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F&F Check Flannel Lounge Pants

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Brand: F&F / Type: Lounge Pants

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2012 10:43
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      Generally nice lounge pants

      When it comes to what to wear for bed I hate wearing big baggy pyjamas or nighties where I feel bundled up, I prefer something a little more fitted and not too big, however this isn't always practical to wear if I have a bath and get in my PJ's during the evening so for as long as I can remember I have always had a couple of pairs of pyjama bottoms in the form of trousers to put on, that way I can happily sit around in my PJ's during the evening. I recently needed some new ones as mine were getting a bit old and worn so I asked for some for Christmas, I have always found Tescos F&F range good for this sort of thing so was pleased when my parents bought me a pair of F&F Checked Flannel Lounge Pants, they were perfect for what I wanted, soft and comfortable to lounge around in and being trousers they kept me covered up during the evening, and for me an added bonus was that they came in pink.

      The F&F Checked Flannel Lounge Pants are basically pyjama trousers, they have an elasticised waist and are made from a very soft flannel type material. I particularly like the fact that they have an elasticised waste is it makes them so much more comfortable to wear during the evening if you are just laying around watching the TV, the waist also has a mock drawstring in the form of a shiny satin black ribbon, this doesn't actually serve any purpose and I simply have mine tied in a bow at the front of the trousers, you do really need this to be tied up as the ribbon is quite long and if untied it does get in the way a little.
      The Checked Flannel Lounge Pants that I have are bright pink and black in a thick check pattern, although Tesco now show on their website a lighter coloured version in pale pink and white. Personally I liked this colour combination as I always think pink and black go well together and as you may have seen from previous reviews if something comes in a pink version I will always go for that colour. I found that the bright pink and black coloured fabric meant that most of my vest tops that I wear to bed went with these trousers.

      I'm not sure of the exact leg length of these Pyjama trousers and they do not come in alternative lengths it is literally one length for everyone. I am around 5ft 4 and the trousers just hit the tops of my feet so what I would call regular leg length if you are not wearing shoes, this is with wearing the trousers on my hips rather than pulled up around my waist. For me the length of these trousers is ideal, they are not so long that they drag on the ground yet they are not too short so that they look like the have shrunk in the wash, obviously they are just for wearing in the house so leg length probably isn't the most important thing, however I do want them to look half decent so for me the length is perfect, however your height is going to depend on where these trousers sit on you.

      The F&F Checked Flannel Lounge Pants as I have said come from Tesco and they cost just £8.00, personally I think this is an excellent price. As I have mentioned I have had Tesco Pyjama style trousers like this in the past and have always been extremely pleased with the product, however this particular pair did not seem to be of the high quality they have been in the past. After wearing the trousers for just a couple of months I noticed that there was a small hole in the seam, I didn't think too much of this and thought it could just be sewn up, however a few days later the one small hole in one of the seams had spread to a large hole and not just in one seam but in most of them, the trousers were literally falling apart along the seams. Very disappointed I did take them back to get a replacement pair but I have had no problems with these at all. I would say that normally the F&F Flannel Lounge pants are very good value for money and I have had no problems in the past, with this particular pair I was probably just unlucky as I have had no problems since, however I was disappointed at the way the fell apart after wearing them for such a short period of time.

      The Lounge Pants come in a range of sizes including 08 - 10, 12 - 14 and 16 - 18 so there is something to suit most people. I am a size 12 and went for the 12 - 14, these were a little on the large size and were what I would call a large 12, however I would rather have them a little looser rather than too tight, the extra room made them comfortable to lounge around in and I have to say they do not look too big when I wear them, they are just a little loose around the waist.

      Overall I would recommend the F&F Checked Flannel Lounge Pants, usually they are of an excellent quality and prove to be hardwearing. After washing on a regular basis they look as good as new without the material bobbling. I find these trousers very handy to wear around the house, I can wearing them during the evenings after my bath or when I get up in the mornings and I even find them handy if I have a bath before going out as I can easily put them on while I do my hair and make up before getting dressed.
      The elasticised waist makes them easy and comfortable to wear and the material is very soft against your skin. Personally I loved the colour combination of these, although that may not be to everyone's taste.

      Although I did have a bad experience with this particular pair of flannel lounge pants I would say under normal circumstances they are worth the money, I normally find that despite the low price the trousers are of excellent quality, however in this instance this was not the case and I ended up replacing them. Generally I would recommend this style of trousers and find them very handy to wear around the house, it was just unfortunate that I had a bad experience on this occasion.


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