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Asos Tailored Flannel Braces Wide Leg Trousers

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Brand: Asos / Type: Women's trousers

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    1 Review
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      16.11.2011 10:20
      Very helpful



      They looked nice online but in reality they are hideous!

      There's no specific uniform in my office and I usually dress quite casually, but there are still a few items that I consider to be staple work wear pieces. One of the most important is a pair of nice black wide-leg trousers. I needed a replacement pair after losing a bit of weight (yay!) and came across these Tailored Flannel Braces Wide Leg Trousers on ASOS. You can only purchase ASOS clothes via their website at www.asos.com and they are a trusted brand that I have made many purchases with. These trousers have the RRP of £36.00, but I bought them in the sale when they were reduced to £15.00.

      I chose to buy these trousers mainly because they looked smart and came in black. I prefer fitted trousers with a wide leg for wearing to work as they're comfortable and look good with practically anything. I also liked the fun braces, which are a neat design touch and give a bit of an edgy feel if you like the androgynous or nautical trends. The braces are secured by buttons, and there are two different lengths that you can change between, so this is helpful as you can adjust them to suit your height. I like that the braces are detachable as this means that I can wear the trousers on their own, or style them up with the braces when I fancy wearing something different. I usually wear the braces attached, but left hanging loose around my hips as this gives a bit of a relaxed look.

      I really like how these trousers looked online, the model looks fabulous in them and they seemed practical and versatile. However, the first major problem I encountered when I opened my ASOS parcel was that the material of these trousers feels absolutely awful! They are described as "flannel" which I had thought was supposed to be quite soft, and the fabric composition is made up of 47% Wool, 33% Polyester, 12% Acrylic, 12% Viscose, 4% Nylon. Nothing unusual there, but the actual feel of the trousers is not something that I would expect from a piece that is meant to be worn against the skin. It has a very thick, woollen, hairy and itchy feel to it, and I certainly don't think that this is well suited to a pair of trousers, although I could imagine it working better for an overcoat. The feeling of the fabric is very unpleasant and makes the cut feel wrong as it is too drapey and not structured enough. The trousers feel very loose around the waist area which is not good enough for something that is described as tailored. I was expecting the legs to be looser as it is a wide-leg design, but the top is not fitted enough to look flattering and it makes me look bigger even though I'm only a size 10!

      I think that the designers of these trousers knew the fabric does not feel comfortable against the skin, so they have lined the inside of the trouser legs from the hips down to the knees. The lining is a silky feeling fabric and it feels like I'm wearing a pair of oversized long boxer skirts inside the trousers! Overall this is a very odd feeling and neither of the fabrics complements each other. When I am wearing these trousers the leg length fits nicely at 32.5" inside leg, which gives me enough extra length to wear the trousers with a pair of low heeled boots or shoes without having them ride up around my ankles.

      Aside from the issues with the freaky fabric, I went ahead and have worn the trousers a few times anyway as I do like the way that they look. I have since experienced further problems with them, and this time it's due to the poor quality of the construction. There are two buttons and a zip that secure the waistband. On only the second time of wearing the trousers, one of the waistband buttons fell off - I was thankful that there was a second one still in place to keep the trousers held up! I managed to save the button and sew it back on again but I was annoyed that this had happened at all, especially so soon after I started wearing them. A few wears later and I found that the hem stitching on one leg had come loose and completely unravelled. There was no actual sign of damage, and the hem hadn't been pulled, so I can only put this down to poor finishing techniques. I have fixed it with some magical iron-on tape, but again I am left feeling less than impressed with the quality of these trousers.

      Overall, I am not at all happy with this purchase and I think I will probably just get rid of the trousers. They certainly looked good in the pictures, but this is one of the dangers of buying online, as I found out that in reality the fabric is uncomfortable, the cut is not fitted properly, and they are poorly constructed.


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