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Forever Unique Black Meadow Dress

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Brand: Forever Unique / Clothing Class: Evening Wear / Gender: Female

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    2 Reviews
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      08.11.2011 21:37
      Very helpful




      Earlier in the year I had my sisters wedding and decided that I needed a fancy dress to wear. I wanted something long so I didn't have to wear heels because all day would of been torture for my poor feet. After watching 'The Only Way Is Essex' religiously, I took note of the clothing brand that Lucy works for, Forever Unique. I had heard of the brand before but never cared to look, although once I did look I wanted everything! The dress has also been seen on Jessica Wright from The Only Way is Essex and more recently a few more celebrities - this definitely makes it more of a must have item.

      After ordering online days before the wedding and worrying about it not turning up, it arrived the day before only 3 days after ordering which was a pleasant surprise. The dress is priced at £325 and at the time it was free delivery on the site so I didn't have any added cost. It can be brought in royal blue and black as far as I am aware and I brought the blue version which is very vibrant and flattering.

      The packaging the dress arrived in was quite standard for such an expensive dress. The dress was folded into a box and wrapped in a plastic dress bag which to be honest can't of cost more than a pound for a few of them. I expected a little bit more from such a well known and expensive brand. The hanger was also cheap plastic like you would expect from New Look on a £30 dress - not a £300 dress! This is my only downfall for the company, because they should consider every aspect of the buying experience not just the item itself. If this was my store it would be immaculate and well thought out so the customer was pleasantly surprised at just how well it was packaged.

      When it comes to the dress itself, its gorgeous and very flattering for those who are not pencil thin. The detailing is sequins and beads - still unsure of whether this is a disappointment or not as I didn't know what I was expecting. There is no real pattern to the detailing, it is just arranged and sewn on as far as I can tell, it is kind of like a tree/leaf pattern which would seem relevant to the dress being called 'Meadow'.

      The detailing is across the shoulder and around the waist, it sucks you in at the right place too which is lovely. It makes the dress appear so elegant and classy, which it should for such a price. The shoulder detailing is perfect for the asymmetric style and I like the way the material cuts across the front to leave a patch between your chest and shoulder, so you are showing a little skin and the dress doesn't cover too much. The back of the dress is cut angled so it shows some flesh but you need to be warned with a bra (as I will mention in a minute), it fits in beautifully with the shape and style of the front of the dress. The textures are lovely and bring a new level of glamour to the outfit.

      From the waist down, this dress skims your hips and flows so you don't feel like every lump and bump is on show. The material is folded in such a way that it flatters every curve and gives curves to those with an athletic frame. There are two layers, a silky under lay which obviously feels nice against the skin and forms a shadow so the dress isn't see through, and a fancy net overlay a little like chiffon but made from polyester. The layering of the fabric I thought might make me look more bulky but its lovely and flattering.

      There is boning in the bust of the dress so you don't need to wear a bra, although I always feel more comfortable wearing one because I am not very gifted in that area. I would advise if you are wearing a bra, to make it backless as well as strapless.

      Length wise, I am 5'3 and with heels on (around 5 inches) the dress skims the floor beautifully although I have to be careful I don't trip up when I'm walking around. When wearing flat shoes, the dress falls on the floor and I drag it around and step on it. I took the dress up myself by a couple of inches and now it is perfect and still the right length if I want to wear heels too.

      The dress is made fantastically although due to it being made of polyester I was a little disappointed. You can't really sell a dress for so much money using such a cheap material - they must be rolling in the profits now!

      I am very happy with my purchase and it looked lovely at the wedding - I got lots of compliments! Although 3 stars for the fact it is made from cheap material and wasn't packaged well.


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        21.01.2011 19:55
        Very helpful




        I'm not usually one to review clothing, but when it comes to expensive articles of clothing that people may want more detail on, I think it's a great idea. I was recently lucky enough to be invited to a fancy shcmancy ball held by my boyfriend's university. The ball is in a week and a half and after months of stress, I've finally found the perfect dress. Sadly I didn't get to go to my school proms as I was bedridden, so planning for the ball has been ridiculously exciting for me as I never expected to get to go to an event like this after missing out on prom.

        I first started my search in dress boutiques in my city, but nothing came close to my standards. I wanted a sleek, flowing gown, preferably in chiffon. I also wanted it to have asymmetrical shoulders and some for of embellishment. I really wanted it to be in jewel tone purple, but we can't get everything we want, so I settled for a black gown and honestly couldn't be happier! It's much easier to accessorize a black dress than a purple one.

        The dress is from Forever Unique, those of you who watch The Only Way Is Essex may have seen this exact dress on Jessica Wright of LOLA, and the blue version of this gown was worn by Jennie McAlpine - more commonly known as Fizz from Corrie - to a charity event. After seeing how many 'celebrities' trusted this brand (you only have to take one look at their website to see that) I decided to make my purchase and order the Meadow dress in black (pictured above).

        The dress arrived at my door within a matter of days and was packaged in a sturdy cardboard box. There was no fancy packaging here, and for the price I paid (I'll get to that later...) I was more than disappointed that they packaging wasn't slightly more luxurious. Upon opening the box I found that the dress was folded up into a crinkly plastic dress bag and hung on a cheap looking plastic hanger. The only thing protecting the dress material from the plastic of the hanger was a thin sheet of foamy material. When I went to remove the dress from the bag, I noticed that it had already been ripped, so I quickly transfered it to my own dress bag as I wanted to keep it as safe as possible. It's safe to say that I felt they'd packaged the dress in a very cheap way, but luckily I'm not wearing the hanger and torn dress bag to the ball!

        The dress itself is absolutely beautiful. There was a slight disappointment with the embellishments as the photo on the website lead me to believe that this would be crystals or rhinestones, but it is in fact little silver beads and sequins. These beads and crystals are arranged in what I can only describe as a random branch pattern. That sounds absolutely ridiculous, but that's what it looks like to me. You can google 'Forever Unique Meadow Dress' if you want a closer look of the pattern though. Despite there being sequins on the dress and no crystals, it still appears to be very elegant and there isn't a slight hint of tackiness! The embellishment design is both round the waist and there is a touch on the left shoulder too. This is definitely a dress for an updo as wearing your hair down would cover the beautiful beading on the shoulder.
        As you can see form the image, this is an asymmetrical shouldered dress. Not only does it only have one shoulder, but there is a cutout section above the left breast that shows just the right amount of skin.
        The detail on the bust of the dress is beautiful too, the way they have concertinaed the material before stitching it together just adds to the intricacy of the dress, but keeping it simple and elegant. The bust is shaped and slightly padded, so you could get away with out wearing a bra with this. I personally will be wearing a strapless, backless gel bra as I need all the help I can get in the bust department!

        The back of the dress it cut at a slight angle, therefore you have to wear a backless or low back bra to ensure the back strap won't be seen. Sometimes when clothing is cut at an angle it can appear to be a design fault, but this ties in beautifully with asymmetry on the front of the dress and again, shows just enough skin.

        The skirt part of the dress falls perfectly and will glide over any lumps or bumps. This is made up of many thin layers of fabric which add to the floaty effect of the dress and the top couple of layers meet at the front instead of them just being one strip of fabric all the way round. Stand in front of a wind machine and this dress will float around beautifully.

        The dress is 100% polyester which truly shocked me. Polyester is known for being cheap and tacky, but the designers of this dress have made sure to use two different kinds of woven polyester to give the effect of a silk underlay with a chiffon overly.

        Sadly I've had to have mine altered a bit as even though I was recommended to get my own size instead of a size down, it was a little too big and a lot too long! Maybe it would've been the right length on my 6'3" boyfriend, but with me being 5'4" and my shoes only adding another 5 inches to that, I still needed another inch taken up! The tailor did mention that altering it was pretty much a tailors hell as there were so many layers of fabric and the embellishments round the waist made it difficult to take in, but she managed and I couldn't be happier!

        Some people will say that I can't fully comment on the dress as I haven't worn it to the event yet, but it doesn't take a long night of dancing for me to be able to tell you that this dress is fantastic quality. There isn't a single stitch or bead out of place and I have absolutely no fears about it tearing or the fabric snagging.

        As I mentioned, this dress is from Forever Unique and I ordered it online. I'm not sure if you can buy Forever Unique dresses in stores, but their website has a huge selection of beautiful dresses for all events. Whether you want to order from them or not is a different story. I had an awful experience with their customer service team, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it was because it was around Christmas time. The dress arrived quickly, in one piece and I'm more than happy with it, but the staff are awful.

        I paid £325 for this dress, and was raging to find out that it was reduced to half price the very next day! I believe there are only a few left ins tock, so if you're looking a for a flowing ball gown and like the look of this one then you should snap it up quickly! Just remember to order a size smaller! I'll give the dress 4 out of stars as even though it breathtakingly beautiful, it isn't quite perfect.

        Thank you for reading!


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