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David & Goliath I Heart Nerds Lanyard

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Brand: David and Goliath / Type: Lanyard - Key Chain

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    1 Review
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      06.10.2010 10:30
      Very helpful



      A great little way to get a bit of fun into your day!

      Working in an office means that I have to be able to show who I am at all times to anyone that I meet. Wearing a standard issue black lanyard with my identity hanging from the bottom seemed pretty boring. When I came across a range of colourful and quirky lanyards on the David and Goliath web store I jumped at the chance to brighten up my identification. Why not add a bit of sparkle and excitement to your working day by using one of these fun and fashionable printed lanyards? After all, first impressions count!

      If you're not aware of who David and Goliath are, they're a relatively newish brand who supply the youth of today with a whole range of printed t-shirts, hoodies, pyjamas, accessories, bags and more. David and Goliath have been around for a fair few years, however it has only been recently that their popularity has totally boomed and more people have jumped on board the fun wagon! I can guarantee that you will find something you want personally, or something you think a friend or relative would love, from their store. To see more of what David and Goliath is about, visit their website at www.chicksrule.co.uk.

      These 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard's are made by David and Goliath and can currently only be purchased from their own stores. You can either visit one of their physical stores located in Birmingham Bullring shopping centre or London venues in the Bluewater shopping centre, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street. You can also buy from David and Goliath online from their web store at www.chicksrule.co.uk.

      This 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard' is priced quite remarkably at £3. I do honestly think that this is a really decent price for such a good quality brand name lanyard. David and Goliath products tend to be on the pricey side and this lanyard is one of their more widely affordable products. I'd definitely say it was worth every penny of the £3 price tag.

      For those that are not aware of what a lanyard is, I shall give a brief description. A lanyard is a long length of thin material which is stitched together at one end to create a loop which is designed to be worn around the neck. At the end of this loop there is usually some sort of clip or key ring attachment to enable the wearer to attach their identity badge, keys, mobile phone etc to in order to keep said item safe/at hand. The most common use for lanyards is for identity within the workplace. A lot of employers use lanyards to attach identity badges or passes to for their employees as it is an easy, quick and hands free way to identify members of staff.

      The fabric that this 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard' is made from appears to be woven. It has a smooth silky feel to it so it is not irritating if worn against bare skin. Although the fabric of the lanyard feels soft, the woven structure of the fabric makes it strong and durable. You could dangle a lot of items off this lanyard without it snapping. Lanyards do need to be hard wearing and durable as they tend to get bashed around a fair bit, and this lanyard seems like it could stand the test of time! The release clasp towards the bottom of the lanyard allows for you to detach your identity badge or door pass, keys, camera etc without having to remove the entire lanyard from around your neck. It is made from a durable, hard plastic and seems pretty strong. The key ring attachment at the very end of the lanyard is metal in its make-up and is very tough (which can be a bit of a struggle when trying to attach your items for the first few times!)

      This 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard' is mostly pink in colour with the woven fabric of the lanyard being a sort of light but vibrant shade of pink. Upon the fabric there is a repeat print spanning the entire length of the lanyard which features an 'I Heart Nerds' image. The 'Heart' part of the slogan is actually made up of an image of a cartoon heart featuring a goofy face and glasses. This slogan repeat print is printed on both the back and front of the lanyard so it shows no matter which way you wear it. The release clasp on the lanyard is black in colour which co-ordinates with the black of the text from the print. The key ring attachment at the end of the lanyard is made from stainless steel and is therefore silver in colour. Overall, I'd say the lanyard is rather girly looking with its pink background, so this probably isn't one for the boys (unless they're brave/have great taste in colour!)

      In my opinion, I completely and utterly love this 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard'. David and Goliath are one of my favourite brands at the moment and I really do enjoy browsing their website, so if you haven't already I suggest you do! This lanyard is both functional and fashionable. David and Goliath have managed to turn a boring everyday work item into a fun and fashionable accessory. I really hate to be a bore in my everyday work life, so this 'I Heart Nerds Lanyard' was right up my street! Being identified no longer needs to be dull haha! The lanyard also has many other uses such as keeping a camera/mobile phone safe around your neck and acting as a key ring to make finding your keys in the bottom of your bag much easier! I think this lanyard is a really simple way to get a bit of colour and fun into your everyday life, and would make a great stocking filler or gift for someone in your life that needs a little cheering up! Certainly a thumbs up from me.


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