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Dorothy Perkins Chocolate Scented Gift Socks

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Brand: Dorothy Perkins / Type: Socks

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2012 22:29
      Very helpful



      These have been good slipper socks but are slippy on uncarpeted floors


      A pair of socks packaged into a plastic heart shaped gift box. They are from Dorothy Perkins and the packaging says the socks are scented of chocolate.


      They are designed to be given as a present because of the heart packaging that looks a bit like an oversized Christmas bauble, it even has a piece of ribbon attached to it where you can hang it up. The gift box is quite tough not made out of soft plastic so it makes a good present, the socks are brown and white stripes so could be unisex but I think they are better for a woman than a man.  

      The socks are fluffy and cosy, they're not thick but feel warm because they are so fluffy.  They are quite long and come just under halfway up my calves, there are no rubber grips on the sole like on my Totes and they are quite slippy on tiles and wood flooring.


      I saw these in a Dorothy Perkins sale when they were reduced from £5 to £2 and I bought three packs.  It is only a single pair of socks but has been arranged to look like two pairs, £5 is expensive for one pair of socks but £2 is reasonable.  

      They don't smell very strongly of chocolate but I can smell it a bit until they are washed for the first time.  It's not a very good chocolate smell and is a bit like the chocolate Lynx spray. I opened my last pair tonight and they smell exactly how the others did so the socks don't lose their scent in storage. The smell goes after one wash but the socks wash well and stay fluffy. I only wear mine in the home as slipper socks so don't wash them every day because I don't wear them with shoes or go out in them.

      They don't make my feet too hot but keep them warm when I'm cold. I slipped over wearing them once while I was pregnant so am careful now but I think I would recommend them mostly to people with carpeted floors.  I like putting them on when I am comfortable on the sofa watching a movie.

      I think they would make a good small present for some people, the Dorothy Perkins website hasn't got any but I think they'd bring them back for Christmas.   

      4 Dooyoo Stars.


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      03.02.2011 16:54
      Very helpful



      Comfy socks, worth £5 even though they didn't smell of chocolate.

      Every year at work we tend to do a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange. In the past we have spent about £10 each on a gift, but it was agreed for this Christmas just gone we would only spend £5, as many of us could no longer afford to spend more.
      A couple of my work colleagues were insisting you couldn't buy a decent gift for £5, but if you shop around and give it some thought, there are any number of things available amounting to £5.

      The gift I received from my 'Secret Santa' was these chocolate scented slipper socks from Dorothy Perkins.
      I was not the only person in our household to receive some of these for Christmas, as my daughter had also bought some for her sister as a gift.

      I have never worn slipper socks before, but my two daughters used to love wearing them when they were younger and preferred them to slippers. I am not one for wearing slippers myself and haven't owned a pair for years, preferring to walk around the house in my bare feet or socks, so maybe I should really have bought a pair of slipper socks for myself sometime but have never got round to it.
      So when I opened my gift I was more than pleased to find it contained these slipper socks. The fact it said on the packaging that they were chocolate scented was an added bonus!

      I really liked the way these socks were packaged in a plastic heart shaped case with a ribbon attached and to be honest I did instantly think these must have cost more than £5, but they didn't. They are available from Dorothy Perkins priced at exactly £5 and as my daughter pointed out, she bought hers from Dorothy Perkins online when they had a 10% and free delivery promotion. She then also got cashback by making her purchase via cashback site Topcashback.co.uk, therefore when she bought these as a stocking filler gift for her sister, actually paid less than £5. It is always worth checking out online prices as it can work out cheaper than going to the store itself to make a purchase.

      Opening the case revealed a pair of brown and cream spotted socks with a fluffy towelling texture. The socks are quite thick and cosy-looking, the quality is very good and they are well made. The only thing they didn't do was actually smell of chocolate!
      Don't get me wrong, there was a fragrance detectable on these socks but it certainly did not remind me of chocolate and it was actually only a faint scent of whatever it was. I really can't think what the scent reminds me of to be honest, but it is nothing chocolate related.
      As my daughter had also received a pair of these, I asked her if she thought they smelled of chocolate and she immediately replied that she didn't think they smelled anything like chocolate and had struggled to find a noticeable scent. She thought as I did, that there was a faint scent of something on the socks, but it wasn't chocolate.

      The socks fit snugly on my feet and rise up to 2 or 3 inches above my ankles. There are no grips on the soles like some slipper socks have so you must exercise caution when walking around in these, particularly if you have any laminate or tiled flooring. I am used to walking around in my socks anyway, so wearing these is not a problem for me and the fact they have no grips on the soles does not bother me either.
      I find them really warm and cosy and I know my daughter likes wearing hers too. They are machine washable and I have washed mine a few times now and they still look as good and are showing little sign of wear. The only scent on my slipper socks now is that of the fabric softener I use, so even if they had been chocolate scented originally, it would only have lasted until the first wash.

      Overall, I really like these socks and think they are a lovely gift and worth £5. If you really want them to smell of chocolate though, you may find you are disappointed.
      My daughter bought these for her sister primarily because she knows her sister loves chocolate, therefore she was disappointed with her purchase initially. However, her sister still loved the socks and wasn't disappointed so all was good.
      Whilst I do think however, if the product states it is chocolate scented, it should be chocolate scented, the fact I really like these socks regardless of the scent, means it isn't something I am personally bothered about.
      They are comfy and cosy and well worth £5.


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