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Step2 Lifestyle Custom Kitchen

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Brand: Step2 / Type: Kitchenwares

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    3 Reviews
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      03.07.2013 10:43
      Very helpful



      A great toy for all ages.

      The step 2 custom kitchen is a great addition to any toy collection. This was bought back in 2010 when my oldest son was 17 months old. It was a Christmas present for my little boy from his grandad and we first saw it in toys r us, my father in law paid £99 for it (it now retails at about £130 and can still be bought in a few good toy shops). It also comes with 2 bowls, 2 plates, 2 pans and lids, 2 cups, 2 forks, 2 knives, salt and pepper shakers and a working toy phone.

      They bought it out in a huge box from the back of the shop and me and my husband struggled to get it in the back of our ford mondeo (which had quite a large boot). We had to take it out the box and play a game of Tetris trying to fit all the pieces into the boot. So if you are buying this I suggest getting it delivered to your house unless to have a car with a rather large boot.

      It was hidden away until Christmas eve (another difficult task trying to hide a huge kitchen in a small 2 bed house) when we pulled it out to put it together. It took me and the husband about an hour and a half to put it together. It was fairly easy to put together and the instructions were clear and simple to follow. We then had the fun of putting the stickers on (which sadly didn't look at good as the ones on the box). Batteries also had to be put in the toy phone (which makes sounds) and in the hobs on the kitchen (which make lights and sounds when a pan is placed on).

      We placed the draws, cups, plates and extra food we bought in their places, stuck a big bow on it and left it sitting nicely in our living room ready for Christmas morning. Being only 17 months old he didn't really understand Christmas but soon set about opening presents. After they had all been opened (which took about half of the day up) we showed him to his kitchen and his eyes lit up.

      He played with it for a good hour before getting bored and kept going back to it throughout the day. Now 3 years later the kitchen still stands proudly in the boys bedroom and still regularly gets played with. It's a good sturdy kitchen and nothing has broken off it. The plates and cups do occasionally get lost but that doesn't stop them playing with it.

      There are lots of different cupboards and appliances on the kitchen where food and plates can be hidden, cooked, refrigerated and even micro waved which really adds to the play value and the lights and sounds on the hobs are a great little extra (and we still haven't had to replace the batteries since buying it). I find the colours are a little boring for a children's toy but they do make the kitchen look a little more realistic and also makes it blend into a room more.

      Most toys don't last 12 months in our house as they either break or the boys get bored but 3 years later this is still growing strong and I can see it lasting a lot longer too. Its sturdy, has lots to do and if you enjoy eating plastic food then it's a great buy.


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      17.02.2011 18:30
      Very helpful



      I wish I had one as a child!!!

      Brought for my daughter almost three years ago for Christmas (our model is slightly different from the one shown above in the picture with a full length fridge on the left and oven on the right with two small shelves in the middle with baskets) but for the £100 or there abouts we spent at the time it has proven to be one of the best toy investments that we ever made. Three years on it is used on a daily basis by my daughter and my son (who is now two) and still has plenty of life left in it and they never seem to tire or lose interest.

      The Basics:
      Dimensions: 104cm high x 71cm length x 35cm width
      Requires batteries: 6 x AA and 2 x AAA (which were not included with the kitchen)
      For ages 2 years and over
      Currently priced at £119.99 at Toys R Us

      It came flat packed (quite bulky although not overly heavy to move or transport) and took around two hours for me to fully asemble, which included building the actual kitchen, placing batteries and stickers. The kitchen comes as complete molded separates which slot together and fasten into place (sounds easier than it actually was as you have to make sure that everything locks into place tightly and some are more tricky than others!). Full instructions are provided and very easy to understand once you sort out all the separates.
      Once completly assembled you have to place stickers onto the unit (pictures and decoration that give the individual appliances a realistic effect) which includes around the decorative moulding on the cooker, microwave, fridge and additional condiments that are also supplied (quite easy to do but several attempts were needed to get some of the bigger stickers straight on the fridge door and moulding)

      What Our kitchen Set Included:
      A two hob burner one is moulded to shape with a sticker for a lit hob effect and the other has working cooking sound effects (one for boiling the other for frying) and red lights. Sink with tap, oven with shelf, microwave with working buttons for sound effects, fridge with shelf, two cupboards with inserts for plates, a drawer, potrable telephone with working buttons for sound effects, two wicker style baskets for storage, 1 x frying pan with lid, 1 x sauce pan with lid, 4 x stainless steel cooking utensils, selection of 5 coloured sauce/herb jars, 1 x pepper grinder, 1 x salt and pepper shaker set, selection of 5 plastic cakes, selection of 5 plastic mini breads/pastries and a working clock

      The kitchen is made of very strong plastic and has over the last three years taken some considerable bashing from my two children and it has easily withstood all of this and has remained in almost prestine condition. It does not really show any visable signs of wear and tear at all except that there are a few scratches (nothing major) and the electronic hob no longer works (but this is due to my children tipping juice into it) The unit is also very easy to clean and quite light to move around.
      The accessories that were included were also made from durable plastic and none have dented or squashed with the exception of the pepper grinder where the handle was pulled off.

      Role Play:
      This kitchen is great for young children role playing a realistic environment. In my opinion (from my children's experience) it has helped them to learn co-ordination by using all the utensils and additional items we have since purchased. It has also helped them to re-create the day to day duties of simple activities like cooking and I have also taught them where to store their play foods and plates etc like I would in my kitchen! They have also learnt about how to use the condiments and sauces through their role playing which has now extended to making tea and dinner etc.

      This kitchen has always been a main toy since we brought it and my children have played with it on an almost daily basis. We have brought extra accessories (tea pot, kettle, play food and plates and cups) and all get stored in the kitchen and played with. My daughter who is five this year actually has more fun from it now than ever (we usually get a cup of tea and some dinner from her kitchen) and she is now also teaching her little brother how to use and play with it!

      Would I Reccommend?
      Definately yes! The price seems a bit steep for one toy but we have more than got our moneys worth out of it over three years and we are not planning on getting rid any time soon. The plastic is strong and sturdy and really does withstand considerable wear and tear from the children. With the accessories also made to a really high standard. Oversall the kitchen is actually superb value for money especially when compared to other much smaller units that I have seen available for £40.00 that clearly wont last for years.

      Once assembled it is easier to actually move as one complete piece without dismantling so it could be tricky for those moving house as it is quite big. Some of the stickers have been pulled off mine by the children and it would have been better if they charged a little more for the unit and actually printed directly onto the plastic to prevent this.

      All in all it is a winderful product that provides children with hours of entertainment whilst providing them with some key skills during their play time. An excellent quality kitchen that is more than worth the money!


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      09.11.2010 01:17
      Very helpful



      Reasonably priced, high quality kitchen

      What a brilliant kitchen! I am so jealous there was nothing like this around when I was a child!

      My daughter received this for her 2nd birthday this year and it has quickly became her favourite toy by a mile. She loves to get my recipe books out and pretend she's cooking dinner for us all or copy me with her play food while I'm making dinner in my real kitchen!

      The Kitchen is made from highly durable plastic and is mostly cream in colour, with white cupboard doors and trim and a dark green worktop. There is a realistic looking stainless stell coloured oven and microwave, both of which are electronic and make beeping noises etc. There is also an electronic stove ring which either bubbles or sizzles depending on whether the pot or frying pan is placed on it. There is also a fridge, sink and tap, cordless telephone and knobs for switching on the stove top.

      The kitchen comes complete with high quality accessories including 2 x cream plates, 2 x cream bowls, 2 x cream mugs, grey salt and pepper shakers, 2 x yellow forks and spoons, a clear plastic frying pan and pot.

      The kitchen dimnsions are 35.6 x 71.1 x 105.4 cm. A descent size to ensure it provides enough play area and descent sized features for oyur child, while being compact enough to store in any room. Ours sits perfectly against the dining room wall and is not in the way at all.

      The kitchen features a cupboard to store your pots and frying pan in, a cutlery drawer, plate rack and shelf, a storage drawer and a removable vegetable basket. These all provide ample storage space for all your child's kitchen accessories.

      The cupboards and drawers have authentic looking handles on them and the whole kitchen provides a feeling of an old fashioned country kitchen.

      The one down side with this kitchen would be the lack of play food, which you have to buy seperately. For the price of the kitchen I would have expected some sort of food items. I paid £129 for this in July however it is currently on Amazon for the bargain price of £99.99 (as of 8/11/10) and would make the ideal Christmas present for any budding cook!


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  • Product Details

    Kitchen has four realistic electronic features: microwave, oven, stovetop and phone . Stainless steel oven, microwave and refrigerator provide valuable storage for playtime accessories. Special frying pan and saucepan with lid, activate electronic frying and boiling water sounds in stove's front burner. Includes 17-piece accessory set.

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