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KR3W Football Tee

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Manufacturer: KR3W / Type: Casual Wear / Gender: Male

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    1 Review
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      22.04.2010 16:12
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      KR3W's (American) Football Tee


      Based out of Costa Mesa, California, KR3W is a skatewear company which was founded in 2002. Known officially as KR3W Denim Co., they started as a jeans-based skateboarding apparel company before moving on towards all different types of clothes connected to both this and Hip Hop culture and was able to build up quite a reputation for itself through the '00s with endorsement from the likes of Tom Anderson, Antwuan Dixon and Erik Ellington.

      ==The Tee==

      'The Football Tee' came in Spring 2010 as a fresh new t-shirt design for the brand. Taking things much more down the Hip Hop end of the brand, it finds that they're gone for a vintage 1970's American Football-styled jersey to bring back the throwback look which popped-off towards the end of the '90s and early '00s throughout the United States. Made entirely of cotton, it comes in both Black/Grey and Royal Blue/White and is a big change to their typical print-on t-shirts.


      I came across this t-shirt on my typical daily browse of all the fashion websites I tend to buy from. Looking under what was new; this caught my eye as something different to what I'd wear as something fairly simplistic, but still appealed to my tastes due to its boldness through the colour contrasts. I only saw it in the Blue/White before purchasing and jumped straight into copping one immediately and I'm happy I did.

      Once it had arrived, I was impressed by what I got. When choosing the size you have to be careful when buying online and it seemed that I had gone for the perfect choice with what I received. Although you may initially be annoyed by the fact that the 'white advertised is more a very light grey, I felt that it was just as I had expected when purchasing the item online.

      When wearing it, it seems to be very loose and breathable in spite of how 'fitting' the cut on it is and so it means that it makes for a very comfortable choice in something to throw on when the weather's looking nice. As it's really quite new, I'm not able to comment on just how durable it is, however the texture of the material seems as though it would be able to withstand a fair bit of use without showing signs of it and so will keep you satisfied.

      This specific t-shirt has been designed in such a way so that it looks as if it's been inspired largely by the Hip Hop style of around ten years ago when in fact truly it's much more contemporary. The cut is much to do with this as the baggy style of a decade ago has been replaced and this seems like the sort of thing which takes its place where it uses an American Football jersey as the type of thing that was shunned when bagginess feel out of style and brings it up-to-date by making it have a much snugger fit that what you would get if you were going to buy an NFL alternative.

      I really can't fault this tee as it does as that's expected and makes for a nice casual top with a sporty edge (with the American Football theme) to make it stand out. The only thing I don't like about it is that it forced me to go an new Royal Blue hat and shoes because none of my others seemed to match the freshness that this new top brought with it once it joined my wardrobe.

      ==Where To Buy==

      I bought my Football Tee from Karmaloop and when looking at KR3W's official website its clear that they don't actually sell directly from there and so you'd have to shop elsewhere (such as on Karmaloop or Skate Warehouse to get it. It makes it very easy to find it, but unfortunately you won't really have too much choice in what you'll be able to pay for it. At $36 (around £23) I saw this as a bit of a steal for a rather durable-feeling tee which has a vintage look and so can withstand any fashion changes in the years to come. However, be aware that I bought it from the US and so additional shipping charges must be taken into account too.


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