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Russian Childrens PDF-D Gas Mask

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Brand: USSR Army Surplus / Type: Mask

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    1 Review
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      26.10.2012 18:57
      Very helpful



      5 stars as a fancy dress item - not rated for actual use.

      Number of films ( and lets face it - all zombie survival info comes from films) have a poisonous nerve gas or smoke as the agent responsible for zombies. Saddam Hussein was even accused of having a zombie nerve gas way back when everyone believed in weapons of mass destruction. I'm not joking - see the link at the bottom of this review if you don't believe me. And if you don't believe in either gasses to raise the dead or Iraqi WMD - this can still come in quite handy if you own a staffy. Fellow staffy owners will understand completely - the breed is the absolute champion when it comes to passing gas.

      That said - I did not buy these gas masks (I have 2) for gas attacks - zombie or otherwise. I did receive a canister with wee filters but I have no idea if this will really work when it comes to filtering out noxious chemicals. This is soviet army surplus, and has been sitting around since the cold war. Furthermore - these are children's gas masks. They are made to fit young children. My boys are ages 4 and 7 and it is a tight fit. I can't see this model really fitting a child over 10 well, but one might be able to replace the straps in the back to make it fit better. Of course for real gas attacks it would have to be quite tight. For our purposes it does not need to fit so snugly.

      We bought these for fancy dress. They were a bit expensive, but my son likes them as room decorations as well in his military theme room. The original idea was to go as the empty child from Dr Who - and this would make a cracker of a costume with a blazer and shorts. The empty child was a work of sheer brilliance - very simple but very frightening. But my sons like to dress as the same thing and my youngest wanted to be a soldier or a zombie. The next idea was to dress as SAS members - circa Iranian embassy siege. Unfortunately, I saved up my vouchers and got ready to buy the vests, only to find the Amazon supplier sold out - but we have finally settled on the perfect costume - zombie soldiers complete with air guns and gas masks. My sons will be dressed all in combats with zombie make up these masks and large replica weapons - from before the new rulings where you have to have toy guns silly colours. Our replica M-16 is actually so good we had 6 Land Rovers at the house - each with roughly 6 - 8 policemen in full riot gear over them once. The children from the youth group thought it was a great laugh. The police didn't - but some idiot had placed an anonymous report that we were moving weapons.

      We do always try out costumes well before Halloween. If there is a problem - I want time to sort it. There are a few issues with these masks. The first is that this does fit snugly over the face. It can get uncomfortable and my youngest is not happy to wear it for long periods of time. I have told him he can just loosen it up and push it up over his cap, or wear it dangling around his neck or even hanging from a belt at his waist if he wishes. We will be with him at all times. The second issue is that it does smear make up - This isn't a big issue for us - but I will be taking face paint with us for touch ups. Finally - this muffles their voices as well - making it difficult to hear the children - this could be seen as an advantage or disadvantage depending on the children I suppose :)

      These were expensive. I believe I paid £26 for the two from ebay and to buy them now would cost me £32. This included the wee green bag shown - which is perfect for Trick or Treating as well as playing army but it is still dear. I do feel that these completely set off a costume though, and we were not spending for the combats as my children already had those. There is something decidedly creepy looking about small children in these things. I thank God we don't live in a time and place when they were considered necessary in real life. They are very sturdy so I expect the children will get at least a few years use out of them, and hopefully we'll get the SAS costumes together for next year. They are also a fun prop for playing army, and they do look quite well as wall decoration along with all the toy guns. Once the children have outgrown them, I suppose they are a piece of history as well.

      I did order two of these, and one looks identical to the one pictured, while the other has the hose to the side. I have also seen some pictured in grey rather than black, so it appears there may be some variation in these. If you are looking for a specific colour or style - I would contact the seller.

      As shown the canister can be unscrewed and left off, and that is exactly what we do to allow more airflow. I understand some people are buying these as protection for paintball - personally I wouldn't recommend it. I feel these do restrict the field of vision. They are also put to a more nefarious use involving deliberate inhalation of certain smokes, but I'm sure the adult size would be required for that --- at least I certainly hope so. If you do choose to buy this for an adult, the mask itself will fit, but the straps won't. You can just pull them off and replace them with fabric, which might be much more comfortable anyway.

      Finally - these could be a good way to embarrass any more wind prone friends. Simply set a few aside for the next get together and if anyone lets one loose - as people invariably do when drinking - reach for the gas masks!

      This really is one of those items most people will have little use for - but if you are looking for the perfect touch to a fancy dress outfit - this might just be it. this really does give an outfit a completely different and far more menacing appearance. Amazon does sell ones made for fancy dress at a lower price - but they look like a fancy dress prop - these look like the real thing.

      http:/ /www.independent.co.uk/ news/ iraqi-zombie- gas-arsenal-revealed -1143947.html


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