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Tobar Metal Tea Set

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Brand: Tobar / Type: Kitchenwares

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    2 Reviews
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      10.06.2013 21:12
      Very helpful



      Lovely metal tea set for little kids.

      When my Mother wanted to buy my daughter a tea set to go with her little wooden table and chairs, my heart did sink somewhat. There are plenty of horrible plastic tea sets out there for little kids, usually in a putrid shade of pink, and I was dreading the arrival of something similar in my house. However my Mother knows me too well, and her choice of tea set was spot on when she sent this one.

      This tea set from Tobar has to be the creme de la creme of tea sets. There is no plastic in this, but instead all of the components are metal with hard-wearing painted designs. This reminds me of a retro tea set that could be found in a traditional gypsy caravan. The design of the set screams retro with every curve and shape of the metal, and the design looks similar to that found on some of the best canal boats in the UK.

      THE TEA SET:

      This came in a little cardboard suitcase which has metal on the handle sides and a decent silver metal clasp which stays shut really well. The case is hard wearing, we have been using it for over a year and a half and although it signs some signs of wear, this is to be expected. The case holds the set well and stops all of the little bits from getting lost.


      When I say little, I mean LITTLE. The cups and saucers are sweet and dinky, but are the perfect size for toddler hands. The whole set (bar the case) is made from a thin metal which is rounded gently around all of the edges. Although thin, the cups are hard to dent or bend out of shape and amazingly the saucers have also held their correct shape.

      This set comes with a tray, four cups, four saucers, a teapot and lid and four little plates. The design is mixed in hues of green and pink and features checks, flowers and spots which all sit together well to form a colourful and vibrant looking toy. Although small, each item is capable of being used as a plate, cup etc. We used water to avoid mega-mess and my daughter spent ages pouring out "tea" from the little tea pot. The lid sits firm and does not fall off when tipped, but it is tiny so for very young kids I would recommend supervision.

      The kit sits on a tray which is curvy and colourful. Everything in this tea set is lightweight which makes it easy for a small child to lug it around. Being metal it is also unbreakable. The only downside to metal is that it rusts. This set needs to be dried out and not left in the garden. I wiped any water from it at the end of the day and none of the pieces have suffered with rust at all.

      Compared to some of the plastic sets that I have seen, this is very pleasing to look at and use. It is not clunky or ugly and it is functional. The set encourages role playing and imaginative play, especially when combined with water or playdoh "biscuits" etc. The pouring and handling of the cups and teapot via the little handles will develop motor co-ordination, and this is a very social toy with its four cup "place settings".


      * Beautiful design
      * Case included
      * All metal construction
      * Four settings (cups, saucers and plates)
      * Teapot with separate lid
      * Tray included
      * Hard wearing and attractive


      This is a toy that my daughter still loves to play with (aged nearly 4). It is a social toy, with enough cups and saucers for toys, friends or lucky parent/s and is well made. The design is gorgeous and it is unusual. Excellent for developing fine motor skills and imaginative play. Although more expensive than the plastic ones, this will last and looks far nicer.

      The Tobar metal tea set costs £22.99 from Amazon (inc free delivery)


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        04.02.2010 18:02
        Very helpful



        Hours of fun in make believe land

        My girls love nothing better to have their own little tea party. It's funny to watch them especially because neither myself of my husband are big tea drinkers but they love setting it all out and pouring each other a cup of tea and pretend biscuit.

        My elders daughter was bout a porcelainn tea set a couple of years ago, it was lovely and cam in it's own little wicker basket. Inevitably however bits soon began to broken and tears followed. For a while we carried on using it minus the broken bits but when my youngest daughter started to become interested in playing I began to have my concerns. The teaset cam with cutlery and it didn't seem to me to be terribly toddler friendly.

        When it came to be my youngest second birthday I thought the perfect present would be to invest in a new non breakable tea set. I knew it was something that would entertain both of them and something that the would hopefully play with nicely together. I did a bit of hunting around and found the perfect option in a small independant toy shop in my local town. It was this beautiful Tobar Metal Tea Set. It came in a pink suitacase style closeable box and the set consisted of teapot, tray, four plates, cups and saucers. They are beautifully patterned and fabulously girly.

        Now it was quite expensive compared to other tea sets I have seen. I believe I paid about £15 for the set although it is available on amazon for a little less. I have found it a completely worthwhile investment though, my girls play with the set nearly every day and I can leave them to it with the peice of mind that they will not do themselves any damage. It is so pretty and really helps feed their imaginations in their make believe games.

        I would also buy this as a gift for a little girls, I think it makes a beautiful present that would be appreciated by both mummy and child. I know I would have loved somthing so gorgeous when I was a child.


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      • Product Details

        Delightfully printed miniature metal tea set. All packed in a suitcase, the set includes: Teapot, serving tray, four plates, cups and saucers. Approximate size (Suitcase): 25 cm.

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