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Cyberdog Space Tulip Skirt

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Brand: Cyberdog / Type: Skirt

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    1 Review
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      14.11.2011 11:22
      Very helpful



      A flattering casual skirt from Cyberdog

      Being of the slightly gothic persuasion I have a keen interest in alternative fashions. I tend to favour a sub-genre of goth style known commonly as 'cybergoth'. This takes it's roots from gothic fashions, but then modernises it to include futuristic designs and bright shiny colours. Basically it's a lot more fun! Cyberdog is a leading clothes designer in the cybergoth area and has been established for a long enough time to have a dedicated fan base, which includes me :) They are better known for their incredible club wear but there are also some more casual designs available. This Space Tulip Skirt is available from the Cyberdog Earth Stations (otherwise known as retail stores on the high street!), or online at www.cyberdog.net where it costs RRP £24.00.

      Product description: "Wear this skirt and you'll be the most beautiful flower in the bunch...but the gleaming Cyberdog logo warns everyone that you're also the deadliest!"

      Cyberdog sizes are generally on the small side, and this is available in One Size only. I am a size 10 and it fits me very well, so I would suggest that it is best suited to women between sizes 8 to 12. I have this skirt in the plain black colour option, but it is also available in two super bright neon shades of either fluorescent pink or fluorescent yellow.

      I absolutely love tulip skirts as I think the shape of them is very flattering, so I was excited to see that Cyberdog had produced a skirt in this style. It doesn't fit in so well with their usual designs as they tend to be more angular or structured, but this piece is a bit more mainstream and easy to wear. The skirt has a flared lower section which adds volume around the hips, and it also has a fitted waistband to balance this out and to show off your figure. This might not sound like the most flattering fit, but for someone who is slim and not very curvy, I feel like it makes me look more feminine. It is clingy but the draped sides hide any potential problem areas, and although it looks tight it doesn't feel it. The skirt comes to just above knee length and can be worn with a high waisted look if you want to make the skirt a bit shorter. I find that it stays in place better when worn lower, as it can twist about when I'm wearing it pulled higher up.

      The Space Tulip Skirt is given the Cyberdog touch by the very obvious label. Each Cyberdog piece will be marked with a 3D logo, and this is usually quite small and discreet. There have been various versions over the years and looking at all of my older Cyberdog clothes, the logos were either placed at the back of the neck and zip pulls (on tops), or the back of the waist band and zip pulls (on bottoms). Maybe to balance out the otherwise plain design of this skirt, the logo here is big and bold! There is a huge circular logo stuck right in the middle of the waist band on the front. In my opinion this is not the best placement for such a large image, as it's just shouting out "hey look at my tummy!" which is not what us girls really want! The logo on my black skirt is a deep blue/indigo colour and made of a plastic material which is imprinted with Cyberdog's Chi Chi mascot. This does stand out quite a bit because of the size, and it stands out even more if you're anywhere with blacklights as the material is UV reactive, and it glows a vibrant purple colour. This can be a cool feature, but generally I tend to wear this in the day because I feel like it's not dressy enough for a night out, and having a big plastic blob stuck to the front of the skirt looks a bit tacky and unattractive.

      The fabric is made of mixed fibres; polyamide and elastene. The material feels quite dense and thick, but it drapes really well which helps to keep that lovely shape, and it is also incredibly stretchy. It is super comfortable to wear and easy to move around in. The care instructions suggest that this should be hand washed, but I've always put it in the washing machine on my usual 30 degree cycle and it comes out looking great. I've had my skirt for nearly a year now and there are no signs of wear and tear to the fabric or any of the stitching.

      Because this item of clothing has quite a casual feel to it I usually wear it during the day time or when I am out and about on informal occasions. It is very versatile as I can wear it with a nice blouse for work, with a simple vest out and about in the day, or dressed up with some other cyber gear if I'm going for a drink or to a gig. The basic black colour makes it very wearable, and most of the time I will try and cover up the logo which is easy enough when wearing a longer top, or if I want to show it off then it looks great with a fitted top tucked into the waistband.

      This is a great casual item of clothing from Cyberdog that has a lovely design and fits well. I would highly recommend this skirt as it's comfortable, easy to wear and very well made. I feel this is worthy of 5 stars as I wear it all the time, but I wish the logo plate was removable.


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