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Playwrite Fairy Dressing up Set

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Brand: Playwrite / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2010 22:54
      Very helpful




      Playwrite is a very good brand when it comes to children's toys. It is offers very affordable and desirable toys which will be appreciated by children of both sexes. It specialises in toys that are appealing and also able to be bought with 'pocket money' they have their own web site. However they also distribute to shops and market stalls specialising in toys.

      My daughter had this playwrite fairy dressing up sat bought for her by her friend for her birthday a couple of years ago. On first sight, she fell in love with this set. It is totally apt for a little girl who's one true desire is to be a princess. My daughter, was always dressing up in princess and fairy clothes and so this fairy dressing up set was very appropriate for her tastes.

      Even though this set is called a dressing up set, it is more of a fairy accesory dressing up set. It contains a number of items that would help to finish off the outfit. The large box contains a necklace and earing set, a pair of high slippers, a tiara and a satin handbag.

      When opening the box and actually feeling the texture and quality of the dressing up contents, I have to admit I was suprised at the sturdy and quality nature of the items. The necklace and earing set, did not however live up to expectations. It was not able to withstand handling and practically fell apart. This was very disappointing. The earings were very impressive in appearance, but again, did not stand the durability test. They kept falling off the ears. The clip on attachment was very poor and inaffective.

      The slippers, were by far the best thing in the set. They were well made and very pretty and 'girly' in appearance. They have pink gems on the front which I was initially very cautious of as I was worried that these could come of and be swallowed. The shoes are made of plastic and have a shiny pink colour sheen. I was pleased at how the slippers remained scratch free despite a lot of wear. The heels were sturdy and again withstood lots of use. All in all a good quality slipper.

      The tiara, was very pretty and offered something a little more special than the tiara's you can pick up in cheapy shops. It was much more pretty and had a lot of intricate detail with a large heart shaped pink gem in the centre. However, my daughter had trouble with this tiara straight away. She found that the hairband dug into her head, just behind the ear area. This proved to be too uncomfortable which resulted in her not wearing this tiara very much at all.

      The last item in the box, was a pink satin material bag. My daughter loved this. She was able to store a few of her girly things in this bag. It's pretty pink material and style is very fashionable for little girls. This bag was very durable and took alot of wear.

      There were good and bad points to this set. I have to reserve alot of judgement on if it's good value for money, as I didn't buy this for my daughter. However, I have to say that in general, this fairy dressing up set is a very nice present. My little girl enjoyed playing with the contents, although it has to be mentioned, that alot of the contents could be improved. The jewellery was a let down, although very pretty to look at, it did not withstand any handling. The tiara could also be improved with a more comfortable fitting. But the slippers and the bag were great quality and more than made up for the other items downfalls.

      My daughter had this gift bought for her from Amazon. Although, I have noticed that this item is currently out of stock. I think this further confirms that this type of set is very popular for little girls. I don't think that this type of set are made to last. They are designed to be used for shorter periods. But I do believe that the price of the set is reflected in this. As the cost is no more than a couple of pounds.


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  • Product Details

    Fairy fantasy dress up set including tiara, slippers, bag, jewellery. Colour: pink/silver

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