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Toys of Wood Oxford Spiderman Costume

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Brand: Toys of Wood Oxford / Type: Costume

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2013 20:53
      Very helpful



      "The most comfortable clothes in the world" - Ian - age 5.

      I was recently given a few costumes free of charge by Toys Of Wood Oxford. I liked them so much I bought 3 more costumes, and this is one of the ones I have bought and paid for myself. I bought two of these in fact, one for each child as they were on special for only £6.99 a pair.

      I would have preferred to have purchased one size medium and one size large for these, but sadly there were no size mediums available at the time of purchase, so I had to take two size large which should be for ages 7 -9 . In fact they seem to have sold like hotcakes, because at the moment there are none of these in stock, but they do seem to restock frequently so hopefully they will have more soon. The size large fits my tall eight and soon to be nine year old very well. It is just a bit big on my five year old, but he can wear it comfortably. However I did have to widen the eye holes significantly for him as they really were positioned for a slightly older child, and he can't stand anything in front of his eyes. I don't blame him, I don't like anything restricting my field of vision either. Personally, I think I should have widened the eyes for the oldest too, but he likes his as they are. I will say having altered several costumes in the past to suit my children, this was the easiest ever. The eye is painted white with a thick band of black around this. The paint keeps the fabric from fraying so no hem is needed - if you want the eyes larger - you just take a few snips, fold the fabric over to match it up on the other side and repeat. He now has very larger comfortable eyes - and it looks like I bought it that it way.

      I had thought to keep these for Christmas Eve as I thought the children would look beautiful waking up in these instead of the Skylanders Pyjamas I bought months ago, but when my oldest realised what was in the box he pleaded to have it right away saying how much he needed comfortable pyjamas. My children love pyjamas and often wear them the better part of the day, getting dressed only to go outside and then changing back to pyjamas when they come in. I don't mind. It's been enough of a struggle to get the youngest to wear anything! Both of my children are very sensitive to different textures - as am I. My youngest was misdiagnosed with meningitis once but thankfully an experienced nurse caught on that it was only eczema. Needless to say I was scared to death. They will literally scratch until they bleed with many fabrics - and again - I'm the same so I do go out of my way to buy things they find truly comfortable. They have both described the fabric in these costumes as the most comfortable they have ever felt. They have never worn any type of top to bed - no matter how cold it gets because they say they can't sleep with a shirt on. They do sleep in these though. That was enough to have me stocking up.

      If you are looking for the muscleman Spiderman costumes though, you might be disappointed. These do not have any extra padding - although you can easily fit another layer underneath. My sons do own some of the big very expensive muscleman Spiderman costumes that were passed down to them by an older neighbour. Both boys do say that the muscleman ones look the nicest - but that they don't want to wear to them because they aren't comfortable. Personally, I don't think a costume is of much use, no matter how nice it looks if the child won't wear it, and at least these are comfortable enough that the child can wear them all day long. In fact my son has worn very little except for costumes in over a week, changing only to go outdoors, to karate or swimmers.

      The Amazon ad shows two different mask designs for this costume. The mask my children have is the full face one. It is light and comfortable, and does not restrict breathing in anyway - I tried it myself just to be sure. You can not eat with on though. The costume for smaller children - ages 1 -3 appears to come with a different mask which is cut away at the mouth. Please look at the pictures carefully before ordering. I would note that many small children refuse to wear a mask at all. I think this is because they often find having to peer through eye whole uncomfortable. As mentioned, the eye holes can easily be made larger, and if the child refuses to wear the mask - I would certainly consider this.

      I have not yet washed this particular costume, but I have washed a few others from this company with no problems. The fabric is thin, and I believe these were intended for occasional use rather than to be worn night and day nearly, day after day and week after week - sliding down stairs, rolling about on the floor with the dog etc... with of course plenty of washing in between. I don't really expect to get years of use out of these. But I do feel they are quite well made, the costumes from this company have washed better than some pyjamas we have bought and I am certain I will get more than my money's worth from these. I am also certain I will end up buying more from the same company at some point.

      I believe dressing up has many social, emotional and educational benefits for children. It allows them to try new things with a safety net so to speak. If the character does something people find silly, they can distance themselves from it. Wearing a costume almost always involves verbal skills as well as children create a dialogue. These are wonderful for creative play too. But in addition to making a grand costume, I think these are wonderful just as lounge wear and pyjamas as well. I know some children are less than excited by pyjamas as Christmas gifts, but I think this would make a brilliant Christmas Eve gift, so the child could wake up all dressed up in the morning, and looking very cute for holiday pictures. Now if I only I could convince the company to make some army ones and rush them through production for Christmas!


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