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Dior Clothing

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    2 Reviews
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      14.12.2004 18:23
      Very helpful



      • "Not for daily shopping"

      *** A little story about Christian Dior ***

      As we all know that Christian Dior is one of well-known fashion brand. Of course, the guy who created this brand is French and Christian Dior is his actual name. After he finished his military service (It was compulsory back then), his financial record almost ruin. His friend offered him not only a place to stay but also help him sketching dresses and hats. Fortunately, one of his clients bought the sketches and published it in a fashion magazine.

      His success already started on his first show. He created “The New Look” on his era. Because he introduced a style for women: beautiful, stylist, well tailored jackets and full flowing skirts. It was the opposite shabby chic style that created with minimum material that usually loved by French women at that time. As usual, anything new is always sells, so, not a wonder when shortly, his style was known all over Europe and America.

      *** The Designers behind The House of Dior ***

      Time went by, and things changed. As well as Christian Dior. He not only design clothes but he also created a first perfume, “Miss Dior”. This perfume still produced until today. To him, perfumery just not enough, then he also created accessories, such as ties, stockings…and Dior also a sought after designer for fur (Yup, Stella McCartney not so happy about it!).

      Christian Dior also gave many young designers an opportunity that can lead them to famous world of fashion. Some of them even created their own labels and reached their success. Remember Pierre Cardin? He used to work with Dior before he created his own label. When he died because of heart attack, his former assistant Yves Saint Laurent took over his company. It was a great challenge, because Dior’s firm employed more than a thousand worker, it not only a challenge for YSL, but also for France.

      YSL walked out from Dior to set his own brand. After that Dior lead by Marc Bohan, Years after Bohan, Gianfranco Ferre came and join. Even some people was skeptical about Ferre’s ability as an Italian designer in France, he did his job quiet well. At least he made Dior’s existence more alive.

      House of Dior finally had a new image after John Galliano joined the firm in 1997. He introduced the new style for Dior. A creative image of young, trendy and colorful. Now, Dior is not only created clothes for women, but it also created menswear, as well as cosmetics, jewelry and accessories.

      *** Me in Dior boutique ***

      Ok…honestly, this is not the things that I did many times. I actually bought something from Dior is when I was 16 year old. When my mom and I went to New York, we visited the boutique. Dior was very different back then (Maybe around 1995). I tried on a red pea coat that I don’t know why it fits me. My mom thought it was perfect for me, but I guess she also felt sorry because I was freezing, she told me to get it, even we both agreed it was really pricey. The price tag was around US$1000+. Thankfully, the coat is a classic looking coat, very elegant. So I still can wear it until today. Yup, it was too big back than, now its fit well *Geeez*. It was the first and the last time I went to Dior’s boutique. Since then, I just looked at Dior’s collections on department stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue in the states, Harrods in the UK or Myer in Australia. When I said “look”…it really mean, just look. I am very ok with high street brand for my clothes.

      Dior collection back then and now is very different. Now their design doesn't really suit me. For example, their pink logo with number 2 jumper, is something that I will never buy. But of course, they still has many fine pieces. It really depends on your taste.

      *** Me and Dior’s leather bags ***

      As my other reviews, I’m crazy with handbags (and shoes!). My mom got several Dior bags. But my favorite was her dark blue shoulder bag. It was half round with two straps. The logo still round with the word “Dior” on it. She purchased that in early 80’s I guess. Until today, it still looks good especially after I polished the logo, it looks new. I like to borrow it sometimes and mix it with casual clothes such as jeans and shirt to make it not so “dated”.

      I only has one bag from this brand. I bought a white saddle bag. It took me a long time to choose the one I like, because many new design are really “too young for me”. For example the graffiti, soft pink sport style, or the one with license plate on it. The saddle bag cost about GBP.400+. I’m glad that I got the plain white saddle bag with gold CD logo on it. Otherwise, now, this type of bag looks even more “dated” than my mom’s.

      There are many other styles for their bag collections. But since I like something classic and conventional *yeah, I’m boring!* I became very selective for this brand. I had my eyes on their Lady bag. It was the one that quilted with D-I-O-R lettering hanging on it. Maybe you remember when Lady Diana held one on her hand in many accessions. But the prince just too high, so its gonna be a while until I can get it *sniff!*. I think it was first produced long time ago, until today, it still loved and they keep producing it.

      *** Their Accessories***

      Dior is the best place for fashion logo maniacs. Not only their bags has lots of logo on it, as well as their accessories. I remember when I did my bachelor degree, I bought some of their fashion accessories for my mom. Mostly gold tones back then. They have some with CD logo’s as decoration on it, but they also has the “serious” design, like bows, hearts or classics style. Not so different than Monet, only better quality.

      But a year ago, I went to Harrods sale. I saw lots of Dior’s jewelry on sale. Now, it really dominated with logo. This time, mostly silver and the style is very unique and modern. If I’m not wrong, some of it was nearly 70% off, so I just bought lots of it (GBP.5 for Dior earrings….cant beat that!) for gift. I also got a pair of newer style of earring for myself that wasn’t on sale, its about GBP.55. Do I miss the old Dior accessories? Yup, but this time, it has their own style. So, I like it better.

      I also bought the watch when I was there. It was on sale. I forgot the original price, but I spent about GBP.300 for it. I think I got a really good deal. The style is Diorrific, it hast textured silver strap that looks like a bracelet when I wear it. It just a fashion watch, so not much technology on it.

      *** Dior’s Perfumery and Cosmetics***

      When you walked into Dior’s cosmetic counter, you definitely got to spend times there to try their collections (just ignore the pushy sales people). Each one of it is very different. I owned some, Dune, Poison, Miss Dior, J’adore and Dolce Vita. I am collecting perfume, even tough I only wear one perfume and its not from Dior. I think those are worth to go to my collections. Looks like they have one for everyone. For men? I always loves the smells of Fahrenheit and Higher for men. I think both of it are very sexy in different kinda way *wink*.

      For make-up. My favorite is their optical Maximeyes mascara, it doesn’t hurt my eyes and makes my short lashes looks longer and thicker. My friend mentioned that she loves one of their foundation because it covered her pores without making it oily. My aunty loves their compact. So I guess its basically good. The one that I use to get is their lipstick. They have many kind of it with different effect and packaging. I’m a bit disappointed with their lip-glosses because of lack of colors.

      They also has skin care for all kind of skin type. They really spent some money and time for their skin care research and I think its worth it. I've tried their eye cream once, and it really helps reducing dark circles under my eyes. Their toner also gentle and nice smell. It doesn't make my face feels "tight". Same as other Dior products, their makeup and skin care are quite expensive. The price range is about the same as Chanel or Estee Lauder. Still, the quality that matters the most.

      *** Tips Tips ***

      To get the best deal for designer make-up, I love the airport shopping. For example, my favorite concealar, on the store it cost GBP.21, but at the airport, its only GBP.17. I also like to get thei set makeup. Usually, its cheaper to buy it by the set, like 3 lipstics in one box. This way, not only you can get more color, but you can also give it to your love one.

      I have a very limited budget to get designer stuff. Basically, I can not afford to pay full price for it. So, before sale time, I already know what I want. Even the color not exactly what I wanted (that usually happen during sale) but I surely saved a lot. The trick is, I stays with the classic basic stuff. This way, they don’t look so “dated”. I can mix n’ match it with what I already owned to make it fresher. Colorful scarves and some pearls can make you see the world differently *Heehee* It also wouldn’t hurt when I got to a new place, I asked for the nearest designer outlet to hunt for branded collections. Some countries even tax free any where you shop, such as United Arab Emirates, so make the most of it when you're there.

      For bags and shoes, since it really costly, I always get the leather one. Not it last longer, but from the look of it, you’ll know how much it cost. For color, I should own black, beige and brown. After that, I can choose any color I like. Before I go anywhere to shop, I like to keep in mind about my budget. My over limit is only GBP.5, any higher than that, I just forget it. This way, I can control my bank statement.

      If I like something that too expensive, I will look for the cheaper version of it, different look but the same style. Fashion magazine really helps giving me ideas for designer newest collection, then I'll look for highstreet label. My favorite place is Topshop (have you seen their shoes? Amazing!) and New Look. I always told myself not to buy fake. Its better to buy good quality no brand, than fake.

      That’s all! *hugs*


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        23.02.2003 12:32
        1 Comment



        Christian Dior, the renowned French fasion designer, has positively some of the classiest products available today. Dior is trendy, yet always refined and elegant, and is worn by celebrities worldwide. It is availble at high-end boutiques, department stores, and Dior stores, and it is always found on the couture floor. Dior apparel is particularly suited for special occasions, but shoes and handbags are designed to be more versatile. Dior also designs very unique swimwear. However, the price of Christian Dior fashion is not so versatile. Like any famous designer, Dior's products are very expensive, and thus they are limited to the general public. Still, there are some things such as hosiery, socks, underwear, lingerie, and intimates, which are affordable to most people, and the quality of which is unbeatable. I would highly recommend any of these accessories, as well as handbags and pocketbooks, to people with fine taste and the desire to acquire exceptional fashion. Also, Dior creates stunning wedding gowns for brides, both on a custom basis as well as for general sale. One could never go wrong with the beauty of Christian Dior.


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