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George by Asda

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119 Reviews
  • Covenient
  • Great Prices
  • George davies has now left Asda and so it all may go down hill, but fingers crossed it doesn't
  • Not too Trend Aware
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    119 Reviews
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      16.10.2014 15:33
      Very helpful


      • "Wash Well"
      • "Covenient "
      • "Great Prices"


      • "Not too Trend Aware"

      Good for Basics and Children, but not up to date enough for me anymore

      I have a long standing relationship with George. I remember being 12 and buying their £3 jeans and customising them, with bleaches, rips, embroidery, you name it.

      When I worked at ASDA I would often buy things on my way out of the store. The clothes have always been a decent price( and with the exception of their leggings, which are rubbish), good quality too. I recently through away a jump that cost me £3 five years ago. Their little ballet flats as also fantastic, starting at £6 and lasting just as long as a pair of the more expensive ones do.

      My issue is that I do not feel they are moving with the times. Yes, they have the graduate knit wear collection and other similar items, but I can not think of one person my age who would wear it. I would struggles find someone my mother in law's age too, if I'm honest.

      They used to do the amazing G21 range, but I cannot find this on their website anymore and nor is it in my local store. This range was cheap, up to date and great quality. This needs to be brought back.

      George in still great for basics and has a amazing range of kids and babies clothes. They even have a brand for the more mature women, which just appears quite sophisticated.

      In Conclusion

      As much as this brand is great for socks and the occassioal pair of fleecy PJs, I would have great difficulty buying my everyday clothing items. More for parents I think.


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      09.09.2013 20:22
      Very helpful



      Great selection of quality clothing-especially for kids!

      Who or what ever thought of selling clothing in supermarkets was a genius! Despite my initial concerns and reservations, I have to say I am a complete convert! Why? The quality of the clothes supermarkets are selling these days in my opinion are just as good as the high street, the range and variety is fantastic, clothing not only can be fashionable but wearable but most importantly my two favourite reasons-affordable price and convenience in regards to location!

      Why do I buy clothing in Asda?

      Asda is the closest supermarket to my home and in a good and bad way, was even easier and quicker to get to when I used to drop my son off at his nursery every morning. I shop a lot in Asda because on a whole, their food items are priced well and my shop tends to be more affordable compared to my local Sainsburys. So if I spend more time shopping for food items in this store, chances are I will always have a look if not buy their items in the George section.

      What do I like about the George?

      Firstly, I love the size of it. My Asda is quite a big one, Im not sure if its classified as a Superstore, but seems Super big to me! On the ground floor is where all the grocery items are, stationary, newspapers, magazines and entertainiment ( including games, DVDs, TVs etc ). On the top floor as you walk in, whether that would be by lift or escalators, your greeted by the DIY section on your right with items for your car directly behind you. On your left is homeware in regards to bedding, cushions etc. The following few aisles are made up of kitchen ware, general homeware and toys, and then the rest is George clothing. On the right hand side you can find the baby girls clothing, then younger girls, then girls. Closer to the til ( its recently been moved ) is now the childrens section for school uniforms. Right at the back on the left hand side is mens clothing, that moves into boys, then younger boys, then baby boys and the rest is for us ladies! The general area is light and bright, very inviting and easy to find the section that you need.

      The main things I buy in George are for the children. The thing that strikes me more than anything else is variety. I was in the store today and the amount of superhero stuff is impressive ( my son is superhero mad! ), and appropriate for the time of year we are now heading into e.g a night time all in one Iron Man, various sizes, long sleeved and was a good likeness to the costume version. Some of these items I don't see anywhere else on my shopping travels, and price wise I feel they are fair and worth while considering you are buying genuine merchandise from Marvel.

      Ladies clothing-classic cuts in regards to dresses or up to date fashion trends in looks, funky and fun sweaters with various slogans and embellishments. All of which I find can cater for all ages and styles, as they cover all bases.

      Lovely baby clothes down to the typical girlie girl items, or the sporty baby boy stuff or neutral pale and interesting outfits.

      Click and Collect
      You can order items from the website and have them delivered directly to the store. My store says they will do this within 24 hours as long as stock is available. This is great if what you want isn't in stock physically in the store, but more importantly if your abit lazy like me and know exactly what you want to buy and cant be bothered finding item, checking sizes and picking them up. Order it online, pick it up when available and you don't have to deal with all the in between bits then queuing up to pay for them. Or even better, just get it delivered to your front door! Having a website where you can by George clothes means they have the upper hand compared to Sainsburys TU range as they don't have one!

      What George items have I bought?

      For myself, its mainly been the basic stuff-black and white vests, short sleeved tops, black trousers/leggings, ballet pumps. My children have had much more....

      1. Spiderman jeans-blue stonewash jeans, with red and black webbing on the back pockets, and a picture of Spiderman on the top of one of the legs for £10.00.
      2. Wellies. Last year start of nursery and Ive never even looked at willies let alone owned them, but had to buy some for my son. Blue in colour with a lime green sole, around the £5.00 mark.
      3. Butterfly cap. Pink girls baseball cap with butterfly detail on front for £1.50.
      4. Basic boys white vests, pack of 3 for £2.50.
      5. Girls denim skirt with multi coloured elasticated waist, on sale at the time costing £3.00.
      Not to mention socks, underwear, tshirts, babygros, baby vests....the list goes on and on.


      The quality of the items Ive bought have been very good. No funny stitching, colours and patterns have stayed true, shape tends to stay very well and all machine washable!


      Abit hit or miss, but Ill explain way. I always have to buy bigger for my son in regards to things such as tshirts. Hes quite a stocky lad, so at least one age size up if not 2 fits him perfectly. Now, if we wanted a slightly more baggy feel without him looking like a Hobbit wearing giants clothing, then we would be looking at going even one size further! But to be fair, this is the case with most clothing. If I got him a top that was for his age range, its just too tight and its obvious it wont last long in regards to time. Leg length seems to be ok, although Ive noticed that could change any day now. His sister seems the same and requires a size up in regards to tops and leggings, but fine when it comes to things like jeans, trousers and skirts.

      What I don't like

      Availability-when Ive tried to buy basic for myself e.g vests, trousers etc, they never seem to have my size or I have to ask for someone to check the back to see if its available. On top Im a size 10, bottom part of me varies, and depending on fit, cut and brand, Im either a 10 or 12, but trousers wise from George Im a 10. Both very popular sizes, and can be hit and miss whether its available in my store depending on what item Im purchasing. On one occasion, I tired to pick up a specific pair of trousers in size 10, none were in stock. The size 12 were too big and opted for an 8 thinking they would be too small. Strangely enough they fitted. I haven't been a size 8 since I was in High School, so what happened there? Needless to say that was a one off, never to happen again ( fitting in a size 8 that is! ).

      Another availability issue. When the weather becamse beyond hot afew months ago, after realising my daughter had lost her loved Peppa Pig hat, I ran like a mad woman to my local store to get some hats for her. I was debating on whether I should go to Sainsburys, but I assumed with it being much smaller there would be less variety, and price wise Asda are a touch cheaper. When I got there, there wasn't a single hat. Obviously, everyone was thinking the same as me-stock up, but such a big store they should have had stock in preparation.

      Fashion for women-I love a lot of their stuff, but rarely buy it. I stick to the basic stuff. The reason for it is it reminds me of Primark back in the day ( when I used to shop there ). Everyone would buy stuff from there and you recognised the pieces on people and knew where it was from! Nothing in regards to quality, that's not in question, but you get so familiar with what they sell if you visit it often enough that at times it can be alittle mass produced, especially if you live in certain areas of the country.

      Would I buy George clothing again? Yes I would but mainly for the childrens clothes, especially for my son. I tend to go for items that are essential e.g vests, socks, willies, and one of pieces that are different and stand out, like the superhero stuff. Good quality, decent prices, plenty of variety and change ranges according to fashion and season well and perfect location for me to shop! The only problem is, everyone else in my area has the same idea......


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        16.08.2013 21:47
        Very helpful
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        hit and miss but bargains to be had

        Whenever I am in Asda I always take the opportunity to browse round their clothing collection in their George section. I tend to find that it can be hit and miss - either there are a number of things I really like or there is nothing at all. I usually have a look in their women's section for me but mostly in their boys section for my son.

        As far as the women's clothes go, I find that there is usually a good selection - there are numerous jumpers in the winter months and bikinis and lightweight tops in the summer. There is also a good selection of 'staple' items such as jeans, leggings and smart trousers for work etc. I do find some styles to be frumpy or too bright but there is usually something for every taste. The prices are also good and represent quite good value. I do find the sizes can be quite generous so I often have to buy a size less than I usually would - so it is definitely worth trying things on before buying. The quality of the clothes seems ok. I have had items that have gone into holes quickly or where the hem has come down but equally I have had items which have stayed in brilliant condition. All items do tend to wash up well though.

        With regards to little boys clothes I tend to find that there is not much selection here - there certainly seems a lot less than there is for girls. I have bought him several pairs of trousers from here as well as a few t-shirts and jumpers. When he was a baby, I bought a few sleepsuits and pyjama sets in here too. The sleepsuits and pyjamas always fitted him well, had lovely colourful designs and washed up very well so I was really pleased with them. I find that the clothes I buy him now can be a little larger than other shops in his size so I tend to have to put them buy for him to grow in to but once he does they fit well and look smart. These also wash up well too.

        When George have sale events on, there can be real bargains to be had - especially online (you can select to collect in store so not postage costs). I usually use these as an opportunity to stock my son's wardrobe in the next size up! George also do some lovely dressing up outfits for kids - great for parties etc. I got my son a Halloween outfit last year and it was gorgeous and great value for the £8 paid, so always worth a look for novelty items too!


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          15.08.2013 00:50
          Very helpful



          Try clothes from Asda next time you shop there :)

          I live near an Asda/Walmart superstore and they do a wide range of clothes from their own clothing label, George. I often stop by the clothing section of the store as they do some nice things at good prices.

          When you go into the George clothing area, sometimes the layout can be a little messy but there are always staff around hanging extra clothes out and tidying the area up. There is also usually a couple of staff at the changing rooms ready to show you in when you wish to try something on.

          George sell a wide range of clothes, including casual clothes for children, men, women, formal clothes like suits and dresses, shoes, socks and tights, underwear, watches, other accessories and swim/beachwear. They also sell makeup.

          George take note of the latest trends and create pieces of clothing that are fashionable. They also do classics such as jeans and plain tops which are ideal for wearing all year round. In winter time, they stock more coats and cosy jumpers, while in summer they focus more on t shirts, swimwear and sandals. There are mannequins dotted round the clothing area, dressed in the latest clothes George has to offer to give you an idea of an outfit you may like to try on.

          I have bought a good few cosy jumpers from George, and they are always good quality, the same quality as say, New Look. They are good prices, the most I have paid for a jumper from there is £14 and it has lasted well and not gone baggy or anything since it's been in the wash a good few times. I have purchased shoes and they have all been true to size and lasted well. I have brought makeup too, as I like to try out new eyeshadow and lipstick trends, but I don't like to spend a fortune on branded makeup, and I find George's makeup to be of good quality and it lasted well.

          There is often a sale section although it is rather messily laid out. There is meant to be a rail for each size of clothes, however lazy customers pick up stuff then chuck it back on random shelves, so it isn't really Asda's fault. There constantly seems to be an employee there trying to rearrange everything back to the way it should be so at least they are aware of the problem and trying to sort it instead of just leaving it.

          Asda do a good range of womens sizes, normal sizes go up from size 8-24, so whether you are little or a plus size, there should be something to suit you. There is also a 'petite' section of clothes, as well as a maternity section for those who are expecting.

          I personally don't shop for underwear at George however the bra sizes are a little disappointing only going up to a 38. No good if you are a plus size and you are wanting a bra from here.

          Overall, George at Asda is ideal for if you are wanting well priced, decent quality casual clothes. You can pick up some nice jumpers and even a pretty dress and high heels for cheaper than most shops.

          George also has a website if you want to order clothes online.

          Recommended for women, men and kids.


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          14.08.2013 23:52
          Very helpful



          George by Asda cannot be beaten in my eyes - 5 Stars!

          George by Asda

          Asda is my favourite supermarket of the lot and in the past year or so George by Asda has become one of my favourite places to buy clothing and shoes, which is something I didn't expect myself to be saying! I am lucky enough to have a large Asda store with a very well stocked George clothing department only ten minutes away in the car that I visit weekly for both food and treats for myself.

          What is George?

          George by Asda was first launched in 1990 as a range of clothing marketed as quality fashion items at affordable prices. It was names George after the founder of Next who was the brands original chief designer, George Davies.

          The Range

          As I have said I started buying clothing, shoes and accessories from the George range about a year ago. I tend to shop on the high street and online a lot and saw on one of my favourite bargain shopping website (Hotukdeals.com) that George by Asda had a huge sale on and decided to have a browse. I ended up ordering around twelve items of clothing to my store and ever since then have shopped in store and online frequently.

          The main categories of items that George sell are;








          The two departments I frequently shop in are the Women's and Shoes. The clothing range really is what you would expect to see in any clothing store and caters for all the different styles and seasons. For myself I have found it excellent for work wear and more recently holidays clothes. They have a great range of smart dresses, trousers and shirts for the office at extremely reasonable prices. For example a current Midi style office dress costs £14 at full price.

          I bought two pairs of holiday shorts (short shorts, as is the current trend) one dark denim and one belted black linen style for £8 and £12 respectively which are great quality and excellent value. I also picked up two bikinis, I struggle to find pretty, cupped sized bikinis in shops for a reasonable price and the George range cater for this and more! In my Asda store there are at least 12 different styles of cup sized bikinis to choose from which I think is fabulous and have recommended them to many friends for their holidays.

          Shoes again are something I can highly recommend buying from the George range, with most costing well under £20. I have bought a few pairs for the office from George which tend to get bashed about on my long walk to work, but the quality is really good and for the price I don't mind if after 4-5 months I am in need of a new pair. They stock heels, boots, flats and sandals and again have great styles and lots of choice.

          Asda also have a range of Designers that make some of their styles, these items are literally a couple of pounds more expensive than the standard George by Asda clothing. Designers include Moda, G21 and Barbara Hulanicki.

          Another great thing about the George range is that you can order online and pick it up in your local store for free a day or two later, or home delivery rom £2.95. I have done this many times and have never had a problem with missing or damages items.

          In addition to this Asda operate a 100 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with all George by Asda items, meaning if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the George clothing purchase, simply return it within 100 days with your proof of purchase to any Asda, or by post for an exchange or refund. I did this with a pair of Jeans that I found to be saggy rather than skinny and there were no questions asked, no faces pulled and a refund promptly given. Great customer service!

          I really can't fault the George by Asda range and am always recommending them to my friends and family. They are great value, good quality and really do have a fab choice of clothing and accessories on offer that easily match the high street styles, 5 stars!


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          14.08.2013 04:26
          Very helpful



          A place to buy anything for your home and family.

          I'm reviewing GEORGE at ASDA.
          I'm very fortunate in having an ASDA 10mins from me in one direction (up the road) and another one 10 mins in the other direction....down toward town.
          One store is 80% food and only 20% clothing and home wares, but the other is pure GEORGE filled with clothing and Home wares.

          Up until recently I used the one up the road from us(80% food) because I was generally doing food shopping and they have a wonderful butcher with a franchise in that one. Yes, I'd make the odd visit to the clothing section, but not too often.

          Then came the toddlers and life changed .
          I look after them from 8am until 5.30pm 4 days a week,and till 9pm on the 5th day ,so they have taken over our lives to a massive degree. This means our shopping habits have evolved and over time we have become the purchasers of their necessities including clothing. That's where GEORGE at ASDA has been a God send.
          I had rarely looked at the children's clothes there unless buying a gift so I wasn't very aware of their range at all.
          However, the toddlers mum entrusted me to buy their summer clothing this year and that has meant LOOKING at the items.
          I'm all for the kids looking trendy but I want it of a decent quality, so I read labels and yes, I'm that woman who opens packages to feel the fabric in the knickers and pyjamas.
          It doesn't have to be top-notch for me because the reality is that the items mostly just last 6 months till the kids outgrow them. 4 months in the case of summer clothing. But having worked with fabrics in the past I know my way round them a bit.
          So, clutching a handful of toddler-mum's cash I went on a spree at the GEORGE only store at Cityside Mall (used to be called Yorkgate) in York St Belfast around April and have been topping up with various little things with my own cash ever since.

          Holly is three and definite about what she likes, so the challenge is finding things combining her taste and my standards. But we managed it and she and her less demanding brother have all the summer clothes they need, of which 70% are GEORGE at ASDA items. I check a lot with their mum regarding how things wash ....do they shrink/go floppy/fade etc ?... and she reports no problems and has been really happy with the value for money. Plus I dress these kids and do a toddler wash once a week of things they leave behind here (and the pyjamas they sometimes arrive in), and I truthfully haven't had any disasters or noticed items looking tired or worn out.
          Finding the quality I wanted has encouraged me to buy some of my own clothing as well as items for Mr Myloh from GEORGE . The whole ground floor is dedicated to clothing while upstairs you can find a fantastic range of home items, gardening items ,cookware, electrical items , even Yankee Candles, and OF COURSE ....toys.
          This means I can plonk Conal with hubby in the toy section doing manly boy-toy things while Holly and I do a girly shop in the clothing section downstairs.
          Yes, it costs me money. How can I resist that Hello Kitty swimsuit Holly can't take her eyes off or the set of cars Conal can't put down ? I don't spoil these two. I can't afford to, and anyway I feel kids need to get used to "no" early in life. But if they've been especially good they get a treat and it will often be something from GEORGE at ASDA.

          There's something for everyone at GEORGE really and I have never left there empty handed. I might not have found what I went in for, but I always find something I feel I need.
          They also do a varied range of quality/prices. For example you can buy a cut price pan if that's all you need, or you can buy the more expensive TEFAL or other brand named pans. Similarly they do quality brand name electrical goods, or basic cheaper ones.

          I believe they sell online too but not used that yet. I'm happier doing tactile shopping and quite enjoy it.

          Our GEORGE has a small cafeteria area, as do many of the larger stores, and the toilets are well stocked and always pristine.
          There are escalators AND stairs and there is a disabled lift at the back of the store.

          The staff are friendly and helpful so that even the "Would you like a bag for those 4 tops and 3 pairs of shorts madam ?" isn't annoying or patronising. We have a carrier bag tax here, so you learn to bring a carrier bag with you or you will be asked if you want to buy one. Guess who has a selection of neatly rolled carrier bags bound with an elastic band in her handbag ?

          Would I recommend GEORGE at ASDA ? Of course I would. Pop in and you will be surprised.

          Thank you for reading.~~~myloh.


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            12.08.2013 13:58
            Very helpful



            Excellent for clothes if you're on a tight budget!

            Prior to Workington getting an Asda store I had only been in Asda a couple of times, and hadn't bought any clothes there. However, when we got the store I got hooked on with the George range of clothes, mainly because they are cheap, and I am poor! I have to say I am not a person bothered by fashion....I tend to buy things due to comfort and sometimes due to pretty colours!

            When my parents come up to stay (twice yearly) they usually take me on a trip to Asda to fill up my cupboards and freezer (which is really lucky for me...and something they got into the habit of after I got divorced and had no spare money anymore), and I can often get away with putting some clothes into the trolley too...which is very much appreciated by me as otherwise I can't really justify spending much money on clothes.

            ---What have I bought---
            I can't do an exact inventory of what I've bought (well, me and my parents combined), but the things that stick in my mind are, approximately:
            * Work trousers - 3 pairs of black trousers (one pin-striped), 3 grey (in varying sizes depending on my weight at the time) - £6 to £8 each!
            * 3 other pairs of trousers, including a lovely pair of grey trousers (I bought recently) which are a cross between combats and jogging bottoms, and a pair of brown jeans with a belt. I think that the most expensive pair was £17.
            * 3 pairs of pyjamas (some long, some short 0 but mainly pink coloured) and a nightie - they have a lovely selection of nightwear at very reasonable prices - some has well-known characters on it (Disney etc), others are more plain. Some sets are just £10.
            * 1 dressing gown - reduced to £6 - absolute bargain! A late Christmas present from my boyfriend as he didn't want me to be cold at his house!
            * About 10 to 15 tops - some plain (a variety of short and long-sleeved - often available in special deals), some with things on, like a recent one I bought which is pink with a cat on it (for £6)
            * At least 5 cardigans - some full-sleeved, some 3-quarter length sleeved. Their cardigans are fantastic value and excellent for work.
            * Approximately 5 assorted jumpers - some for work wear, some for casual wear. In particular I bought one lovely deep pink jumper for just £8 (and a couple of days later annoyingly I saw it had been reduced to £4) which is so comfortable and washes really well.
            * Various underwear and socks - although I don't tend to buy them in Asda. However, what I have bought has lasted well.

            My mum's bought a lovely beige furry coat once when she came up to visit...I can't remember what it cost, but I know it was cheap, and she had loads of lovely comments from people when wearing it! I am currently tempted by some lightweight jackets in Asda which cost £19...so might see if I can pick up a bargain if they are discounted!

            George at Asda also do School Uniform. From what I hear, it is good value. I think this will probably be my first port of call when I have children!

            Asda seems to be quite generous in sizing (probably to make women feel better about themselves), but it can vary a bit over products. For instance I've had a pair of trousers in one size which fits well, but the same size in another style might be a bit tight. Our local Asda does have changing rooms...but personally I prefer to buy and then return them if they don't fit....or hope I'll shrink into them! My Asda clothes vary from an 8 to a 14 (my size has tended to vary a bit!)

            ---The quality---
            Ok, so when you're buying a pair of trousers for £6 then you can't expect them to be amazing quality. The majority of my Asda work trousers I have had to sew up the hem, usually after the first wash. However, this isn't a big problem...and I have been known to sew the hems of my trousers whilst wearing them...to save time by not taking them off (that doesn't actually work!) After a while the buttons might need sewing back on, but again I don't think this is a problem so long as you don't lose the button!

            I have found in particular that the trousers I've bought from work have worn extremely well. They don't shrink when washing, and the black ones retain their colour. My current pair of grey trousers I must have worn at least 100 times, and they are still going strong - for £6 that is absolutely amazing! Best still I've found that none of the clothes I've bought from Asda have needed ironing, which is good as I don't do ironing - my ironing board is in the loft. The tops and cardigans as well wash really well, and last for ages.

            I think my gorgeous pink dressing gown is one of my best purchases from George at Asda - it is so warm and fluffy and washes well - an absolute bargain at £6! I almost wish I'd bought 2. I hope to pick up some nice slippers for this winter (slipper seem to be seasonal, I'm desperate for some new ones now) so I hope they'll have them in stock soon.

            ---Other thoughts---
            I feel that there is something in George at Asda to suit everyone (except those who like to spend more money). There are more dressy outfits available as well which I haven't really paid much attention to (but probably nothing you'd want to wear to a wedding). My mum and I will both happily buy clothes from there, in fact my mum's friend (who came up to visit with my parents) and I bought the same pair of jeans - she's 70 (although a VERY young 70) and I'm 32.

            In the Workington store the men's clothing selection is a bit limited though, and it's not really something I've paid too much attention to, but my boyfriend has bought a jacket there in the past.

            However, the children's clothes and baby clothes are lovely, and excellent value (especially when the Asda sale Is on), and I am without doubt that I'll be shopping there when I have children.

            Due to my current finances I am happy to have a great deal of my wardrobe from George at Asda (most of the rest is from New Look and Primark)...but even if money wasn't an issue I'd still be happy to buy my clothes there. I imagine that for the prices they possibly aren't the most ethically produced clothes, but I could be wrong. For me I very much appreciate the low price, and certainly get the most out of my clothes from Asda - they last me for ages.

            5 out of 5 stars from me.


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              11.08.2013 22:38



              good clothing for great price

              Before i had kids i used the think clothing from a supermarket werent good at all, especially because they are cheaper. So stubborn me always walked past the clothing untill I got kids and life got more expensive for me. I heard people talk about the clothing and thought well it wont hurt to have a look. I sure changed my opinion.

              My first experience ended with a full shoppingtrolley. They have such variety in clothing AND what i find a big plus is that they have equal amounts of girls/boys/men/woman clothing. I find in a lot of shops its more for girls and woman.

              The girls clothing i buy my daughters is fashionable and does last long and so cheap. They have such a variety in clothing like:

              pyjamas, onesies, slippers, shoes, tops, jeans, coats, school uniform, socks, underwear, hats, scarfs etc.

              So whenever I do my foodshoping I always have a look at the clothing and it never happend that i didnt bought anything. Some people that i know are a bit ashamed to say they by clothing from George because its in a supermarket but i am proud to say i shop there, good clothing for a great price.


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              11.08.2013 21:57
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Lovely clothes

              I am lucky in that my 2 girls aren't very destructive with clothing, not too much falling over or scrapes but I still like to buy decent clothes for them and myself at decent prices and for this I generally use Asda's George range.

              George have a great range of clothing, they have babies, young children, older children, womens and menswear so you can kit out the whole family. I remember when I was younger my mam buying items from George clothing for me and my younger sister so I knew they were decent so when it came to starting to buy clothes myself and for my family I was confident in the brand.

              More recently Asda have started to do a 100 day guarantee on the condition of their clothing which I feel gives you added confidence that the clothing will last and best they have even put the guarantee on the school uniform too which obviously gets a lot of wear and washing.

              George clothing covers underwear, footwear, nightwear, everyday clothing and dressier clothing for special occasions, they even have added accessories such as jewellery and hair pieces which means you can kit yourself and family out in one store.

              I like the way that Asda has their George section laid out as it is easy to follow around and makes it easy to wander around without missing anything, I have been in a number of stores and they all seem to use a similar layout. There is also full Asda clothing stores one of which is near to us which is great, if I am shopping for a few pieces of clothing at the same tie I will use the George store as they have more range under one roof.

              You can also buy George clothing on the internet so that you can access the full range, you can have the clothes delivered to your home address for a charge but also to the store so that you can pick them up at no extra cost which is the option I often used. If you have previously ordered online then when there is a sale about to start you get an email with prior warning which is great.

              I have always found that the clothes are great quality and they always wash well, the jeans always seem to run so I always use colour catchers when washing them the first couple of times. George clothing are really well priced and you can get a full outfit for a child for under £10 and the sales are really great I recently got pairs of jeans for both my girls for £1 a pair. I find that the sizing is pretty good although my daughter who has not long turned 6 has to have size 6-7 rather than 5-6 to get the right length for her but she is pretty tall.

              I would recommend the George brand as it is great quality clothing, long lasting clothing and sells at great prices, I am proud to save money and kits my children out with George that way we have extra pennies for treats so 5 stars from us.


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                11.03.2013 20:37
                Very helpful



                George at Asda

                George at Asda

                To explain the clothing line George at Asda I will quote an article I read, "Asda has its own range of clothing known as George which was created in 1990. This is marketed as quality fashion clothing at affordable prices. Walmart also sells the George brand in Argentina, Canada, China, India, Japan, Mexico, and the US (and in South Korea until Walmart pulled out of that market). This George label was named after George Davies, the founder of Next, who was its original chief designer. He is no longer associated with the brand, although it has aimed to remain true to the high quality, low price business model that he established. In 2005, Asda stated that the George range was a £1.75 billion business, including sales from Walmart stores in the USA and Germany. Mintel estimate that George is the fourth largest retailer of clothing in the United Kingdom, after Marks & Spencer, the Arcadia Group and Next. Asda was the first supermarket to stock wedding dresses. Part of the George line, they cost just £60 while adult bridesmaid dresses ranged between £30 and £35, at launch."

                I mainly shop in Asda for clothes for my kids. I had never really thought about Asda for clothing but then a few years ago a friend bought me some clothing as a new baby present for my little girl and it was absolutely adorable and so I decided to have a browse and have been buying some of their clothes from there ever since. What I really like about them is that they do a lot of branded clothing. We are big Disney fans and they have lots of cool Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse clothing that my son and daughter both love. They also have characters like Peppa Pig, Mario and Sonic and Hello Kitty so whatever your childs favourite character is, you're likely to find it here. The clothes are amazingly cheap too, expect to pay about £3 for a t-shirt which I think is great value and the good thing is the clothes wash really well and wear well too so no one will know that you only paid a few pounds for a nice outfit.

                George also do womens clothing which I have to admit I don't buy much from. The styles are nice but I think they suit older people (in the age 40-50 region) way better than they fit younger people. The clothing is not as trendy as some other high street stores, which is not a bad thing, I think you can buy pieces here that will slot into your wardrobe and work for everyday but I just think the cut, shape and some of the fabrics are a bit more suited to older people.

                What I do like George for is basics. They do a really nice range of Pajamas for women and they sell them in separates so whenever I need a new pair of trousers to sleep in I will look in Asda.I just bought a really nice pair actually for just £4 which I think is well worth it.

                I haven't really bought any shoes from the range apart from some flip flops so I can't really comment on them, how well they last etc but again I think the styles are a bit too old for my liking and they are not as fashionable as I usually go for.

                In terms of price and for children's clothes I don't think you can go wrong with George at Asda, its just not somewhere I would regularly shop for myself.


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                  09.03.2013 14:26
                  Very helpful



                  Fantastic for keeping up with trends without breaking the bank

                  Every weekend i visit my local Asda store to do the weekly grocery shop. Every week i enter the store and will myself not to wander through George because i know that every time i visit the department, i come out with something new.

                  I have been buying clothing from George for years now. If offers a convenient way to shop for up to date fashion trends and the clothing etc. is all very reasonably priced. It has a range of ladies wear, mens wear and childrens wear from baby ages right up to teenage years. It also has an extensive shoe range and accessory section so you literally can buy an entire outfit here along with your food shopping.

                  A basic top in George generally comes in at between £6 and £8 with jeans costing around £10 and jackets around about £30. I have several coats and jackets which i have worn for years and which have kep their quality beautifully. With tops, i tend to find that they don't survive more than maybe 10 washes, however for £6 i think this is pretty reasonable and at the rate fashions change, by the time they are ready for the rag bag, something new has come in anyway.

                  Buying clothing from George i manage to keep up to date with trends without breaking the bank and in this day in age, that is quite an achievement.


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                  09.03.2013 12:36
                  Very helpful



                  Bargain clothes

                  I don't shop at Asda very often, purely because there isn't one very close to where I live. Whenever I do go in there though, I will always have a look at their clothing section and I normally come away with a few bits and pieces! I also often browse their website and keep an eye on the sale items as they often have lovely clothes reduced to under a fiver.

                  Asda's clothing range is called George and it has been around for ages, I am 19 and I remember going with my mum to get my polo shirts and pe kit from there when I was about 5! They sell men's, children's, baby's & women's clothing as well as accessories such as scarves, gloves, hats, shoes and jewellery.

                  The layout in my local store of the clothing is rather mismatched, and I find it hard to keep track of which aisle I have already been down and which I haven't, as its a bit of a maze! I am sure that this varies from store to store, though.

                  Over the years I have had many items of George clothing, mainly simple things like leggings and tee shirts as well as quite a few pairs of pyjamas. The prices are very reasonable, although not as cheap as they used to be. The prices are in the same range as Primark, and the quality is a bit hit and miss.

                  The style of clothing is ok, the women's range isn't great in my opinion because a lot of the styles can be quite mature, but dont get me wrong they do have some really on trend stuff like hoodies, slogan tees, prted leggings etc. The babies section is great, I have got my son so many clothes from the sale section for pretty much pennies!

                  I love how trendy the baby clothes are - they don't just sell boring old vests and baby grows, they sell groovy little hats, chinos, soft jeans, little trainers etc. Kai is one swag looking baby and I gear him out in mainly George clothing. I currently have a pair of George plimsoles which I bought last year and they look just like toms, they're so comfortable and they were only about £6.

                  I have got several pairs of pyjamas from there too which were about £10 a pair and they're still soft and not bobbly or anything after 6 months, maybe longer. I also have loads of knickers, socks and a few bras too. One of the bras broke after I'd worn it once or twice, the underwire had come out but it was only about £6 so I wasn't devastated or anything and couldn't be bothered to get a refund.

                  My fiancé has got a few of the simple plain shirts for work, these were £12 if I remember right and they're great quality - wash well, fit well, nice material. The leggings, which are £6 or around there are really good quality and fit nicely. George offers a maternity range and although they don't officially have a plus sized range, a majority of the clothing goes up to a 26.

                  I'm a size 12 and always buy my true size and all of the clothing fits nicely and is never too tight or too baggy. George also sells jackets and coats, and although I no longer have it I remember buying a gorgeous faux leather jacket a couple of years ago for about £10 and it lasted me for about 2 years before I got rid of it and when I got rid of it it was still in great condition.

                  George clothing overall is brilliant, it is really cheap and the clothes are on trend. The quality can vary a bit, but 99% of the clothes I've bought from there are as good quality as my more expensive clothes.


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                  24.02.2013 01:26
                  Very helpful



                  A great brand.

                  ~*~*~ George by Asda ~*~*~

                  Living where I do my local supermarket has always been Asda. It is a 10 minute walk from where I live now, where as the local Tesco is a 15 minute bus journey away. By car Asda is a 4 - 5 minute drive and Tesco by comparrison will take roughly 10 - 12 minutes. So I do tend to opt for Asda more so than any other supermarket.

                  Of course I can't just go in there and only get my food shopping, I will have to jump on the travelator and pop upstairs to see the clothes.

                  I have four children. All boys. Boys are generally not the cleanest, nor tidiest of children. I have seen many t-shirts ruined, many trousers broken over the years so I like to buy cheaper clothes for them to play in, however I don't like them to wear cheap looking clothes and this is where I think George clothing comes into play. The clothes are not expensive, you can pick up smart trendy tops starting from around £1 and jeans which can start at around £4, however the £4 jeans are the more basic type so I usually spend around £8 - £10 for jeans as they look trendier.

                  My eldest son wears a compulsory uniform for school and after school/weekends/holidays he is likely to wear tracksuits or maybe chinos with a smart top. Tracksuits I buy branded such as Nike, Adidas, Carbrini etc. But when it comes to smarter dressing I can find really nice clothes for him in Asda. I can often pick up smart chino type trousers and a polo t-shirt for under £20 and again whilst his trainers and school shoes are a branded make, I will pick up dap style shoes for him in Asda which cost around £4 - £7.

                  My 9yr old wears tracksuits pretty much all of the time but his t-shirts are often from George as they are always brilliant quality at cheap prices.

                  My 5yr old wears a complete mixture and can some days be in tracksuits, jeans, or chinos, depending on his mood in the morning! Apart from his tracksuits I would say the majority of his clothes are from George.

                  My 18 month old is pretty much like my 5yr old. His clothes alternate between Next and George stuff mainly and whilst I do think some Next items do fair better than the George stuff, you cant really complain about the prices.

                  For baby clothing, sleepsuits, vests and the like I really think George is one of the best places in terms of value for money. Packs of 3 sleepsuits range from £5 upwards, vests start at £2.75 for a pack of 3. The quality is excellent and I have never had any problems with any of the baby stuff I have bought. In fact I have used some sleepsuits and vests (bought in George) for each of my four children, starting of course with my eldest. They have all washed and worn brilliantly.

                  I have also bought many girls items for my neices and for friends children and they have all been brilliant. Whenever there is a sale I end up with loads girls clothes because they are too good to not buy at the incredibly low sale prices. I picked up a three pack of baby grows for my niece just before Christmas for £2, the were pink, patterned and one with a sewed on teddy bear, it's a shame there was none of the blue ones left for my son!

                  Of course there's the sleepwear and underwear, and these too are all excellently priced and good quality. I have taken to buying the cheapest black George socks for my eldest son for school. They are just £2.50 for a 7 pack of socks, I buy a pack every time I go up to Asda as my son tends to loose socks all the time. These wash and wear brilliantly and don't fade to a washed out black colour like some of the other black socks I have bought in the past.

                  I tend to always get the boys pyjamas from Asda. They have cheaper non-character ones and then the character ones too which usually cost around £5 - £8. They also have very cool onesies at the moment starting at £6.

                  Moving on from the kids clothes they also have the ladies and mens clothing.

                  Amongst the ladies clothing you have three brands, as well as the usual George clothing. You have -

                  Barbara Hulanicki

                  And also by looking online at www.direct.asda.com/george you will find that current trends can be found by going through various options, at the moment you will find -

                  Floral Glam
                  Back to Work
                  Back to Boho
                  Clashing Prints
                  All Things Bright
                  Return of the Mac
                  Be Seen In

                  This makes it easy to find the clothing in each trend rather than trawling through the whole lot on the site!
                  Of course in store the clothes are just pretty much set out in any which way. In my local Asda you will find the G21 collection all set in one place, which for the last year or so has been towards the back of the store.

                  Asda clothes are pretty well sized with sizes from the George range going from a size 8 to a size 24. The G21 collection go from a size 6 to a size 18/20.

                  I always find the sizes to be true and fit very well.

                  I think George do well with current trends and always have nice clothes.

                  I can't really comment too much on the mens wear apart from a few t-shirts and shorts that my hubby has had in the past, however these have all washed and worn excellently.
                  Jeans tend to range from a 30 - 42 waist and they have the short, regular and long length legs available.

                  Some t-shirts/jumpers can go up to a xxxxl but the sizes generally range from s - xxl.

                  And then of course there's the nightwear and underwear which I find excellent. They have character pj's/nighties, shorts, knicker and vest style, there's lots to choose from. They have fleecy pj's, cotton, stretchy, the choice is pretty vast. I buy a lot of my nightwear from George simply because they often have something I love! I also buy a lot of slippers from George too and they have, flip flop style, open toe, closed toe, bootie types. All at cheap prices and the quality is, once again superb.

                  George also sell shoes and I have over the years bought a few pairs of shoes/boots/flipflops etc from Asda.

                  I always look out for the sales and can very often find a good range in the sale where items can be half price or less. I recently bought two pairs of reversible jeans for myself, yep they sound a little weird but they are in fact great. I paid £3 a pair instead of £18! Bargain!

                  In my opinion George is a brilliant place to shop for clothes. Whenever I see a child dressed in a scruffy way I simply don't understand it, when a parent says they cannot afford to buy their child/ren nice clothes yet they can smoke/wear nice clothes etc themselves, I just hate it. George clothing is affordable and great quality, trendy looking which is all you need.

                  10/10 for George.

                  I heard John Bishop (the comedian) say on TV the other night something like -

                  If your buying your clothes in the same place you buy your food it can't be a good thing!

                  I think he is wrong! Yes, I laughed but he's still wrong. There really is nothing wrong with George at all and the fact it's located in a supermarket means it's more convenient for busy parents.

                  Thanks for reading :o) x


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                    02.12.2012 23:38



                    Handy being in a supermarket and fairly reasonable prices.

                    I have bought clothes from George at ASDA for many years now but more and more recently I am finding they don't have what I want or just nothing that excites me. I feel that I used to buy quite a lot of clothes from here and it was handy being at a supermarket, so I could just corporate it into my weekly shop, however I find things are different now.
                    I am part of the younger generation I guess you would say and they do their G:21 collection and even then I feel they don't have the good products anymore. Ok so it could just be my opinion, but things seem to be dated and just nothing nice.
                    I still feel George's prices are fairly reasonable on most products, but its like they haven't kept up with the times. Even their accessories (bags mainly) I just feel aren't suitable, not me anymore, seem to be boring and for the older generation.
                    Having said this I still have bought clothes from George. Recently I have bought quite a few baby clothes, as I am expecting next year. Like most shops they don't sell many neutral clothes (although this is true for many shops) but their selection of baby and children's clothes in general is very good and lots of decent choices. Very reasonably priced too. It still has the handy factor being in a supermarket, so I'm not going out of my way to get there. I just feel it seems to have lost out with the up and coming trends and tends to appeal nowadays to the older generation.


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                    07.09.2011 22:00
                    Very helpful



                    Good buys

                    I often visit George as I often go to Asda and when you loves clothes as much as me you cant help but wonder upstairs for a gander..

                    George are great as they are very modern and up to date and take note of the latest trends for the current season.
                    They also cater for kids, offering a wide range of variety. Men are also thought of too, old and young, George really does cater to every body.

                    George also does good quality, most of their items seem to be well made and not your usual made in China! and they always seem to last me ages.

                    Another great thing about George is the price, they are great for simple things like T's and vest, flat shoes as they are really cheap, about 2/3 pound for the basics and they last ages too and dont loose their shape or colour and even though it is more expensive for their modern and new in stuff it doesn't usually take long before they are reduced because new stock seems to coming in very often so if you wait a little while you can usually get what you wanted for cheaper.

                    George always have good sales on too, I have noticed with the baby stuff there is always something on sale and its very cheap and good value, they always seem to knock a large amount of the prices too.

                    The layout in my local George is simple, women's clothes and accessories to the front as soon as you walk in, kids to the side and men at the back , and the sale stuff is usually by the tills all the way at the back of the store, and my local George is upstairs and is quite large.

                    Onto my own experience of George I have purchased a lot of items, probably over 30.
                    I own about 3 pairs of shoes from them and they last me very well, not to mention extremely good fit and they also do half sizes too which I struggle to find in most other shops.
                    With actual clothing I do notice that I can not moan about the quality at all as most of my items from there are still standing quite strong and not lost shape or colour.

                    Over all I recommend it as a place to go for a good buy, I never seem to find something I dont like.


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