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Black Narrow Bump BandTrousers (Maternity)

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Brand: Next / Type: Womens Maternity Trousers

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2012 17:44
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      A nice pair of maternity trousers from Next

      In the office where I work we have to buy our own works clothes, they are quite relaxed and we can wear pretty much whatever we want as long as we are smartly dressed. A few weeks ago I thought it was about time I brought some new trousers as mine were looking rather shabby, I hate buying new works trousers as for some reason smart trousers never seem to fit me properly, however being pregnant made it that little bit more difficult to find a suitable pair of trousers so I decided to go online. I do not normally like spending a lot of money on my works clothes as I prefer to keep my money for 'going out' clothes, however after hunting around I decided to have a look at the Next website maternity section. I found that a lot of the smart trousers were what they called 'over the bump' style where there is a large piece of elastic material that stretches up over your body, now I have tried these as I was sent a pair in error when I ordered some jeans, and to be honest I really didn't know what to do with all the material it felt as though it came up under my arms so these were a definite no for me. However I then came across the Black Narrow Bump Band Trousers, they looked and sounded ideal for what I needed so I decided to order them and give them a got.

      When the trousers arrived they were well packaged in what was like a large plastic suit type cover, once removed from the plastic there was no other packaging with the trousers other than a small tag attached to the back of them which had the Next logo, the name of the trousers on and I think the price. When I took the trousers out of the bag I was impressed with the appearance of them, you couldn't tell they were maternity trousers they just looked like a regular pair of black smart trousers with an elastic waistband. The design of the trousers is very simply they are plain black with no pockets in them which didn't bother me as I didn't need to have pockets in my trousers, they did not have a zip or button fastener they just had an elasticised waistband, this was probably about a couple of inches high and is designed to sit under your bump, the elastic band is covered in the same fabric that the trousers are made from so it blends in. There is also a very thin black fabric belt which goes around the trousers through about 4 belt loops, this has quite a lot of holes in it so the size of it can be altered as and when it is needed, the belt can also be removed if you do not wish to wear it.

      The Black Narrow Bump Band Trousers are made from a soft black material which is made up from 63% polyester, 32% viscose and 5% elastine, as I have mentioned even the elastic waistband is covered in the same fabric which makes it extremely soft and comfortable to wear. When I first put the trousers on I was pleased with how the fabric felt against my skin, I do find that the material of some smart trousers I have tried on before feels quite rough on my skin, as I am wearing these trousers all day several days a week I like them to feel nice to wear not scratchy and rough. The fabric is not particularly thick, I would say it is of an average thickness for this type of product, making them suitable to wear both during the winter and warmer summer months, our office does get quite hot in the afternoons after the heating has been on and I have not found that these trousers have made my legs overly hot. They are not what I would call tight fitting nor are they baggy trousers, I would describe them as boot cut.

      I have worn my Narrow Bump Band Trousers several times now meaning they have been washed quite a lot, personally I would say they wash extremely well, after several washes they are still in excellent condition and look as good as when I brought them, the waistband has not lost its elastic at all and they fabric has not bobbled, again this is a problem I have had in the past. The trousers can be washed on a 30 or 40 degree wash, I have tried mine on both depending on whatever else I am washing at the time. It is recommended that you wash the trousers with similar colours, I have no idea whether the colour comes out of these as I have not risked putting them in wit anything light, but after being washed regularly the colour has not faded at all.

      As I have said I brought my Black Narrow Bump Band Trousers from the Next website, although these may be available in store, but you would need to visit a large Next to find one with a maternity section, both of my local ones do not have this which I why I had to order online, personally Id rather visit a store as you can try them on before you buy, but as it happens it worked out well as the first pair I ordered fitted perfectly. The trousers cost me £22.00 which isn't too expensive for trousers. The trousers are also of an excellent quality so are well worth the money. The elastic waistband and also where it is positioned means that you could probably get away with wearing these after the baby is born, the elastic is quite tight fitting so it expands with the baby but also fits snugly to you if you are not that big.

      These trousers come in a variety of sizes and more importantly for me a variety of leg lengths, I am not that tall however I live in high heels whether I am out shopping or at work so I like to buy my trousers slightly longer so that they go with my shoes. The sizes available are 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20, the leg lengths are short, regular and long so there really is something for everyone no matter what your size or your height. I have found the sizes to be accurate, I am a size 12 generally and this was the size I brought and they fitted perfectly, I went for the long leg length and again this was ideal, they are a bit too long for me when I have no shoes on by as soon as I put my work shoes on they are the perfect length, they do not drag on the floor but are not so short that they look like they have shrunk in the wash.

      Overall I would definitely recommend the Narrow Bump Band Trousers from Next, they are extremely comfortable to wear, the elastic waistband does not dig into your stomach but moulds smoothly to it meaning it goes with whatever top you choose to wear, the waistband also blends into the main part of the trousers and you really cannot tell that they are maternity trousers at all, I have got a lot of wear out of them and they have proved to be hardwearing and worth the money. They are the perfect trousers for work as they can withstand a lot of washing and are comfortable to wear all day. The variety of sizes and lengths means there is something for everyone. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for some maternity trousers which are smart and ideal for work.


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