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Footie Factory Adult Footed Pyjamas

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Manufacturer: Footie Factory / Type: Sleep Wear

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2010 17:59
      Very helpful



      Footed pyjamas for adults

      Babygros for grown-ups

      When the children were little we lived in a house with very little heating. It was important to keep the children warm. So at night-time, and during cold spells, we would often dress them in fleecy babygros to keep them warm. Babygros are like pyjamas with feet, particularly ideal for the more active baby or toddler who will run around, balance and jump in the cot and persist in throwing off bed covers. To be honest, I was always a little jealous because I wanted a garment like this to wear as well!

      Imagine my delight when I came across adult-footed pyjamas when browsing the Internet. Giants babygros for adults! They can be found on this American site: http://www.pajamacity.com though the parent company is the Dalmation Corporation. Prices range from 30-45 US dollars.

      There is an incredible range of colours and patterns available. For example, there are plain pink, red, blue or orange. There is an amusing range of patterns. For example, retro space and robots, wolf moon, kisses and hearts, leopard print, tattoo print, candy cane print, tribal skulls, and dinosaurs. On the site you will find a gallery of photos of adults who have adapted the pyjamas to make DIY fancy dress costumes such as Batman, ladybirds, devils, pumpkins and Smurfs, to name but a few. In all, there are about 100 possible designs, many of them with instructions. Indeed footed pyjamas are amazingly versatile garments!

      There is a standard fleece material (quite thin) or a warmer polar fleecy material (like on a standard dressing gown). There is also a lightweight, waffle-knit cotton fabric, more suitable for pyjamas to be worn in warmer weather.

      Some pyjamas have button cuff feet, which means that their feet can be opened and rolled back. This feature could be useful should you wish to wear these pyjamas as part of a fancy dress outfit and need to wear shoes. The pyjamas have non-slip friction dot soles, a useful safety feature designed to prevent accidents on slippery floors. Some designs have kangaroo pockets on the front, at waist level, which are larger enough for eg a few tissues.

      An amusing feature that one can opt for is the drop seat. Now you need never take the garment off as it is possible to meet the calls of nature by opening the Velcro'd join at the back. However, having trial tested this model, one member of the family complained that the join could be draughty and, more importantly the Velcro formed a stiff ridge at the back which was not very comfortable. So we would only recommend this version if you had genuine need of staying warm when using the toilet (eg old people or when camping)

      How to purchase:

      1. Go to the PyjamaCity website http://www.pajamacity.com/Adult-Footed-Pajamas/products/103/

      2. Browse through the wide range of colors and patterns available.

      3. Refer to the sizing help page, and measure your height, body and leg length accurately. There is guidance about choosing the correct sizing for your height, plus the option of extra wide sizes for the larger figure. I would recommend opting for a larger size than your measurements would indicate as we found the body length too short, though the leg length was adequate. The claim is made that it is possible to purchase pyjamas for people up to 7ft. tall, whether slim or of a larger build.

      4. Select your preferred style, colour and fabric.

      5. Follow the instructions for purchase in the usual manner, choosing quantity, colour, pattern and material.

      6. When you are satisfied that the products you require are in your basket, go to the checkout and pay in the usual manner, giving details of your address and credit card.

      This is an American site. Within America, delivery can be expected within five days. The other countries it can take between five to twelve days for the product to reach your country. Then the delivery time will be dependent on your countries custom and postal service. There is the usual tracking system and when we experienced a prolonged delay and contacted the website, they concluded the product had been lost in transit and promptly sent a replacement order. There is the usual money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the garment.

      Adult-footed pyjamas are a fun product, so you need a sense of humour to wear them! They are comfortable, washable and reasonably warm (not as warm as a thick dressing gown or slanket.) Maybe not too sexy but certainly cosy. When our central heating packed in during the cold spell just before Christmas, I lived in mine, whilst also wrapped up in a slanket, with the settee pulled nearer to the electric heater.

      Whilst I happily walk around the house in mine, I would feel slightly embarrassed to greet callers at the door when wearing them. It is possible, in times of intense cold, to wear them in bed on top of normal pyjamas, though I think I would find them a little uncomfortable and would prefer to switch on the electric blanket.

      Used as the basis for a fancy-dress costume, they can be a great source of amusement to others, and later put to their original intended purpose as cheerful, warm garments to wear around the house.

      Yes, I would recommend this product. It has come into its own during this recent freezing cold weather. Also great when camping.


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