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Dark Red Grumpy Panda Sweater

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Brand: New Look / Type: Casual Wear

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    1 Review
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      16.08.2013 12:40
      Very helpful



      3 out of 5 stars.

      ~*~* Purchase *~*~
      I bought this top last year. It caught my attention because it was cute and I liked the colour of it, and it was also on sale.

      ~*~* Price *~*~
      The retail price for this top is £14.99, which I think is a silly price to be honest. It's a cute top but nothing special and I wouldn't have paid the full retail price - no way! I got mine for around a fiver, which I feel is a more sensible price considering both the quality and design, which I will talk more about later in my review.

      ~*~* Design *~*~
      This is lightweight top with three-quarter length sleeves. It's classed as a jumper but the material is very light and quite thin, almost like t-shirt material so it's more like a thick t shirt with longer sleeves. The print on the front of it has two very cute but very angry looking eyes with a little nose and mouth underneath.

      This is supposed to be a panda but this isn't obvious from looking at it, though it is still quite cute. The top is available in one colour - a really nice shade of burgundy. I like the colour and it isn't too bright or bold, it's more of a marl burgundy and it looks really nice.

      ~*~* Comfort + Fit *~*~
      I don't really feel comfortable wearing this with anything other than joggers or pyjama bottoms because it is quite short in length so when worn with leggings or jeans it doesn't cover my bum up, so I wouldn't wear this with jeans or leggings because of how self-conscious I am about my weight, especially around my belly, leg and bum area and this doesn't really cover much because of the length and also because the material is quite thin.

      When I wear it with joggers I always feel comfortable wearing it, it's lightweight and can be worn in pretty much any weather because of the three-quarter length sleeves. I wore it quite a lot last winter around the house as it kept me quite warm but wasn't as bulky as proper jumpers/cardigans and I've also worn it a a lot of times during the spring and summer, because the material is lightweight and I like that it covers the tops of my arms as I don't like them at all.

      The top is best suited to being worn around the house as it is casual, and it looks a bit like a pyjama top so I wouldn't wear it out but it's a nice lounge top to stick on when I'm just cleaning or chilling out. It is well fitting and clingy but not too tight and it is not uncomfortable, the material is nice and soft and smooth. The sizes available are 6 to 18.

      I bought mine in a size 12 as at the time I was a size smaller than I am now but it still fits comfortably as the material has a bit of stretch to it. Even when I was a little bit thinner and a size 12 it was still well fitting though and I don't think it would look right if it was baggy. The sleeves are quite tight, especially at the bottom which I don't like, it took me a while to get used to and I'm still not keen on the fit of them.

      ~*~* Quality *~*~
      This isn't the best quality because the colour started to fade after about 2 months and now it is a much paler shade than it once was, and the print of the panda's face on the front of it is also very faded and it looks a bit scruffy now.

      If this was a top that I was wearing in public eg with jeans or whatever I would have thrown it away a while ago, but because I wear it around he house the fading doesn't bother me that much. The only thing that does bother me is the stitching, it is all frayed around the sleeves and there's also some fraying around the neckline which can be quite itchy and annoying.

      The fraying only started a few months ago and by that point I'd had a lot of wear out of it, but still for the retail price of £15 you'd expect it to be better quality. I wash mine at the recommended 30 degrees and it takes a while to try, around a day out on the washing line or if I'm drying it inside it'll take a bit longer.

      I have ironed it a few times but no longer bother now that it looks scruffy anyway. The material is 97% cotton and 3% elastane.

      ~*~* What I Like *~*~
      * Comfortable and Lightweight
      * Cute design
      * 3/4 length sleeves

      ~*~* What I Don't Like *~*~
      * Expensive and overpriced at full retail price
      * Faded & started to fray quite quickly

      ~*~* Overall Opinion *~*~
      This is a basic, quite cute top which is lightweight and comfortable. It is not worth the £15 retail price though because of the quality not being that great.

      3 out of 5 stars.


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