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Cyberdog Girls Pinstripe Sock Long

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Brand: Cyberdog / Type: Sock

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 11:04
      Very helpful



      Pinstripey long socks from Cyberdog

      Socks are an often overlooked fashion accessory, but I love them and especially enjoy wearing statement socks. I have a bit of an obsession for over the knee socks, practically to the point of fetish. I came across these Pinstripe Long Socks when on a shopping trip to my favourite alternative fashion store, Cyberdog. Cyberdog is a leading clothes designer in the cybergoth area and has been established for a long enough time to have a dedicated fan base, which includes me :) They are better known for their incredible club wear but they have also branched out into all sorts of other items recently, including underwear, hosiery and even pyjamas! The Pinstripe Socks are available from the Cyberdog Earth Stations (otherwise known as retail stores on the high street!), or online at www.cyberdog.net. They cost RRP £6.00 for the long version and RRP £4.00 for the short version.

      Product description: "Our sexy new over the knee pinstripe socks! Not just any old pinstripe, it's the Cyberdog microchip pinstripe we all know and love!"

      I have the long version of these socks, and they are very long indeed. Made of a very stretchy fabric they pull up and over the knee and rest up to mid-thigh length when fully extended. They are very comfortable to wear thanks to the stretchy fabric and this allows them to fit perfectly all along the leg, from the foot, over the ankle, calf, knee, and thigh, without any sections being too loose or too tight. There is a ribbed cuff at the top and this provides a good grip to keep the socks held up without suffering the horrendous unrolling or slipping down that you get with some long socks.

      The socks come in two different colour options: multi colour, or black. I have the black version (as pictured above) which features grey pinstripe detailing. There are grey sections over the toes, on the heel and also at the top cuff of the socks which provide some contrast to the black background. The socks also feature Cyberdog's cyber pinstripe design which is often used on many of their mens and womens clothing designs. The cyber pinstripe is slightly different to a normal pinstripe, in that it is not perfectly straight and will branch off in different directions, with little nodules placed here and there to slightly mimic the look of electronic circuitry. I love the look of this pattern and think that it is very well suited to the socks.

      However, as nice as I think these socks may look, I do have some issues with the construction. On the outside of the socks the grey pinstripe pattern is slightly raised which helps to make it stand out against the plain black background of the sock. If only I had looked inside the socks before I bought them! When I got them home and went to wear them for the first time, I noticed that an unusual technique had been used in the manufacturing of these socks. Being a knitter, I am aware of a technique called "thrumming" which involves knitting not only with a smooth spun yarn to make a base fabric, but also involves a secondary raw unspun fibre being carried along and knit into the garment. This technique is used mainly on outer wear to provide a thick layering effect and give extra warmth, and is most commonly seen on things such as mittens or hats. After wearing the socks many, many times, I remain unconvinced about the use of this technique in making socks. The socks are indeed very warm, but they are also thick on the inside with all the excess raw fibre. They have also not worn very well over time as the grey detailing has started to pill due to wear and washing. This leaves the once sharp, modern pattern looking shabby and unattractive, with bobbles appearing all over.

      These socks are really not very hardwearing at all, and rather than showing them off as a fashion accessory and wearing them with a skirt, I now reserve these socks to wear only inside my long boots. It's a shame to hide them away like this but the pattern has really not stood up to simple wearing and gentle machine washing. I am pretty disappointed in this because I really like the extra long length and the stretch really helps them to hold up properly as well as being very comfortable. Had I known that they were thrummed, it would have given me second thoughts about buying them in the first place. Having had the experience of wearing thrummed socks I could not recommend them and would not buy anything like this again. I think that next time I want to buy a fancy pair of socks, I will look inside first to check the technique used!

      Lovely looking socks to begin with, but I have issues with the construction technique and they are really not durable enough.


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