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Wild West Gunslinger

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Type: Toy Guns

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    2 Reviews
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      11.11.2008 08:05
      Very helpful




      We have had this for some time now and we paid around £16 in Woolworths but you need to expect to pay another wodge for all the batteries it needs. The log takes 4 x D batteries and the gun takes 2 x AA.

      The idea is simple, the log gets placed on the floor or on a table and the cans which are split in half, should be balanced on top of each other over the small buttons which have been depressed on top of the log.

      You aim and fire at the cans and if your shot is on target the button will pop up under the can you have shot at and it will go fireing off into the air splitting in half as it goes.

      This is a good fun game and we spent one Christmas Night rolling round on the floor like snipers, shooting at this log. The kids really enjoyed themselves and as the cans are a very light plastic and hollow they don't damage anything when they go flying off, especially if you are doing it on the table.

      You can set up shooting competitions to see how many times you need to fire before getting all the cans off, which is always fun and the kids like this as their competitive edge comes out and they try to beat the grown ups.

      This is a little expensive I think at £18.59 in Woolworths now, especially when you add on the cost of the batteries but it should last if you take care of it and it provides a lot of fun.


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        02.10.2006 08:05
        Very helpful



        Simple idea and loads of fun

        Having four children means Christmas is always hectic but hey, who cares, as Dad gets to be a child again and experience the toys of the next generation. There are always a few presents which catapult me back in to my childhood days and last year the Wild West Gunslinger did just that.

        Every year we buy a few family games that we open and play during Christmas Eve, to help build the excitement and anticipation of the big day ahead. When my wife walked in to the living room carrying a couple of board games and a large box containing a gun, a replica log and some fake cans and bottles of beer, our three boys faces lit up and the grin displayed on Dads face was a sure sign of my boyish competitive nature.

        The four of us, sorry I mean Clint, Wild Bill, Butch and Sundance went straight for the gun, the board games would have to wait.

        Now before you start the shoot em up you will need 6 batteries, 2 x AA that are included and fit in to the gun handle and 4 x D batteries that fit into the log which are not included. This seemed a bit ridiculous to me as for the game to work you will need all batteries fitted. The battery compartments are secured in place by a small Phillips screw and care needs to be taken not to bur the Phillips head when undoing and doing up.

        The concept of the game is quite simple, simply aim the gun at the cans and bottles, pull the trigger and if your aim is good, knock the cans and bottles off of the log. No bullet or object will leave the gun when fired so you do not need to worry about anything hitting your child. It’s all made possible by infrared, just like you change channels on your TV with the TV remote.

        The Gun has an infrared transmitter and speaker built in and when the trigger is pulled a gun firing sound is heard and a beam of infrared light is omitted in the direction you are aiming the gun. The replica log has four inbuilt infrared receivers and if the beam omitted from the gun hits the receiver on the log it releases a sprung peg, firing anything that was sitting on top of it. In this case a bottle or a can.

        If your aim is good and the beam hits the sensor on the log, the peg fires and a ‘peoooooow’ sound is heard just like in those Spaghetti Westerns. So you do get the sense of realism when firing the gun, the kids loved it and I was most impressed.

        The Log itself is made of plastic and is about 24 inches in length and 4 inches high; with the batteries in place it is quite heavy. The gun itself although life like in scale is light, making it easy for younger children to hold and operate. You get 2 plastic cans and two bottles. The bottles actually come apart into two pieces so when they fly off the log, they break in half adding to the visual effect.

        It’s a boy’s toy for all ages, in fact it does say on the box age from ‘Junior’ and our four year old had no trouble operating the gun. The limited instructions say that you can shoot from up to 30ft, in reality we found it accurate up to about 20ft. We purchased ours from Woolworths and it was priced at 19.99 and still is when I checked today on their website.

        This game is fantastic, producing hours of fun and has been used many times in the 9 months we’ve had it. You can even place other objects on the log rather than the supplied cans but be careful not to use Mums best China!

        Who can draw the fastest, who can shoot the cans and bottles off the quickest, how far away from the log can you shoot and remain accurate? It can become quite competitive and to my mind that’s all the better, the kids might wipe the floor with Dad on the playstation but give me a gun and I can hold my own!

        The one surprise I got was the wife, I think she must have practiced prior to Christmas Eve because Calamity Jane didn’t take prisoners that night. In fact when we got the kids to finally go to bed, She suggested one more go and threw in the incentive that I would receive a personal early present if I were to beat her, so confident was she of the outcome.

        My weapon was half cocked and ready for action before her sentenced was finished!

        This is a great toy giving hours of fun, it’s simple to use and does not actually fire bullets or objects but still manages to keep its realism with exploding bottles and realistic sound effects. For £19.99 you really can’t go wrong.

        Thanks for reading


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      • Product Details

        Bring a touch of postmodern Wild West action into your home by stacking em up and shooting em down with this Wild West Gunslinger game. With realistic firing sounds, the targets (vintage bottles and cans) are knocked off the log by an infrared laser beam of pure Texan justice. Suitable for 1 player, aged 5 years and above.

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