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Cotton V Neck Cardigan

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Brand: Next / Type: Womens Cardigan

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    2 Reviews
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      28.06.2012 17:09



      recommended women because it is casual and at the same time able to tone up your feminine side

      trends are changing almost every year. some of us are incapable to join that fiest of welcoming new trends. however, as a woman, we would love to look nice and "in-trend".
      there are many ways we can do in order to stay look nice and follow the trend. we do not need to spend much cash on new outfits anyway.

      i found this way to do some tricky style with my new green cotton V neck cardigan. this cardigan is not expensive and you can wear it in many occassions.

      mix and match tricks!
      1. you can wear it to your office by wearing the big cullotes with some masculin colors such as black, dark grey, or brown. wear big belt and high heels.
      2. the cotton V neck cardigan plus pencil skirt can bring your ultra feminine sense. you can wear bustier inside and wear the pencil skirt on the cardigan. this variation will show off your slim feminine curve.platform shoes are the best match for this style.
      3. if you want to go out for some casual time, you can simply wear your blue skinny jeans. wear a nice tank top inside and your sneakers and you will look very fresh and young. you can wear skirts for daily wearing too.

      i rarely stay in the office but i sometimes get the last minute call meeting the clients. wearing blazers an full office outfits are not my idea of fashion taste. however, i still have to look formal. if you agree with me, purchasing this cotton V neck is a good decision.

      why V neck?
      compare to round neck cardigan, V neck will give you slimmer look. the V neck will give the longer neck impression. V neck cardigan looks more formal than round neck as well.

      the cotton cardigan will suit to any season. it depends on how well you mix and match it with your other outfits. getting this item is not so difficult as well. you can browse in the website or in malls.
      the material is also easy to wash. so you do not need to worry over washing problematics.

      i would recommend cardigan V neck for busy women who work in and out office, women who love to mix and match outfits, women who find convenience in a name of clothing, and women who want to be looked slimmer.


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      29.03.2012 14:19
      Very helpful



      A nice item to have in your wardrobe

      As I only have 4 weeks until I have my baby there is no point in me buying any new clothes, as the weather is a bit warmer now I am finding my jumpers too thick to wear, especially for work. I have some maternity T shirts I brought several months back but it can still be a bit cold in the mornings so I decided I could do with some thin cardigans to wear over them, that way I had something to keep me warm during the cold mornings but then as our office heated up to oven temperature during the day I could simply take it off and just wear my short sleeved tops. I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on one especially for work so I decided to have a hunt around for something reasonably priced. I decided to have a look on the Next website and came across the Next Cotton V Neck Cardigan, it was perfect for what I wanted, reasonably priced and versatile, I could wear it for both work and also outside of work, it looked both smart and casual depending on what it is worn with.

      The Next V Neck Cardigan is quite traditional in style, as the name suggests it has a very low V neck when done up, not that I wear it like this at the moment, you could not wear this alone even with it buttoned up, you would need a vest top or T shirt underneath. The neck is edged with black stitching and this follows down the line of the buttons, the cardigan has 6 small round black shiny buttons, these are easy to do up and fit nicely through the button holes, they are not tight as with some tops which have buttons.

      The cardigan has a ribbed bottom to it, this doesn't actually serve any purpose other than to provide a bit of detail, the sleeves have the same cuff detail around them, the cuffs are actually quite small but fit nicely around my wrists, they are not too tight or too baggy. One thing I hate with long sleeves is that if you roll them up for a while then roll them back down the cuffs sometimes end up stretching and really baggy and the only way to get them back to the right size is to wash the top, however with the Next V Neck cardigan this is not the case, I can roll the sleeves up and down and they maintain their shape and do not stretch at all, this is ideal for me as I always end up rolling long sleeves up at some point during the day.

      The Cardigan is quite plain, the only other detail is two small pockets, one each side right at the bottom, to be honest these are too small to serve any purpose, although I suppose could you put a few coins in them if you wanted, personally I feel they are more for decorative purpose than anything else.

      When I was looking for a cardigan I didn't want anything too short as I am not overly tall but I didn't want anything too long that was going to drown me, when I tried on this particular cardigan it was just the right length and sits just at the bottom of your hips, personally I found this to be an ideal length. The sleeves were also an ideal length, I'm not really a long sleeved person, if I do wear long sleeves I hate them being too short as you feel you have got to stretch them down the whole time, the sleeves on this cardigan were ideal, they sat in just the right position on my arms, long enough without being so long they fell over my hands whilst I was working, obviously the sleeve and cardigan length is going to depend on the individual.

      The cardigan is made from 100% cotton making very soft against your skin, I can easily wear this with a T shirt or vest top underneath it and the fabric feels gentle and soft against my arms, not scratchy as with some similar products. The cardigan is also made from a very thin material this makes it ideal for time of year as it is warm enough for the cooler mornings.

      Since I have had my Cardigan I have washed it a few times and so far it has proved to be hardwearing and washes very well, I just wash it on a normal 30 degree wash and it comes out as good as new. The material has not bobbled at all and it has kept its shape perfectly without shrinking or stretching, this is ideal for when I wear it for work as I find it then gets washed a lot more compared to if I just wear it outside of work so being hardwearing is very important for me as this allows me to wear and wash it as many times as I like.

      Obviously this cardigan came from Next, I actually ordered mine online. The cardigan cost me £16.00, normally I would probably go for something a bit cheaper for work, however as I can wear this both for work and outside of work I did not mind paying a bit extra as it is so versatile it really does go with most things, also I do not mind paying a bit extra as it is of such a good quality, for the quality of cardigan you get it is actually a bargain. In my opinion it is well worth the money and made to a very high standard.

      I have this cardigan in plain black, I went for this colour as I do not really get on with white, I tend to get it dirty or stained with in a few minutes of wearing it, also I feel that black goes with anything, I knew that by getting black I would be able to wear it with most outfits whether that's for work or outside of work. However the V Neck Cardigan does comes in a large range of colours including green, white, yellow, coral, blue, beige and pale pink . The prices range between £16 and £18, I'm not sure why some colours are more expensive than others, I would definitely like to get a couple of other colours in this design as it really is a style that will go with anything, it is handy to have if you want an alternative to a coat or jacket, especially for cooler spring and summer evenings.

      The cardigan comes in a range of sizes starting at a size 6 and going up to a size 22, these also then come in either petite, regular and tall meaning that there is something to suit most people, obviously the availability can vary but when I looked online they seem to have most sizes in most of the 3 ranges.

      I would definitely recommend the Next V Neck Cardigan it is very reasonably priced yet hardwearing and washes extremely well. The cardigan is very versatile and really does go with most things whether is smart for work or casual. The cardigan comes in a large range of both sizes and colours so there is something for everyone. After I have had my baby I will probably purchase this in another colour as its very handy to have in your wardrobe and is an ideal alternative to a jacket or coat during the warmer months. I would recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a few new items for the summer.


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