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Dorothy Perkins White Scallop Trim Cardi

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Brand: Dorothy Perkins / Type: Cardigan

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    2 Reviews
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      10.07.2012 20:53



      Would not recommend if you're particular about the material.

      -- INTRODUCTION --

      Dorothy Perkins is perhaps one of my favourite high-street clothing retailers - the designs are quite fashionable, and there are always sales going on so I always find it easy to find a piece that I like and is affordable!

      -- THIS CARDIGAN --
      I bought this to be worn as a light cardigan for the upcoming summer as it looked lovely online. Indeed when I received it it looked wonderful on me, well-fitted, and true to its size (I wore a size 6). I was quite glad because some cardigans tend to be a little large on the back, with quite a fair bit of extra material - hence I expect that this cardigan might be a little tight for someone who is not as skinny as I am.

      One thing I really liked about this cardigan is the scalloped edges detail. White cardigans tend to get boring and plain after a while, but the scalloping does make the cardigan stand out - it is a special, unique piece that complements my outfits rather than 'just another piece' to snuggle in.

      Only after buying this did I realise that there was something that I didn't quite like about it. The more I wore the cardigan - and the more I washed it, the more I realised that the cotton cardigan was not as soft and smooth as I would like it to be. I started using it for a month or so and it started to feel a little rough on my skin -- not the most comfortable feeling for me,as I am quite particular about quality of material that I'm wearing.

      I remember seeing this cardigan in a variety of colours including a white, nice summery yellow, blue, and a peachy pink. Regardless of the colour, I would say that this is a very light cardigan that is perfect for summer. The white version is especially versatile with most summer dresses; combine it with a pair of lovely wedges and you'll be all ready for a day out!

      -- PRICE --
      Price-wise the cardigan was on an offer, so I thought that it was quite a good deal (I can't remember how much, but I reckon about 12 pounds). However, if you're someone who is very particular about the quality of the material like me, you might want to think twice before purchasing this.


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      04.07.2012 14:18
      Very helpful



      It's been worn a lot, so for me it was worth buying

      ==Reason for purchase==

      This cardi was a pre-honeymoon purchase, which was designed to make my outfits more summery and provide a little light coverage at night in a hot country. I also chose this one because it was one I could wear for work, on those days when the weather is somewhere between chucking it down and humid.

      ==Where and how much?==

      The cardigan is available from Dorothy Perkins, currently priced at £18. It is also available in different colours but I am reviewing the white one. For the more petite lady, you can find this cardi in the "petites" range, giving a nicer fit.


      I would describe this cardi as a fitted cardi, rather than a comfy oversized one which is designed to keep you warm. It's designed more for light coverage, and for finishing off an outfit, rather than keeping you warm. The material is quite thin (it is 80% cotton and 20% nylon), and the sleeves are three quarter length. This makes it ideal for summer.

      The detail on this cardi does make it quite pretty. Firstly, the neckline has a scalloped edge which is a little different, and also the buttons are really pretty being white with silver detail around the edges. The bottom of the cardi, and the edge of the sleeves have a ribbed material effect.


      The label inside this cardi recommends washing it at 40 degrees, which is a little annoying for me because if I'm doing a whites wash I tend to do it at a higher temperature due to the nature of what's going in the wash (my husband's sports socks mainly!). As the material on this is quite thin, however, I didn't want to risk damaging it, so I have tended to wash it at 40 in a smaller wash with other whites that can be washed at the same temperature.

      The cardi keeps its shape well, but I would recommend hanging it up as soon as you've washed it to help it from losing its shape, and also to avoid the need for ironing. I'd never usually iron a cardi, but one time this ended up quite creased due to hubby scrunching it up on the radiator, so it's worth hanging it up straight away to avoid having to iron it.

      ==Is it good value for money?==

      Although it would be easy to find cheaper cardigans, this one does have some lovely little details which makes it quite pretty, and although I thought I'd wear this cardi for work, I have tended to keep it for weekends and nights out. It's perfect for finishing off an outfit, especially in the summer, and I think it is reasonable value for money. The only downside I guess is the colour, as it's not really suited to winter, so this will probably end up not getting worn over the winter months.


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