the dryer). It's not especially effective as a dryer, and it's probably quicker to just waft the hands about but it does add a certain novelty value.


      Usual warnings about using it under adult supervision, but there is nothing too dramatic and nothing that common sense wouldn't tell you to do.


      This cost me £8.99, and I notice the retail price is $29.99. Not sure about the conversion rate, so i don't know how much it should be in £££s. I bought ours at tkmaxx, and although I haven't seen it sold anywhere else, it can be bought online.

      MADE BY...

      www.megabrands.com. The website is nicely laid out and has lots of different novelty toys.


      This is very popular on sleepovers, and has been used on numerous occasions. We have found that it's best to use high quality batteries because it seems to take some energy to open and close and the constant whirring and drying seems to use a lot of energy.

      The actual products are quite good quality and it's handy in that if they run out, we just add our own.

      Although the salon isn't especially sturdy, it hasn't broken on us yet and still opens and closes when the secret code is used. Little Miss likes this code and the fact that only she can open it. If she forgets all we have to do is take out the batteries and start again, so no harm done.

      For sleepovers and anyone who likes out novelty toys, this is sure to be a winner.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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    • Product Details

      Manicure Salon super stations include French manicure, nail beads and gems, glitter, stenciling, nail stickers, storage station and a real working nail dryer

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