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La Decollette Sleeping Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Bra

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: La Decollette / Type: Underwear

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    2 Reviews
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      17.04.2010 00:50



      an essential if you have a large bust and are a side sleeper

      After years of sun worshipping, although wearing sunscreen,i now have these aging lines on my chest.i,m in my thirties and am always trying to hold back the years.i,ve tried various creams to no avail so i was overjoyed to discover the la decollette bra...and IT WORKS!! IT REALLY DOES WORK!! Hurrah i can now wear low cut tops again and after a full week of wearing it to bed the lines faded considerably.Okay you do feel a bit silly wearing it in front of the hubby and i wouldnt recommend it in the colour white if you tan as it can become dirty looking very quickly but i wouldnt be without it now and hope the next one i buy wont be so expensive as £50 was quite a lot to spend.overall its one of the best beauty buys i have ever bought as anything which can make you look younger is well worth it.


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      03.02.2010 13:13
      Very helpful



      A simple effective idea

      What, you may ask, is that? No it is not a kinky piece of underwear! La Decollette is an anti wrinkle bra.

      I have an ample bosom and as a result from quite young age I developed little crêpe lines on my chest. Over the years they have deepened and became quite obvious. I have slapped so many different creams on in the hope that I could improve the appearance but nothing seemed to help.

      During a girlie evening a month ago, and after a few glasses of wine, the conversation typically degenerated and among other things we started talking about boobs. One fellow buxom friend decided that we all needed to see her new bra. The bra was a balcony one and although it lifted her boobs and thrust them up, she still had smooth skin on her chest. I thought that maybe she had no lines because she sleeps on her back or that she has oily skin, either way she is 2 years older than me and has a perfect cleavage. I said that although I loved the bra I couldn't wear something like that because of my wrinkly chest.

      The girls were stunned that I didn't know about La Decollette. It was like a secret society that I hadn't been admitted into. The conversation got even more animated as they tried to explain what it is and what it does. I looked on with an open mouth. A part of me thought it was an elaborate hoax as it sounded so bizarre. However they all had smooth chests.

      By this time I knew that I just had to have one of these funny inverted bras. I wanted a smooth chest just like my friends. We all decided that I should purchase the said bra and they would do before and after shots. It's funny what seems so normal after a few drinks! For some unknown reason it was decided that I should put on the balcony bra for these shots. The bra was too small which exaggerated my lines even more. Our host grabbed her camera and took a couple of before shots. I promised to have the after photos done after 2 weeks.

      I got home at 1am and although tired, went straight to the PC to check out this weird contraption. I had already had 3 emails from my friends each one had attaching the link.


      I ordered my new bra that instant. It came 3 days later and for once I couldn't wait to go to bed. The bra is made of Lycra and fits from 30-42 inch chest. The back and shoulder straps are both adjustable and the central panel is padded. It is a very strange feeling at first as you swing free. My daughter came into my bedroom while I was adjusting it; she was horrified at first as she thought I had worn it under my clothes. When I explained to her what it actually was, she collapsed into fits of giggles.

      Once settled into bed I soon got used to the feeling, it is very comfortable and does (sorry guys) keep your boobs apart. The next morning I jumped out of bed and headed straight for the mirror. I thought I could see quite a big difference but then convinced myself that it was because I wanted to see an improvement. By day 3 my daughter was quite shocked at the improvement. I am no longer the target of ridicule.

      Last week my friends came to me for dinner. I couldn't wait to show of my new improved smooth chest and see their faces. It has taken 10 years off my cleavage. We did take some after photos which I won't be sharing, but I can tell you that the difference is staggering. I can't wait for the warmer weather to come so I can show off my youthful cleavage again. I just wish that I had of known about this product long before now.

      Because I am so impressed with La decollette I have decided to let those of you who have wrinkly chests into our secret society. I think that a product like this should be shared and not kept hidden.

      La decollette sells for £45.00


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