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Vivid Imaginations High School Musical Musical Pom Poms

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3 Reviews

Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Costume

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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2010 10:34
      Very helpful



      A Great Toy For A High School Musical Fan.

      With my daughters being quite close in age it means that I need to buy almost 3 of everything!. Make them Share I here you say..........I wish.
      So this is how I have three sets of pompoms and here is everything you need to know about them and some things to do with them.

      ====== What Are They? =====

      They are pompom's

      No, you need more., okay then. They are cheerleading pompoms and are branded as High School Musical pompoms which instantly makes children desire them and allows the manufactures to put the cost straight up!
      They are designed to look like the ones that the cheerleaders in the film use to cheer on the basket ball team called the Wildcats in the High School Musical Films.

      The pompoms have strong plastic Red and White handles for the child to hold onto rather than the slots for your hands that they used to have when I was little and this makes it much easier for the child to hold onto, The handles also have the speaker on the front which is where the songs for the interactive features are and on one of the pompoms there is a red push down button which is on the side of the handle and this activates the interactive feature of the pom poms. It is also on this pompom that the small battery compartment is housed and they can be replaced.

      The pompoms are red and white and are quick thick strips of red and white plastic which is soft to touch and does not hurt if the child accidentally hits themselves with them!. I add this as I am sure I am not the only parent to have been smacked in the face by a enthusiastic child with a toy.

      Having the button to activate the music on the side is really good as it's much easier for the child to press while holding the pompoms and allows them to choose when and if they want the music on and is a blessing for us parents as it does not activate as soon as they are picked up as so many other interactive toys do.

      The interactive features are the songs that play when the button is pressed and there are a few different ones including "Summertime" "All in this together" and a chorus of "Go Wildcats"

      I was really impressed with the strength of the ribbons on the pompoms as they have been used over and over again not one ribbon has come lose and I have purchased pom poms before and with a few shakes your floor is covered in stream of plastic but all three of my girls have used these many times and they have been taken and used outside and shared among their friends and they always come back in one piece.

      ======= Games To Play With Them =======

      Obviously when your kids get them they will play with them loads and most probably get bored as most kids do when the novelty has worn off so I decided to come up with some games to keep them interested and give them new ways to play and found out that there are lots of ways to use them for fun, learning, using their imagination and keeping fit.

      =======One Child =======

      If I am playing with one of my girls I tend to hold one pompom and give her the other and then we make up a small routine together, I decide the firstly move and she decides the second (You can also do this with more than one child) This allows the children to use their imagination and feel as though they are in charge for a while. Once we have practised she then does it all together and I am the audience watching her.

      Another game which is great for the spelling and hand and eye co ordination is to do a cheer using their name and make the shapes with their arms and pompoms.

      ======= Two Or More Children =======

      We do an X-Factor style game and the children all go off and make their own cheers up in different rooms and then I have to announce each of them and they come and do their cheer routines and we give then a YES into the next round, unless my hubby is being mean and channelling Simon Cowell!.

      I also give them ideas for a group cheer and they go off and make up a great routine while I do their music, I find that this makes the girls work together for a common goal (Only a few arguments over creative differences!) It is also great exercise for them and tires them out.

      We also sometimes do a spelling bee with them all and this is how they practise their spellings for school by remembering the letter and making the shape with their arms and pompoms

      We also do a game when all three of my girls are playing where they each pick a move and a sentence and then the next one and so on and then we put them all together, this often makes for a very funny game and we have come up with some rather crazy cheers!.

      ======= Purchase Information ========

      You can get them from most toys stores including toys r us, Argos and Amazon. At Tesco Direct they are available for only £4.97. The usual price is approx £10.00

      The pompoms comes with batteries included, if they need to be replaced it requires 3x LR44

      Suitable for ages 5 and over. Although It's is one of my four year old's favorite toys. and its suitable for 34 year old's too!


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        26.12.2009 13:34
        Very helpful



        Good value entertaining toy

        These were purchased as a cheap Christmas "filler" present for our High School madseven year old. I purchased them on special offer from ToysRus, for the very reasonable £6.99.
        Our seven year old loves High School Musical.She loves singing and dancing, and is a true Gabriella want- to- be .
        The Pom Poms came nicely packaged with instructions included, although these weren't really needed, and were soon discarded!
        The handles of the pom poms are made from sturdy cream plastic. They have a smooth contour, and are comfortable to hold and to grip - very important for all those fast and furious cheer leading routines! The Pom poms themselves are made from long thin strips of cream and red plastic which is surprisingly tough and durable.They are very full, and make a great"swishing"noise and impressive display when twirled and waved about. On one of then handles is a button which can be pressed to play two songs form High School Musical. As well it is possible to selcect cheering sounds to be played over the songs for an even more impressive effect!
        Our seven year old has had hours of fun making up he own routines and twirling dancing and singing round the house!


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        03.01.2009 16:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A perfect toy for the little performer in your life!

        Out of the seemingly millions of toys and gifts that my children received for Christmas the one I will now review was probably one of the cheapest, and one of the most played with! Typical!

        The product I will now review is - "High School Musical - musical pom poms".

        The basic premise for this item is to encourage any HSM fan to create their own cheer routine for the "Wildcats", for any of you lucky people out there that don't know who the Wildcats are, they are the football team featured within all the HSM films, the main character of course being the captain of the afore mentioned team.

        The pom poms themselves are attached to a piece of card featuring all the relevant information, the whole point of purchasing them (one of which I am trying to work out myself after seeing my rather sozzled husband performing his own routine on Christmas day!), which songs these beauties play, which of course are two songs off the soundtrack - "What time is it!" and "we're all in this together", and god don't I know that fact!

        The pom poms themselves are the obligatory handles, in this particular case made from sturdy plastic, cream and red in colour, featuring the HSM logo on both. The pom poms are made from very thin and soft plastic strands and are both extremely full, I have seen others that have been disappointedly thin and have no bounce, which I would imagine is a pre requisite for a cheerleaders pom pom!

        On only one of the pom poms handles is the song button, conveniently located at the side. One press and you will get one of the afore mentioned songs, press twice and you will get background noise, ie cheering and clapping from a none existent audience that gets played over the top of the actual song to give the impression of performing.... Oh joy!

        These take three batteries, 3 x LR44 button cell ones to be exact, these do come with the toy when first purchased but be warned, if these have been on display were a child could get to them, there is the highest possibility that they have been played with already so, so the enclosed batteries will have been weakend.

        These were purchased for the more than reasonable price of £4.67 at our branch of Asda, these are widely available from places such as Toy R Us and the like.

        For more information on these and other merchandise pieces visit - www.izzle.com

        These are the perfect thing for the little performer in your life, whether that be an over zealous daughter who really thinks she is part of the HSM crew or just a tiddly husband, either way it can be very entertaining to watch!

        Thanks for reading x


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      • Product Details

        Cheer the Wildcats to victory with great High School Musical songs! The Musical Pom Poms play 'We're All in This Together' and 'All For One'. Add real crowd cheering sound effects! 5 Years+

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