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H & M Jersey Top

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Brand: H & M / Type: Printed Top

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    1 Review
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      22.11.2011 10:37
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      A great top from H & M

      I saw this top in my local H & M and loved the fact that the writing was printed on the inside of the t-shirt and not the outside. I don't have many casual tops and wanted something that would look good with a pair of jeans or some leggings. I love shopping in H & M as they have a wide range of different styles of clothing, which is affordable and not bad quality, so this was the first shop I went to.

      ~~THE TOP~~
      The top caught my eye as I stepped off the escalotor in my local store. I think it actually caught my eye because the print was inside the top and I actually wondered what it said. I loved the fact that this top was tied at the side and wasn't tight fitting so would look great as a casual top either with jeans or leggings. The print on the top actually say's "On The Inside We Are The Same". I really liked this saying as people tend to judge people around them and by their appearance, rather than how they are and what they are like as a person inside. I went to try to top on and liked the way it hung on me. I'm a small size and thought this may make me look a little podgy, how-ever it hung really nicely and looking in the mirror I could also read the print on the top as well. The top itself is quite thin, and see-though, although it doesn't look like this on the website, you could clearly see the detailing on my bra I was wearing. I decided to buy the top anyway, and though I could put a vest top under-neath it to keep me warmer. It wasn't until I saw on the inside of the back of the top that the print on the top is referring to racism.

      As the top is a loose fit, I actually wear the top off of the shoulder rather than on both shoulders, I also prefer the way this looks as to wearing the top on both shoulders. As the top is tied at the side it will show a little of your stomach, so if you don't like this, then you can easily buy a vest top to wear underneath it so your stomach doesn't show. The top is avlaible to buy in a size 8-16 and cost's £7.99. This is only avaliable to buy in the one colour which is white with black print. The top is made from 100% viscose and can be washed in the machine and air dried (not tumble dry). You may find that the top needs an iron after being washed as it will crease quite easily.

      In terms of washing the top washes easily, so long as you haven't got any dark stains on it. The top just takes a short while to dry as it's so thin, and won't always need an iron before wearing it. The top hasn't shrunk, stretched and the print hasn't worn off which is good, considering the top was quite cheap to buy.

      For £7.99, I think this top is really good value and looks great with jeans, leggings, shorts and skirts. You can dress this top up a little os just wear it casual. It's also great that you are saying no to racism and showing support. I would recommend wearing a vest top or another kind of top under-neath this or just a plain coloured bra. H & M have other jersey tops which also support Racism, how-ever I don't like these as much. I often find people looking at the top when I'm wearing it as if they are trying to work out what the print say's. I'm waiting for someone to tell me I'm wearing the top inside out, how-ever this hasn't happened yet. For £7.99, I'm really pleased with the top.

      (review may also appear on ciao)


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