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Cyberdog Podium Pants

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Brand: Cyberdog / Type: Chap-Style Trousers

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    1 Review
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      13.10.2010 12:03
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      A gorgeous and unique piece of club wear clothing from Cyberdog

      I like to dress it up on a night out, and being of the slightly gothic persuasion I usually end up in alternative nightclubs where pretty much anything goes on the dress code. I tend to favour a sub-genre of goth fashion known commonly as 'cybergoth'. This takes it's roots from gothic fashions, but then modernises it to include futuristic designs and bright shiny colours. Basically it's a lot more fun! Cyberdog is a leading clothes designer in the cybergoth area and has been established for a long enough time to have a dedicated fan base, which includes me :) These Podium Pants are available from the Cyberdog Earth Stations (otherwise known as retail stores on the high street!), or online at www.cyberdog.net. They cost £55.00 and are available in a variety of sizes and colours to choose from.

      Cyberdog say: "These ultimate clubbing pants feature flexi-buckles in the leg and waist, for adjustable width and length."

      I bought my Podium Pants from Cyberdog way back when there was a retail store in Bristol. I opted for a silver coloured pair, and at the time there were also black and faux leather fabric choices available. After a few years the Podium Pants were re-released and although the design has remained the same, the colour choices have changed. Now they are available in black, white, fluorescent pink, and fluorescent yellow. Cyberdog also make Podium Leggings, which have a similar style but are cut in a more fitted way.

      Essentially, Podium Pants are just a take on cowboy chaps! Chap trousers are a firm favourite among clubbers and I have not seen any other brands that match the quality and style of Cyberdog yet. The trousers have a waistband and cover the legs from mid-thigh down to your feet, but the front and seat of the trousers are cut our and then the legs of the trousers are attached by suspenders at the front and the back. You can adjust the length of the straps by using the attached poppers, which is quick and easy to do. I measure up at 6' tall in my platform boots and when I am wearing these trousers they still reach down to the floor. It's great to have long length trousers that are suitable for taller people, but if I'm not wearing some sort of heeled shoe they the bottom of the trousers do tend to scuff along on the floor. The waist band is also adjustable. It closes with a large plastic buckle and you can tighten or release the waistband as you would with a belt.

      Other than the suspender strap and buckle closure these trousers are fairly plain by Cyberdog standards. There is a small circular rubber Cyberdog logo on the centre back of the waistband, but as the style of these trousers is so OTT they have kept the extra detailing to a minimum. I think this works nicely and lets the item speak for itself!

      Depending on how brave you're feeling you can wear these trousers over another pair of trousers or leggings, allowing them to show through. But if you've got it, flaunt it! You can dare to bare and just wear with hot pants or shorts. I usually wear with leggings underneath, or when I'm at more extreme clubs I'll go for hot pants and fence net tights. They are more versatile than you might first imagine, and I've worn them to club nights, parties, and even as part of a space cowgirl fancy dress outfit!

      The fabric of these trousers is synthetic and has an unusual feel to it. In my opinion it has a sort of a smooth, rubberised texture. The silver colour is fabulous and really stands out against other outfits. If worn under bright lights the material is highly reflective and you get a dazzling shine coming off them. The trousers are very light weight and the fabric is thin and feels nice and cool which is perfect for when you're dancing the night away as most clubs get hot and sweaty by the end of the night. The only problem is when I head off for my walk home / back to the hotel - my legs do get absolutely freezing!

      These trousers are made from 100% nylon and are very easy to care for. You can clean them in the washing machine, and it is recommended to use a 30 degree temperature setting. To preserve the shiny finish of the fabric you should turn the item inside out before washing. I have ironed them inside out on a low heat setting and this has not caused any damage, although no advice is given from the manufacturer. I've had my pair for years and worn them out for plenty of special nights and they still look as good as new.

      If you're looking for a statement piece of club wear that will turn heads, look no further than these Cyberdog Podium Pants. They're fun, dramatic, unique and most certainly eye-catching! I love mine so much I'm planning on buying them again in a different colour. 5 stars from me!


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