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Smyths Tea Time Trolley

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Manufacturer: Smyths / Type: Kitchenwares

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 20:57
      Very helpful



      I love to play with my daughter

      When we visit my grandmother she has this lovely gold and marble tea trolly the reason that she has this is because when she is having to carry lots of things from the kitchen she has to keep walking back and forth and is not able to do that anymore. So my daughter has taken a liking to this and loves to play the hostess pushing all the food and drink into us and giving out the plates for us to put our food on. My nan finds this so funny and kept going on about buying one if she could find a childs one for her. We were looking in the catalogues and had no joy.

      Last christmas we took my dad shopping in Smyths toy store in Walsall and as we were walking round confused as normal on what to buy we noticed this tea trolly. My dad didn't seem to keen on buying this for her but I managed to convince him and I am glad that I did. This trolly came with a large tea set which gave me extra interest in it. It was priced up at £15 so it didn't seem too expensive.

      On christmas day we opened it and found that it was all in pieces this wasnt a problem and it all fitted together very well in under 5 minutes. It had two trays one under the other and they were pink. Now pink is a good colour for my daughter and is guarenteed to be played with if it is pink. It had a lilac handle and 4 wheels so you were able to push it. It pushed very easy but for a young child it is easy to topple over when they put full weight on the handle. If it does topple it is very light so it will not hurt the child which is good. I have had a slight problem with the handle on this due to it just pushes into the holes on the top tray and is constantly being pulled out it is easy to push back in but does still get pulled out shortly after. It is a perfect height for my 3 year old she pushes this with ease and is not hunched over it but for older children it is not quite tall enough for them and may hurt their back after a while of using it.

      The tea set is brilliant that is with it. It is purple, pink and white and has a very big choice. It comes with 4 pink tea cups, a pink tea pot with a white lid, there is a small milk jug which my daughter got confused with because she had never seen one before, it had a purple sugar bowl with a white lid, 4 white plastic tea cup plates which the cups fitted nicely on, 4 purple plates which are larger than the white ones 4 puple forks and knives and 4 white small spoons. It all fitted nicely on the tray with the tea set on the top and the cutlery and plates underneath.

      I have allowed my daughter to have some biscuites on the plates and juice in the tea pot because it is able to be used like this but only in the garden to limit the mess in the house and is used as pretend in the house with lots of fun. My daughter loves to provide us with pretend food and drink through the day and when her friends come over she will entertain them and her teddies in her room which is nice to see her do.

      This is a brilliant play toy that teaches my child to share and play as a group. It encourages her imagination which is very good and it is aimed at girls. All the children have had fun with this and when we have outside play it has been able to be played with. It was good value for money and is good quality. I have only ever seen this in smyths toy store so prices may not vairy but smyths have an on line store that you are able to purchase this from. This has been a good presant for my daughter and would recommend this to other parents with little girls for hours of fun and pretend tea.


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