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HotScamp Premium Green Lantern Symbol Mens Green T-Shirt

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Hotscamp / men's t-shirt.

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    1 Review
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      15.12.2010 15:05
      Very helpful



      Pretty good

      Who is the greatest superhero ever? That would be Superman but you could argue a case for Green Lantern (in the form of Hal Jordan of course) making the top five in the pantheon of costumed heroes. The Green Lanterns are essentially an intergalactic police force formed on the planet Oa, a place which is located right in the centre of the universe. All members of the Green Lantern Corps get a snazzy costume and a magic power ring that is one of the most potent weapons in the universe and only responds to the wearer's will (I love the way I'm already padding this review out with superhero trivia!). The best thing about Green Lanterns, apart from the fact they can construct and wield all manner of objects and luminous force fields with their power rings, is the light green costume they wear with the famous and wonderful Green Lantern symbol (which looks a bit like a scientific equation or symbol of some sort). You can buy a range of superhero themed t-shirts now and I found this (The HotScamp Premium Green Lantern Symbol Green T-Shirt) by accident. As someone with boxes of DC comics in the cupboard, I couldn't resist sending off for one.

      This Green Lantern t-shirt retails at £9.95 (at the time of writing) and comes in three sizes. The places selling this t-shirt online have the exact measurements and guides for each size in case you are not sure of which one to go for so you should check out the buyer guides online. The t-shirt is unisex and machine washable. I've washed it a couple of times and it seems fine, with the all important Green Lantern symbol ('Hard Wearing Pro-Vinyl Screenprint' according to the blurb) very durable. I did buy a Superman t-shirt with a sort of silver foil Superman logo that has gone slightly frayed and unstable over time and with washes but this t-shirt seems of a much higher quality to me. The t-shirt can be worn by anyone too (despite being billed as a mens shirt) as the Green Lantern Corps is and always has been an equal opportunities employer.

      One thing I like about the t-shirt is that it feels quite thick and the fabric is of a high quality. The t-shirt is billed as 100% Cotton and of 'premium' grade and it is a good one. It doesn't feel like a flimsy t-shirt and is very comfortable. I don't like flappy sleeves on t-shirts and this one feels quite snug. If you have a relative (especially a young one) who is a fan of Green Lantern or superheroes in general I think this would make a nice gift and it's certainly a bit more novel than the Superman logo t-shirts that many people buy. The best thing about the t-shirt is that it just looks nice with the white around the Lantern logo against a green backdrop. It would be a good t-shirt to have in the summer I think and is pretty good value at a tenner and should last a good while.

      You can buy a darker Green Lantern t-shirt but I think this is more of a classic one as the green is bright and lighter (sort of like a snooker table green almost) like the green Green Lanterns in the comics (or the old ones I have anyway) wear. I haven't bought any issues of Green Lantern for a while so am not completely up to speed on what they look like now. This is basically a green t-shirt but with the Lantern symbol in a white circle on the chest. The Green Lantern symbol is a great piece of graphic design and very striking despite its simplicity. It's not as famous as the Superman and Batman symbols but anyone with an interest in Marvel or DC will immediately recognise the Green Lantern logo.

      I haven't worn this a huge amount but as a Green Lantern fan I do enjoy owning it and anyone who has a decent DC comic collection would probably get a kick out of this. Out of the superhero logo t-shirts I've seen or purchased this is definitely my favourite as I find the Batman logo a bit ubiquitous, as too is the Superman symbol (despite being brilliant). You could probably do a good t-shirt with The Flash but I can't recall seeing a good one of those anywhere. I've never actually seen anyone wearing this t-shirt myself (apart from one person on television) which is definitely a plus. You don't want to buy a t-shirt that everyone is wearing.

      The HotScamp Premium Green Lantern Symbol Green T-Shirt is a fun and attractive t-shirt of a very good quality. The stitching and fabric is good and the Lantern logo is of a high quality too and doesn't diminish just because you've worn and washed the t-shirt several times. The fact that the shirt of made to a good standard means it should last you a long time and therefore I think the £10 or so that this costs is not bad value at all. I just generally like owning this t-shirt because of the connection to the character in the comics and the fact that it is comfortable, well made and fits well is a big plus. If you want a superhero or comics t-shirt but one stands apart from the crowd just a little bit then this is a good one to get hold of.

      And now, if you'll please excuse me, I have to charge my power ring and go and save the universe again...


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