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Forever 21 Essential Striped Bodycon Dress

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Brand: Forever 21 / Type: Dress

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    1 Review
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      24.08.2012 13:17
      Very helpful



      a bargain dress by Forever 21

      I have been stocking up on a lot of dresses at the minute for my holiday which is coming up soon. I always love to get dresses that are something a bit different and that is why I love shopping on the website Forever 21. They have recently opened up a store near me which was the best news I have heard in a while so I of course rushed down to see what it would be like as I normally just buy from the website. They have so many dresses and the prices are amazing, this dress in particular which was on of many purchased is so cheap and it looks so good on. They have items to suit everyone but this stood out to me mainly because the colour was different from what I would normally buy and I wanted something that bit brighter for my holidays.


      This is described as being a body con dress and it is tight fitting it is like a very long tank top almost but it comes in a vibrant coral shade. It has white thin lines going horizontally down the dress, they are quite thick but it is a nice contrast with the coral and actually works very well. The dress comes in only this colour but to be honest it is perfect for the summer and it looks pricier than what it was and the fabric is thick and of good quality. The dress comes in size S-L and these are good just like UK sizing as I got a medium and I am a UK 10/12 in dresses so it was very accurate. The dress is made of 95% cotton and it is 5% spandex which is probably what gives it that little bit of extra stretch to help it fit that bit comfier.


      Now, to begin with I have worn this for a number of occasions now and it always gets a lot of compliments as it stands out, don't wear this kind of colour if you do not want to be noticed. It is a versatile style which is the best part about it as it could be worn casually with leggings or casually just with sandals or you could wear it formally or on a night out with some heels and the right kind of jewellery and it would give you a completely different look. I normally wear it in the daytime as I find it comfortable to wear it this way but it all depends on your own individual style sense. It lets your skin breathe as well when wearing it as it could be seen as quite a thick material but being a vest top style at the top it is actually good to wear even if on holiday.

      The other good thing with this is that I am not normally confident wearing really fitted styles like this as I don't have a perfect silhouette but you don't need spanx even for this as it pulls you in almost at the sides and like I have mentioned already being a thicker material, it seems to hide an uneven outline of figure. I have fortunately never dropped anything onto this when wearing it but if you do have a stain, it is machine washable which is like most items these days and it should be washed flat dry, I wouldn't tumble dry this but again it depends on how you wash items. It is easy to look after and having worn it a couple of times, it still hasn't gone bobbly and colours haven't run and it still looks as good as new, so it is a good quality dress.

      I have found with this dress that when wearing it, it doesn't ride up either, it stays in place and I like that about it. The material is good and doesn't irritate me or anything and with a simple shape like this, it can be accessorized well. I like that at the back this hasn't got a scoop back but it is a high back so it is a lot less showy and it really is a dress which would work ofr all ages. I would say though that with the style and colour, it would suit someone of a younger age group as the brand is also quite young. The colour does flatter those more with a tan as being so bright it might make the fairer among us look a lot more incipid. However, it is worth trying on as you can't really say until you see what it looks like on your shape.

      Overall, in terms of the dress styles out at the minute, Forever 21 are a great new addition to the UK high street, being a US brand the styles are very trendy. I recommend this dress to anyone looking to a great wardrobe staple for a fantastic price that can be worn with numerous looks. I have had no quality problems and for the price I have paid and amount of times I have washed this it is good and makes me feel comfortable and confident which is a plus. The dress is a definite great buy and I hope to visit the shop again so that I can get many other bargains just like this one. This would make a nice gift to anyone also and with no holes in the material or bobbly fabric, it is a quality bargain at the same time.


      This dress can be purchased online or from your nearest Forever 21 store for the price of £8.25 which is a true bargain for a great dress like this one. As mentioned above, it comes in sizes S-L.

      The official Forever 21 website is http://www.forever21.co.uk/.


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