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Theo Klein Barbie Cosmetics Set

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Brand: Theo Klein / Type: Girls Accessories

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    1 Review
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      05.11.2008 15:22
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      Recommended for little girls who can't keep their hands off Mum's make-up

      Recently my niece developed an interest in her Mum's cosmetics, fast forward with a few days of intense curiosity, some lipstick smeared up the wall and a very expensive eyeshadow set completely ruined and I knew what needed to be done. It was time she had her own cosmetics set.

      When I searched online I found most were all fake cosmetics, a good idea but I knew my little niece would soon grow bored of this. During a browse through Mail Order Express I found this Barbie set that contained some real cosmetics. So, quite excited myself by this point, I ordered one for £7.99. It is intended for children 3 years and above and my niece was about to turn 3 so perfect.

      When it arrived I resisted the temptation to open the eyeshadow compact and wrapped it up and delivered it. My niece insisted on openng it while I was there which suited me fine and we opened the present up.

      Contained within the set is a small hand mirror but anyone who's worrying about this breaking probably shouldn't as it's very sturdy,four little butterfly clips, four hair slides, 2 scrunchies, a lipstick, a perfume bottle and a compact with four eyeshadows and one blusher and 2 eyeshadow applicators and a blusher brush.

      Each item is firmly held down with wire which requires an adult to snip it with scissors then remove it as these are a bit sharp and thinking of little eyes I did this for her and passed her the goods one by one.

      The lipstick is fake, my brother sighed a breath of relief upon discovering this! It's just a plastic replica so no harm can be done with this. The hair slides are fine, plastic but good for little ones to play with. The butterfly clips are a bit beyond a 3 year old though, they're quite stiff to open and she couldn't manage them so she prised them from the actual grip side and managed them that way. The perfume bottle is of course not an aerosol or a spray of any kind but a little bottle the lid comes off that my sister-in-law filled with water for her to look like perfume.

      Her favourite item by far though is the compact. As soon as I removed the lid, it was sellotaped down in 5 places so again an adult was needed, she set to work. Initially the blusher brush was scrubbed around the blue and then applied carefully to her cheeks! Then she went for a rainbow effect with all the colours on her Dad's face! Then she discovered the eyeshadow applicators and gave herself a rather fetching pair of 80's style eyes!

      She played with it for hours, the scrubbing the brush around the colours continued until they were all over each other and the mirror proved handy for checking her work. We put the clips in her hair and ours, all of us had a go with the perfume bottle dabbing water on ourselves and showing her how and the eyeshadow and blusher ended up on everyone's face. It was a huge success.

      The only downside to this set is it isn't going to last long in the hands of a 3 year old, the powders were looking a bit worse for wear after one session but it's not really intended to last ages. My niece is still playing with hers now and she's had it a couple of weeks but the powders are wearing down fast. The other items are fine of course so she's still getting plenty of fun out of it.

      It's a very good set for little girls interested in cosmetics, it gives them their own make-up to play with and saves your adult cosmetics! I do think it's best to supervise a 3 year old with this so they don't poke the eyeshadow applicators in their eyes but my niece has not done this so far. The powder washes off easily too so once you've been painted up you can clean quickly.

      A huge success for my niece and the adults had some fun with it too. Highly recommended.


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    • Product Details

      Barbie cosmetic set with a wide range of accessories including real cosmetics, mirror, hair decoration accessories, perfume bottle and real lipstick.

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