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Eze Pze Iron-on Labels

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Identify clothing and other personal items, such as luggage, or shoes with easy iron-on tabs.

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2008 14:19
      Very helpful




      With three children already at school and my daughter starting in September, we have always needed name labels so the children won't lose things so easily. I first heard about Ezepze Labels through a leaflet that came home from school with all my son's starting details and this was where I made my first purchase.

      They sell all manner of labels and stickers and a lot of different designs of labels too. I have always bought the iron on name labels and the shoe and property labels, but they also sell sew on labels, which can be handy for items that you can't iron, like woolly hats and ties etc.

      The iron on labels really are very good and they do stay on if you iron them on correctly to begin with. You need to run a hot iron over the label in the area you want it to be stuck to and you need to do this for a full 12 seconds. If there is even a slight peeling when you pick it with your nail, you need to iron for another 5 seconds or so until they are completely stuck down.

      In my experience they do stay stuck for months, through numerous washes and only occasionally have I needed to pull an old label off completely and apply a new one. On the times that this has happened the label has lifted slightly (after months of being fine) and I simply pull it all off. It leaves no sticky residue and all comes off in one piece. Then I apply a new label to the same area. No problem.

      The shoe and property labels and already sticky and are shaped like a half moon so they fit into the heel of your children's shoes. I do use them for shoes but I mostly use them for lunch boxes and book bags, PE bags and other items that I don't want the kids to lose, that I can't iron a label into.

      This type of labelling is obviously invaluable for school uniform and property but I also use it for my son's Beavers uniform. This is more expensive than a school uniform and therefore I really didn't want him to lose this stuff and everything from his jumper to his scarf has a name label ironed inside.

      The Beavers recently went on a sleepover at a local adventure scouting park as well and the labels were really important for me then as they covered all his items that he needed. I put them on his sleeping bag and all his clothes he took (normal every day clothes as well as uniform) and also his bags and blankets - in fact anything that other children could have as well I labelled.

      Of course this doesn't stop him losing items and he has still managed to lose a couple of school jumpers in this last year but it does greatly reduce the chances of them not being returned. The labels are clear and easy to read, large enough to make the name seen easily, but not too large that they will cause irritation on the back of the neck or waist.

      As for the price, well you will be amazed. I pay £5.95 for 72 iron on name labels and the same price for the same amount of property labels. I have not had to buy any more since my initial purchase for each child and they have lasted extremely well. Even after a couple of years the labels that haven't been used still iron on to new items of clothing with no problem at all and remain as adhesive as the day I brought them.

      The other brilliant thing is if you order through the website you get free post and packing (although it is only £1 if you order via post) and also if you tell them the name of your school this generates a donation back to them. I don't know how much but every penny helps the schools.

      Their website is www.eze.co.uk (not the easiest to navigate but I manage!)

      Address: EZE PZE Labels, 271 Brighton Road, Worthing, BN11 2HG
      Phone number: 0870 333 1881 Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm.

      I highly recommend them for schools, clubs and anything that needs labelling with your names.


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