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Asos Deer Fairisle Socks

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Brand: Asos / Type: Socks

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    1 Review
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      22.05.2012 11:09
      Very helpful



      Cute deer socks, but they're not fairisle

      Socks are an often overlooked fashion accessory, but I love them and especially enjoy wearing statement socks. I just can't seem to stop myself from placing regular orders with online super-retailer www.ASOS.com, and when I saw these adorable Deer Fairisle Socks I couldn't resist buying them.

      Product description: "Socks, featuring a contrast Fairisle design and a ribbed stretch cuff, in a fine knit finish."

      The socks come in three different colour options: blue, red or green, and I have the green version. The red and blue versions have quite bright, vibrant shades but these green ones have a more muted colouring. The RRP is £8.00 which seems a bit high, and there have been various reductions during ASOS's sales, so I was lucky enough to snap up my pair for just £3.00. The socks have a cute two tone pattern to them, with the main colour contrasting against a plain white background. I think this helps the pattern to stand out, and the design is finished off with block colour sections at the cuff, heel and toe. These socks have a lovely fairisle type pattern to them with alpine trees and little deers that circle around the leg and foot sections. They have a fab retro, geeky feel to them and look really cute when worn with lace-up canvas pumps, or peeping out from the top of a pair of ankle boots. The length is more generous than that of a normal pair of ankle socks, and they come up to mid-calf length which means you can either wear them pulled up to see the pattern clearly, or folded down a little to get a slouchy look as shown in the photo above.

      However, as nice as I think these socks may look on the outside, I do have some issues with the construction. The socks are described as "fairisle" but I think there has been some misunderstanding of the term. Fairisle is a knitting technique used to make patterned designs with two or more different colours of yarn. Each strand of yarn is carried along with the pattern on the reverse side of the garment, and this helps to create a flawless finish with no loose ends from where the different colours start and finish. Looking inside the socks, it appears to me that they have not been made using a fairisle technique, but rather the colourwork has been done using the intarsia technique. Intarsia is a different knitting technique used to make patterned designs with multiple colours of yarn, but instead of carrying the colours all the way around, the contrasting coloured section is knitted with a separate strand of yarn which has loose ends at each side of the patterned section. There are loose ends completely covering the inside of my socks so it looks like a poor choice of colourwork technique, and I am surprised that they would choose to do this and even more surprised that they would not even weave in the ends to give a neat finish. This all looks rather messy and I wonder how durable it will prove to be after more wears and washes. Occasionally I have noticed that some of the strands are pulling loose and I can only hope that this doesn't become worse further down the line.

      The socks are lovely and comfortable to wear and the ribbed cuff helps them to stay up in place properly. They are very stretchy and feel nice when worn inside boots as the socks help to cushion against your feet quite effectively. Unfortunately though, the socks are made of 100% acrylic which I think is a really bad choice when it comes to socks. Acrylic does not allow the skin to breathe and will not wick away any moisture from your skin. This means that as your feet start to heat up when wearing these socks, and they get a bit sweaty, the socks will only exacerbate this problem and your feet will feel really clammy and overheated if worn for a long period of time without a chance to "breathe". They do not help you to regulate your body temperature and this can cause severe issues for anyone with health problems such as diabetes, so if this could affect you I'd advise to steer well clear. I tend to reserve these socks for colder weather when my feet are less likely to get too warm, and they also make great bed socks. On the positive side, acrylic is machine washable and I have found they come out looking great after my usual 30 degree eco cycle. The white sections can sometimes pick up dirt mark and stains but they have worn very well and look as good as new after washing, with no signs of wear and tear or bobbling on the fabric.

      Overall, I was a bit unimpressed with these socks due to the apparent lack of finishing. Acrylic is not something I would ever choose to make socks out of myself, but as long as I stick to wearing them in the cold weather this balances out ok. The best thing really is the cute patterned design, and I do think that they look lovely on and add a touch of character to my outfits. I would recommend them for the style and how they look, but please do take my other points into consideration if you're thinking of making a purchase for yourself.


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