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Deena Shredded Look Leggings

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Deena / shredded detail leggings

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    1 Review
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      10.11.2010 10:21
      Very helpful



      A cool pair of leggings that have a unique style

      I like to dress it up on a night out, and being of the slightly gothic persuasion I usually end up in alternative nightclubs where pretty much anything goes on the dress code. I picked up these leggings in the sale from Primark, where they were reduced to a bargainous £3.00. I thought they would go well with some of the other pieces I have and could be layered up to create a cool grungy look. These leggings don't appear to be available on the high street any more, but you can get them online from www.boohoo.com at the slightly higher price of £6.00.

      These shredded look leggings are only available in one colour option, so you can have it in any colour you want so long as it's black. Of course black is a classic shade that is flattering for everyone and allows you to build up interest by adding other colours to brighten it up if you like. The leggings are full length and have quite a lot of stretch to them so you can wear them adjusted to cropped length if you prefer, or stretch them out fully so they come down to the ankles.

      I made the mistake of not trying the item on before I took it home, and when I first put the leggings on I was a bit shocked by what I saw! The main fabric of the leggings is actually a mesh fabric similar to ordinary tights or stockings. Once you've put them on the fabric stretches out and becomes sheer, allowing your skin and underwear to show though quite visibly! I am of the opinion that leggings should not be worn in place of trousers, they should be more like an extra layer underneath of long tunic top, or to cover your legs if you're wearing a dress or a short skirt. Leggings are not the most flattering clothing and I've seen plenty a shocking crotch blunder with badly fitted leggings. Luckily with these leggings you would have to wear something over them unless you want your undies on show. I really like the layered look and these are perfect for my needs as I like to wear them teamed with skirts or long jumper dresses.

      The shredded effect is actually a second layer of fabric attached to the leggings in square blocks with thin strips running across connecting them. This looks great and gives a grungy deconstructed look which is quite striking and adds interesting detail to an outfit without being overstated. The shredded strips are a little troublesome as they can get tangled and twisted. I find this especially tricky when I am putting the leggings on, as the shredded strips around the ankles can end up crossing over and getting into the wrong position. The fabric is quite fragile and the thin strips can be broken if they get caught on something, I had this happen and one of the strips completely broke off at one end.

      I think that these leggings look fantastic and are excellent for wearing in place of tights or stockings, but they are not really suitable to wear as a piece of clothing in their own right. They have a nice tight fit and stretch out to cover the curves of your body perfectly. Because they are so stretchy they are very comfortable to wear. I like that they have a long leg length (stated as 84cm), as this makes them more versatile and they can be worn tucked down inside of boots to keep your legs covered up.

      The material is made from 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex. This means that they can be machine washed and are very easy to care for. I put these in the washing machine on my normal washing cycle at 30 degrees and they come out fine afterwards. They don't need ironing or anything like that so it's simply just a case of keeping them clean, no other aftercare is required. I've had my pair for about 6 months now and they are still in great condition, the mesh has proven to be hardwearing and is not prone to snagging or laddering like more delicate tights would be. The only problem I have had is with one of the shredded strands tearing, but that can be avoided if you're careful.

      Overall, I think these leggings are nice for layering and a good price. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to dress up a plain outfit or go for a stylish grunge look. Just don't make the mistake of wearing them without something else on top to cover your underwear!


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